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[Minesweeper] Games Played: 112, Bombs Used: 78, Moves Performed: 16339, New Users: 16
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@Vogel612 github.com/rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck/pull/… EOL (End of Line) vs EOF (End of File)?
Bear with me but what is EOF exactly?
it#s ... complicated
Naturally... Got a laymans hand wavey example?
12:31 AM
sometimes it's a character, sometimes it's a special "character" that only appears when you actually read a file
I'm already reading en.wikipedia.org/wiki/End-of-file. Usually I don't understand it enough in the abstract presentation.
it's a bit like when you iterate over a record set in VBA and you have finished reading the last result, when you try to advance the cursor you get an "EOF"
[rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck] build for commit c389d78d on unknown branch: AppVeyor build failed
EOF = You've hit the end of the known universe (byte stream). After that point it's mumble-mumble-shrug undefined?
trying to read after hitting EOF will usually get you another EOF
over and over
12:38 AM
mkay. That's a valid enough answer me currently.
@Duga Hrm... Export command is invoked.
I think the mock setup is not correct anymore
instead you got IVBComponent.ExportAsSourceFile("C:\Users\Rubberduck\Desktop", False, True)
I don't know why the StdModule1.bas is not in the path there, but .... whatever
anyways: Bedtime :)
Night. Thanks for the review.
var path = System.IO.Path.GetDirectoryName(dialog.FileName);
That looks to be where the difference is coming from. Specifically github.com/IvenBach/Rubberduck/blob/….
I don't think the problem is with the code, but rather the test
Oh... path shouldn't be the path and filename combined.
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12:53 AM
I don't know when I'm going to have enough time to make time to read my unit test books...
You have explorer.VbComponent.Verify(c => c.Export(path), Times.Once);
If I understood from you & Vogel, you had changed from Export to ExportAsSourceFile
Is that the case?
7 mins ago, by IvenBach
var path = System.IO.Path.GetDirectoryName(dialog.FileName);
:click: Oh... Export is never invoked. Now it's ExportAsSourceFile. I have to update the test to reflect this change.
A #BrainTickle says I need a public void ExecuteExportAsSourceFile() on the MockedCodeExplorer now.
Class time though...</iven>
2 hours later…
3:26 AM
It seems that when dynamically invoked, WPF will not like syntaxes like xmlns:converters="clr-namespace:Rubberduck.UI.Converters" - it will throw "halp can't find file" exception.
to fix that, we have use to xmlns:converters="clr-namespace:Rubberduck.UI.Converters;assembly=Rubberduck.Core", even though it's supposedly redundant...
3:42 AM
At least I finally have a working implementation finally. Now the next part is figuring what system colors to use for one of our bajillion brushes....
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7:31 AM
DK at its finest: ... surveyed 100K people about their skill level with Excel.
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> Since this PR conflicts heavily with PR #5357, I have added the implementation inside the `ExtractInterfaceRefactoringAction` to this PR, as agreed in chat.
The changes the `ExtractInterfaceModel` are taken from the other PR, except for the default value of `InterfaceInstancing`; I chose to default to the value for the implementing class instead of always defaulting to `Public`. This should be compatible with the UI enhancements in PR #5357.
@mansellan @this Thanks for the ODE info. (Was away in training all yesterday.) Obviously, sharing your license key is bad. Can you share the appropriate location in the registry to place the license key so others who have once can put their own there?
1:00 PM
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Can I do SELECT ? FROM <table> WHERE <knownColumn> = ? in an ODBC query? i.e. parameterize the column I want to select.
1:44 PM
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2:11 PM
@BZngr You might want to refresh the tab you use to look at the PR.
The code you comment is outdated and the names are different now.
@M.Doerner @BZngr may be that this is commenting on a earlier commit, rather than the PR. I think that still views the outdated changes.
I have a usability question. Suppose there's a parameter that will adjust a color by making it darker or lighter. Would you rather input it as a valid range between -1 to 1 or 0 to 2? Say that you want to make a color 10% darker, you'd use -0.1 in former but 0.90 in latter.
@M.Doerner Sorry...I'll refresh more frequently.
It also bothers me that the ends don't work the same way. If you choose 100% darker, you will get black every time, not a color that's actually twice darker than the original color. OTOH, if you choose 100% lighter, you don't get white every time; for a dark enough color, you might only get a color that's twice as bright.
Thinking about it some more, I guess to get the same behavior for both ends, the range would have to be actually from 0.5 to 2.
@this I'd go with -1 to +1 with 0 being 'no change'. 0.1 = -90% while 1.9 = 190% is... confusing
That's what I thought, too.
It's actually implemented as basically 0 to 2 but I do a one-off
However, I now think that the -1 should map to 0.5 internally to behave the same way as the 1 -> 2
2:46 PM
@this I think you may be adjusting the wrong thing if that's what you're getting. However, if you look at the color choosers, they're always white at the top, degrees of the selected color in the middle and black at the bottom
the standard Excel color chooser box:
I will double check but it's not actually linear
It's got something to do with the way color "math" works...
Yeah but see, to adjust the colors, I use HSL, not RGB
(tyring to find the image)
That is the path the conversion takes
you give me a RGB, I convert to HLS, adjust the L accordingly, convert it back to RGB and gvie you the new color.
You also can see that the L is a %, so the parameter would adjust the L by yet another %. Not confusing at all!
meaning, 0.5 * 2 should yield 1, which is indeed 100% brighter. However, 0.5 * 0 becomes 0 which is 100% darker but only in this case. 0.9 * 0 is not 100% darker. It would be actually be 0.9 * 0.5 = 0.45
wait, that didn't follow. a 100% darker of 0.5 should be 0.25, not 0.
I think that the notion of making something x% darker does not make a lot of sense.
but that is a common thing to do; we want to adjust color shade either way.
3:01 PM
You would especially not multiply the lightness with a factor.
The base point for lightness is 50%.
again referencing Excel, Before:
Correct. That would be the most colorful.
However, the goal here is to take a color of any shade and adjust that by a %
so I think that's to be expected
@FreeMan hm. I don't think HSL is normally expressed in 0 to 255.
You can add to lightness, but multiplying seems a bit strange.
Feb 12 at 14:02, by FreeMan
Jan 31 at 19:21, by FreeMan
yesterday, by FreeMan
23 hours ago, by FreeMan
2 hours ago, by FreeMan
2 mins ago, by this
@M.Doerner the value is a percentage and I would not know what a shade of color is. If I add, that would be a constant step, rather than saying this color is % lighter/shader compared to the original color.
It's supposed to be relative to the input color, not the ends.
@M.Doerner Colin Chapman said you should add lightness (scroll down a smidge), I'm sure he would have loved to multiply lightness!
3:08 PM
3 workbooks: personal, a small add-in, and the main project; 4, 4, 161 tests respectively. 12 minutes to run all tests. Is that a reasonable time on a fresh test run?
@this H is [0,360), S and L are [0,1] / [0, 255]
for S 0 the H is basically undefined, though
I guess [0,1] and [0,255] are just 2 different ranges, like Celsius / Fahrenheit.
That said, the implementation I'm using uses [0,1]
3:24 PM
[0,1] is easier for conversion purposes, because it's already "normalized"
This was the idea I was trying to approximate:
hi guys
access is being stupid af
im parsing a text file to try to tableize it
and access is giving me this crap that 'the record is too large' when im just shoving a the name of the field as its value in a "make table" query
    'id'                  as ID
  , 'auto'                as [auto]
  , 'abillist'            as [abillist]
  , 'heroabillist'        as [heroabillist]
  , 'level'               as [level]
  , 'type'                as [type]
  , 'goldcost'            as [goldcost]
  , 'lumbercost'          as [lumbercost]
  , 'goldrep'             as [goldrep]
  , 'lumberrep'           as [lumberrep]
  , 'bountydice'          as [bountydice]
  , 'bountysides'         as [bountysides]
  , 'bountyplus'          as [bountyplus]
A record can't be bigger than the page it's stored in.
Access uses 4KB pages. Therefore, you can only store ~4KB inline.
If you use Memo / Long Text, it's now a LOB not inline and thus the limitation doesn't apply.
3:39 PM
I have to admit, though. I didn't expect that:
That really looks like it wants to be multiple tables. weap1 and weap2. If there's no weap2 you're wasting space unnecessarily, if there's aweap3 you can't store it. Same for shadow*, *dmg, etc
That'd be true; I assumed he needs to import it into denormalized table for further processing.
yeah, I saw a list of columns with a vertical scroll bar and started getting chills...
@this TBH, I'd have thunk that 100% of a value should double the original value, not the maximum
@this Have to ask, which part wasn't expected? That the ratio of colors approaches 1, or the values themselves approach 0, as you move to darker colors?
and you answered that exactly before i asked... lol
3:43 PM
yeah, I guess the critical part is defining what you mean by the phrase 25% lighter
I always thought of it as "relative to the original color"
which then follows that 100% is always the double, and -100% is always the half.
the rationale is paired in a combination of math, science, and tom-foolery (i have worked with this exact topic in the past when explaining fluorimetry and explanation of UI for the software on the machine)
Feels like it....
and all I wanted was a simple way to adjust the shade.
without focusing on excitation and emission of particles related to their sensitivity of light, humans need a way to gauge said outputs. Working with a simple (and antiquated) RGB platform, you have each color bound from 0-256, relative to each other to create the entire visible color spectrum.
uh, 0-255. ;-)
@Cyril has extra perception - it goes one higher
3:47 PM
technically rgb(255,255,255) and rgb(0,0,0) should be identical, but because someone thought about what "white" should be, they defaulted rgb(255,255,255) to white and rgb(0,0,0) to black
He must be a bee. They see ultraviolet.
a bear with a bee in his bonnet
@Cyril but you do get that in HLS and HLB, I think. They are put in a wheel.
so you need to vary RGB ratios to move between white and black. It's "easier" to get darker than it is to get lighter, due to the upper bound of 255 for r, g, or b.
3:48 PM
which is partially why I have to convert RGB to HLS to calculate the adjustment of lightness, then output the new RGB
and yeah, was going to type 1-256 then was like 'we'll use zero` and didn't fix the 256 lol
@this HLS/HLB?
you can see all different systems there
i'm following you, now
note i mentioned the rgb only was antiquated! lol
3:52 PM
In HLS' model, 0.5 lightness is the most colorful
but I don't particularly care how colorful the input color is. I only want to output a good approximation of a color that's % lighter/shader from that input.
which makes sense for saturation values, as it's another one of those tom-foolery things... (-)100% to (+)100% saturation, the 0.5 saturdation is 0% saturation
essentially the negatives are "taking away" and positives are "adding" from whatever the "true" color is
mean tto right "for saturation and lightness", though was focusing on the saturation aspect for the explanation... the (-)100 to (+)100 applies to each, which doesn't require the RGB/CYM values to change (essentially hue)
@FreeMan just caught that comment when reading up... keep that thing out of my ear!
4:16 PM
was wondering if this thing was on...
i never knew how the whole hue saturation lightness thing worked
5:25 PM
@BigBen waiting to see if that SelpaqM person opens a new question, answer their last one was closed... cus i've got an answer for them ='/
guy wanted to print non-contiguous ranges...

Private Sub printToPDF()
    Dim printArea1 As Range
    Set printArea1 = Cells(2, 2)
    Dim printarea2 As Range
    Set printarea2 = Cells(3, 3)
    Dim completePrintRange As Range
    Set completePrintRange = Union(printArea1, printarea2)
    completePrintRange.ExportAsFixedFormat xlTypePDF, "Test", , , , , , True
End Sub
oh yeah
i closed as general software because his question was "these people have problems, what can i do? i could add my macro to the file". his comments gave more info, but wasn't the post
if you see him post again, you can steal my code! running off to a meeting, now
5:30 PM
@Cyril haha, i'd never do that :-)
5:54 PM
@Feeds wait until Grandma Khaleesi comes up
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@Feeds Age 50 is a fine age to become a grandparent. Much better than 32...
@Duga @Vogel612 I chose to solve the tuple item issue a bit differently.
6:01 PM
I like the way you did that :)
Woot. git branch --merged will show all merged branches. Knowing how to RTFM makes answering your own questions easier.
Apparently, however, telling people to RTFM is "offensive". Go figure
Read The Full Manual is what everyone should do.
$ man woman
No manual entry for woman
6:22 PM
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hmm I wonder why there aren't any unit tests for any of converters.
perhaps; I was more asking whether there is a good reason to write unit tests for converters
There probably should be to demonstrably prove the converter does what it claims.
youtube.com/watch?v=bNbu5ANUeAw thoughts on TypeScript taking over for VBA?
@IvenBach Let's see.
TypeScript is essentially a pig with lipstick.
That said, it has the potential to fare better than its predecessors.
6:36 PM
Lipstick makes thing attractive.
@IvenBach and alcohol fans the flames of that burning passion
Smooching with pigs is generally not advisable.
i mean... if it works for kermit
Kermit always tried to avoid Ms. Piggy.
Of course. He's a frog!
I mean, it's kind of twisted that they would teach kids that frogs and pigs date....
6:44 PM
yeah... that.
i saw a post from a guy named "MendesGuilherme" and was like, "spanish MathieuGuindon?"
@Cyril That's so dark and creepy. I love it.
the most scary thing is that they didn't stop at one kid
Possibly twins.
6:53 PM
@this hahaha, i hadn't even thoguht abotu that part of it
I guess they could be fraternal twins but they don't look it.
"...and kermit did all of this whilst having jim henson's hand up his bum."
BRB, going to pour some bleach in my eyes
@MathieuGuindon or anyone that is handy with the rubberduckvba.wordpress.com site, is it possible to have a list of Post names? I see the Archive folders, and I can click in them, but having more of a quick-search from the front page, or just on the Post page (like a quick go-to) would be nice
i don't know enough about wordpress to see if it has a dock you can use for all items
7:10 PM
> Duplicates: #5081 , #4198, and #3996

They all cover a bit different aspects but we should consolidate those 4 issues together since I believe they fundamentally have the same root cause: hotkeys aren't consistently working.
7:20 PM
@Cyril - SelPaqM is back with a new question! Though I think it's a different issue.
7:31 PM
@Cyril - wait, is it the same question?
It's the content being asked in a manner that is more objective. Before was "what can i do" without code to support it, which I believe would be just general software stuffs
8:04 PM
Thinking about it some more, assuming that if we want -1 to mean black and 1 to mean white, I think what I actually need to do is make the L value be the end and the 0/1 be the other end. The parameter value then becomes a % of that range.
Is this a personal tool or will other users interact with it?
This will be used by RD's windows theme
8:26 PM
Fraction of distance to bound kind of makes sense.
8:37 PM
@this I"m a little lost on your explanation
Are you saying to do what is currently being done for most HSL, where hue is a numberline of wavelengths (0 to 299, or 400 nm to 700 nm wavelength) and saturation/light are a 0-100 numberline, representing % of (-)100 to (+)100?
8:49 PM
ok, IDK if you saw this image from this AM
I like that direction it takes because it handles both the color and lightness simply be adjusting the L of the HLS values.
Now suppose I have a given color of some RGB values. I don't know what it is. Can be any color, really.
I convert it to HLS. Suppose that the L comes out to 0.55.
Now, the request is to get back a color that's 10% lighter than the input.
If I have the Test Explorer Outcome options where Succeeded is un-selected and I run tests that are visible (Unknown, Inconclusive, or Fail) the Successful ones are still visible after the run. Is that the expected behavior?
what do we mean by "10% lighter"? Answer is that for a range between 0.55 to 1, the 10% lighter would calculate to 59.5.
90% lighter would be 95.5. 100% lighter would be 1.
with the "10% darker", the bounds changes; it's now 0 to 0.55, so therefore the 10% darker would map to 0.495, I think
@this Correction: I said 59.5; should be 0.595
9:08 PM
@this sounds exactly onboard with what i was thinking, and yes I missed that image earlier
the sliders are the "numberlines"
just peaked back in, but heading out for the day and hoping i have enoguh gas to get home (costco is in my backyard so i just need to make it that far); have a good weekend folks!
@SmileyFtW i don't think it updates after a rerun and persist the last result so yes
Thanks... I expected them to disappear like they do in a Run All on a first run.
Why wouldn't they?
I'm pretty sure few months ago we had a PR to fix that so that it replicates the VS test explorer's behavior
e.g. it keeps remembering the last test run for the tests that weren't run
only for the tests that actually get run, do the results get reset for those.
thanks, didn't want to report something as a bug if it is the expected behavior. I'm very new to testing.
Little or no experience in VS
no worries. I am pretty sure there was an issue from someone else who didn't like losing the results for tests that weren't run since they might be in a test cycle and want to fix several things at once without losing track of tests that were already run from previous runs.
I have to ask, though, does that bother you? Why?
10:12 PM
Maybe I stated it wrong. I have the TE grouping by Location and Succeeded disabled. I run all tests on a 1st run leaving me with only tests that did not succeed. I then revise code to make test succeed and run selected test. Instead of disappearing when it succeeds it is still in the TE even though I have Succeeded deselected.
Hmm but it does show it as succeeded?
hmm I'm kind of conflicted.
that is not what I would have expected to happen.
if I've selected something, and I run it, I can see why it disappearing might be alarming
esp. if I need to repeat the same run based on my selection.
if it disappear, i can't have that in my selection, can I?
10:17 PM
It's concerning that it is still there.
I'm not doing a good job of explaining
Why don't you go ahead and submit a bug report with screenshots to explain. I might be being a donkey and missing the obvious.
I make code changes to a test that is not successful to make it succeed. I have Succeeded deselected. I run the test. It goes green. I would have expected it to succeed and no longet be in the TE
But the key question is - is that test still selected in the TE at the time you run it 2nd time?
Sounds like a plan.. It;s almost cocktail time anyway.
hmmm yes...
then how will functions that depend on selections work if it goes away?
10:21 PM
I would have expected the selection to unselect anything in the pane.
I wonder if I had selected an Inconclusive test and then run only failed tests if the behavior is the same
yeah but then those who want to use features like Repeat Last Run or Run Selected Test(s) would be annoyed that selections keep changing
I'll tinker and post an issue.
I guess that if the selections all succeeded then there wouldn't be anything selected. If not all succeeded, then I would expect the ones that did not succeed to be selected and the successful ones be no longer selected or shown in the TE.
@this That's why I asked first.. <G>
I'm just happy to be doing testing in VBA...
still you can open an issue and prompt some discussion
AS I said I'm on the fence and can see merits for and against it
will do. Thanks the hands on the clock are at adult beverage time. Back later...
11:04 PM
For importing modules has anyone experienced odd behavior? Sometimes it doesn't import everything I select. Trying to figure it out for an MVCE to open an issue.
Ducky's mad at me for something. Unit tests are 3 seconds each. Restarting Excel mumble mumble restart computer...
@IvenBach there's an issue for that, IIRC it has to do with the selected grouping
Yep. Group by outcome is slow. Group by location is A-ok.
Wish past-Iven would have already tackled persisting the grouping preference. I'll get to it eventually.
11:42 PM
@Vogel612 You mind rubberduck checking my comprehension? git branch --merged only checks to see that the commit ID for a branch is included in the log of the currently checked out branch?
the interesting question is: why?
To allow you to clean out feature branches that have already been integrated.
no. I mean why that limitation is the way it is
That I don't actually know. It'd be too difficult to compare each file contents in a repo with all previous versions is my guess.
file contents actually have nothing to do with it.
the more interesting question is: how do you determine where to start looking?
11:45 PM
Start from head and go traverse all the commits in the history.
this directly implies you can do that for any commit, though
What-if-time: You have commits A-B-C-D-E-F-G (Head).
You can check if commit D is in the history of G. That I understand.
If you have C checked out as a HEAD and you check the history A and B are in that history.
all true so far, yes
Thought through my own question.
If I check for D in the history of HEAD (currently C) it won't be found.
yea, because future events aren't history, basically :)
11:48 PM
That's because even though D happens-to-be part of the history in the future
I'm slow at getting into words what my brain figured out.
TYVM guru senpai. I'm still working on my comprehension.

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