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@QHarr that sounds like the table should expose an event you can bind to from the code behind of your worksheet
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Q: .Firstpage.Rightheader command with picture does not work

QuentinI want to set a different header and footer with VBA for the first page of an Excel sheet that should be printed. The right header should contain a picture and the left header another picture. Those should only be displayed on the first page. I have tried the below code but somehow the .Firstpage...

@QHarr try getting an ADODB.Connection out of the WorkbookConnection, and then you can set it to a WithEvents variable and handle WillConnect and/or WillExecute events, ...although I'm not sure the handlers get a Cancel parameter to kill it, but then you have the connection object so closing it should effectively cancel the refresh (and possibly blow up)
Hi @all!
@Freeflow Int.MinValue being named doesn't make it any less of a magic number: "to indicate its not yet been used" sounds a lot like an int? (Nullable<int>) would be less error-prone. And then you get compile-time validation that the code using an int is not working with the "not yet" values!
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@MathieuGuindon welcome back to the chat :)
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@Vogel612 thank you
@MathieuGuindon I shall investigate. Thanks.
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@MathieuGuindon Thanks for the suggestion. The situation is awkward in C#. The variable in question is dynamic and holds the AutoKey for my KitchenSink with knobs on Dictionary object for VBA. The Dictionary object is a response to doing Advent of Code puzzles where you seem to spend a lot of time iterating over collections, which is tiresome in VBA.
As a pet project its been quite interesting. It allows me to compile answer to Advent of Code puzzles such as that for Day 02 2020
Public Sub Part1()

Fmt.Dbg "The answer to Day 02 part 1 is 414. Found is {0}", _
Lib _
.GetAsKvpOfStrings(AoC2020Path & InputData) _
.Map(mpParamMethod(TobogganPassword, "Make")) _
.Map(mpItemMethod("IsValid", PasswordCheckSled)) _
.Filter(cpTrue) _

End Sub
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Does anyone know how to find out when a C# language feature was introduced?
8:54 PM
@this the only thing I am familiar with is the "What's New" release notes: docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/csharp/whats-new/csharp-9
What specifically are you looking for?
in this case when as operator was introduced. It did turn out to be the culprit. Apparently SSIS script task is too dumb to tell you when you're using unsupported features and will successfully compile a script using newer language features but in this case, the breakpoints no longer work.
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scripting in SSIS is not fun at all
@this as should be before C#7, because it was augmented with the local variable destructuring thingy in C#7 I think
SSIS says it's using "C# 2015"; so I think it's 6 or something
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