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12:01 AM
^ that's the fallback it seems.
Shift+F2 does take me to the source.
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@IvenBach hm?
If I'm at a location of where the enum member is used Shift+F2 takes me to the enum where the member is declared.
I mean the VBE's own command tells us how VBA is resolving the identifier - I'm just curious to see if RD resolves to the same =)
I'm almost through an example of this to formally record the issue. Trying really hard to make it not seem contrived as this was a hurdle for me.
12:09 AM
12:24 AM
> **What**
This inspection would aid in alerting users. Users might not know that they can and sometimes must qualify their member calls.
- Severity: Suggestion

Without knowing how to fully qualify enum members, adding another enum which contains the same member results in an error. Depending on the coders level of understanding they might not know how to resolve it. When this first occurred to me I didn't know the cause and subsequent resolution.

**Example without naming confl
@MathieuGuindon ^
That was so much harder to articulate that I thought it would be.
12:50 AM
@Duga what happens if one of the co-namers disagreed with what the value should be?
I suppose the question is, does the VBE complain or runs with it?
Meaning if two enums had the member Bar and in one enum Bar had a value of 5 and in the other a value of 17?
@MathieuGuindon it doesn't really matter - that's why you disambiguate so it knows which one to use, no?
I believe if VBE can't resolve it, you get a compile error.
1:06 AM
I wonder if it autocorrects to the qualified form of whatever it was running with, ..assuming it compiled
Remember, VBA is cowboy's language
Cowboys speak all languages ;-)
> Note that there can be cases where the resolution may compile but may not be desirable.


Public Enum Baz
Bar = 1
End Enum

Private Enum Bizz
Bar = 2
End Enum

Public Sub WhatIsBar
Debug.Print Bar 'Prints 2
End Sub

Public Sub WhatIsBar
Debug.Print Bar 'Prints 1
End Sub
WhatIsBar? Baby don't hurt me. Don't hurt me. No more.
That's one thing I like about C#. None of that ambiguous resolution crapshoot
1:11 AM
@Duga that is what I wonder RD gets correctly
Home time.
um, wow.
1:16 AM
Yep =)
Now if bizz is public or in another module... names collide?
> Addendum: It does not appear that Rubberduck will correctly resolve the enum reference if the enum is not in the same module. In this case, it used a class's enum even though it should be resolving to the `Module1`'s enum.



wait a minute.
Oh ok it's definitely wrong (I was uncertain about accessiblity of enums on a class module)
> Addendum: It does not appear that Rubberduck will correctly resolve the enum reference if the enum is not in the same module. In this case, it used a class's enum even though it should be resolving to the `Module1`'s enum.

If it's in same module, then Rubberduck is able to resolve it. The problem seems to be that when it's in other module, it needs to give `Module1` higher priority over `Class1`, especially considering that a class (by default) is not globally accessible anyway.

Now kids, that is why you always disambiguate your stuff!
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8:53 AM
Night pond.
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12:51 PM
Q: Source Control and custom VBA Code Exporter

FlameHorizonContext Me and my team which I'm part of, for most of the time code in Excel VBA. Writing code in it self is pretty enjoyable, but combining our work in a shared repository is pretty painful. The ease our pain of combining/merging binary files, we have decided to help ourselves and create the S...

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5:02 PM
@MathieuGuindon it’s like you read people’s minds before they even have them.
Coder: I have this great Foo idea.
Mug: Ducky's got it
Coder: Oh. But what about Bar. I've needed that for a while too.
Mug: Yeah. Ducky's got that too.
Coder: But surely ---
Mug: Ducky put that in 3 years ago.
5:21 PM
you we ;-)
There's no we or us, only His Holy Mugness.
I still have a hard time accepting that I'm a contributor.
5:34 PM
@MathieuGuindon Oh, thanks for letting me know :) — FlameHorizon 3 mins ago
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@QuackExchange reviewed
what happens after 20yo?
Many people start having inhibitions about #LookingStupid and loose the willingness to try new things.
That and consequences become a lot worse when you do fail.
8:47 PM
@M.Doerner probably, yeah. and bills!
9:19 PM
If Mug didn't have his wife and kits he could work on RD with all that spare time.
We all could for that matter.
But family > ( work | hobbies | unfun-life-stuff).
@IvenBach Let's not give Mug any idears. :shifty-eyes:
9:40 PM
GitHub will now distinguish between VBA, VB.NET and VBScript for new or modified projects. github.com/github/linguist/pull/4725
Until now, everything was categorized as Visual Basic.
@ZevSpitz nice!
10:16 PM
...now MS/GH can better monitor VBA open-source activity..

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