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[rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck] 1 closed issue. 9 issue comments.
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> That said, perhaps there's room for a Research repository, where extremely low-level technical info could be stored and shared. Some of this is scattered across the internet (but increasingly disappearing), some could come from primary research. I'd certainly be interested in contributing.
1:40 AM
Looks like a useful tool. I will be using this going forward! — rastawolf 13 mins ago
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3:52 AM
> **Justification**
Writing tests can be hard and complicated sometimes, and state may accidentally carry between executions; by running each test twice, random-sorted per test module (which would also be random-sorted per project), the test engine could potentially detect and report such problems. This could help our users write better unit tests for their code.

When the state of a test is "unknown" and this setting is enabled, the test engine would execute each unit test t
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5:35 AM
posted on September 24, 2020 by Rubberduck VBA

I have recently written (100% VBA) a proof-of-concept for a Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) framework, and since the prototype works exactly as needed (with some rough edges of course)… I’ve decided to explore what Rubberduck can do to make MVVM fully supported, but going down that path poses a serious problem that needs a very good and… Continue reading Making MVVM Work in VBA Pa

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@BloggingDuck Marked for reading
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2:10 PM
@BloggingDuck Wow...crazy good stuff!
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3:42 PM
> Follow-up questions (via LinkedIn/InMail):


I leave here my answer to Ben's reply to my post in case you could somehow paste it into the comments section:

"Thanks a lot for your time and explanations! It has taken me a couple of hours to understand your explanation, read through the post again and write this answer. I hope it's up to yours!

Let me give you some background and why it's still a bit difficult for me to properly understand some concepts, because I'm afraid I'm stil
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4:52 PM
> Really interesting idea/feature. Wondering if in addition to 'random', offer 'reverse order'. Simply running the default test sequence in reverse would simplify the user's troubleshooting efforts because the sequence is still deterministic and easily repeatable - my suspicion is that reversing the order would uncover most of the issues of 'state retention/leakage'.

Further, if a randomized test sequence gets a different result than a deterministic sequence, it would seem the user may be
Has working on RD returned to a state of enjoyment Mug? You're a lot more active currently.
> Good point - it's pseudo-random though, so technically "repeat last run" could retain the RNG seed and re-the failed randomized tests... But then if there's shared state, nothing says repeating the last run will produce the same outcome: I think "repeat last run" needs to retain the execution order just in case, but yeah having the ability to run them in reverse would also be a useful configuration setting for this.
@IvenBach it always has - but my dayjob extended crunch is finally coming to an end, so I get to spend more time on RD again =)
Oh shoot, late for a zoom call
^ zooms off
5:49 PM
@BloggingDuck First sentence could do with some of it being a link to the repo
6:00 PM
> Test modules are special, in the sense that they aren’t (absolutely shouldn’t be anyway) accessible from any code path in the project
Is there an inspection for that?
> **Justification**
Exporting modules to a location other than where the workbook is saved becomes tedious when you have to navigate there every time.

Cache export directory path after initial export to use as starting point for subsequent exports.
@Duga How have I not requested this already??!?!???!!!!?!
6:31 PM
@FreeMan The #Battle to find out who's lazier has started.
For me it's a single click into `..\Development` I finally got tired of doing.
6:49 PM
Huh, that is interesting....
> Just thought I'd let you know that in order to import this as a class I had to change the end of line sequence from LF to CRLF. Otherwise the VBE will only import this as a code module rather than a class.
if that's true, then that might explain why we get strange importing issues where class module get imported as a standard code module
Might be that the VBE is very specific about what the class header looks like.
The issue I had in the mind was the fact that when you export class modules from Access, it does not include same lines that you'd see from VBIDE's export in the first few lines.
Yet, somehow it knows whether it's importing a class module vs. standard module.
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11:16 PM
@mansellan that would be a nice one!
11:38 PM
@mansellan we're not doing any code-path inspection aside from "unused" and "unreachable" right now, I think
@MathieuGuindon should be comparatively easy: mark every reference to a member of a @TestModule that's not within a TestModule itself

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