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12:01 AM
[rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck] 3 opened issues. 2 issue comments.
[Minesweeper] New Users: 22, Games Played: 97, Bombs Used: 62, Moves Performed: 11664
1:35 AM
[rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck] build for commit 79b1cba1 on unknown branch: AppVeyor build succeeded
@Stormblessed Welcome to the pond.
Don't recall seeing you before.
2:34 AM
@IvenBach oh
10 hours ago, by Stormblessed
I'm here just because there was a weird bug with one of Samuel Liew's awesome scripts
I don’t know what any of your words mean, I just happen to be here
"the pond" is what @IvenBach dubs this chatroom... something to do with duckies
Duck themed stuff.
5 hours later…
7:59 AM
> Now, `ReorderParametersRefactoring` is fixed as well.

The new behaviour is that whenever there is a named argument, we make all positional arguments named and drop all missing arguments. Otherwise, we reorder the positional and missing arguments and drop afterwards trailing missing arguments.
3 hours later…
11:16 AM
> I will extend this PR and move the validation logic for documents and user forms to the import command. However, I will not perform the exclusion based on possibly required and possibly not existing binary files for VB6 since we should not cripple the ability to import these just because we have not implemented a way to get the right binary names.
12:12 PM
slips quietly back under the covers of his VBA code to clean things up. Ignores email issues for a while with the expectation that they'll miraculously go away through benign neglect
12:55 PM
> **Rubberduck version information**
OS: Microsoft Windows NT 10.0.17134.0, x64
Host Product: Microsoft Office 2016 x64
Host Version: 16.0.4912.1000
Host Executable: EXCEL.EXE

The `UseMeaningfulNames` inspection only triggers on variables declared in the _currently compilable_ path of a conditionally compiled block of code. When fixing that name using `Refactor|Rename`, only the _currently compilable_ section of code is modified. This leaves
^ Have fun with this one!
Yay Excel silent crash and restart! >:/
@FreeMan that's basically unfixable in the general case AFAICT
because we'd need to have multiple fully resolved parse-trees for each of the precompiler directive combinations and update them all at once..
Yeah, just realized it impacts the ProcedureNotUsed inspection and probably all the rest, too.
@Vogel612 so it is fixable! Just not practical to do so... ;)
it impacts everything, because we work off the resolved declarations for basically every cool feature in RD ever
Is it possible for RD to detect that there are pre-compiler directives and issue some sort of warning along the lines of "CAUTION - You might be about to break your code! ZOMG!! Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!" or something like that?
I mean, I'd think a programmer advanced enough to use precompiler directives would recognize the fact that only one of his 2 Dim statements had just been updated and she'd make the effort to manually update the other one, but, sometimes you get busy or distracted and forget.
1:11 PM
yea, we could, but I honestly don't see it being much of an issue
because as you said: precompiler directives are always a bit wonky and that's just the cost of doing precompiler directives
OK. I'm cool with it either way. In... 4 or so years of ducking, this is the first I've run into it, so it is a rare thing, and yeah - it's the cost of doing conditionally compiled business, I guess.
It's been documented. People can discuss. It can be closed when appropriate.
1:36 PM
Just want to say guys, I ran my every-utility-I've-ever-built dev template workbook through the parser for the first time in a year or so, and it didn't throw a single error.
Whatever you're doing, it's working
@Duga - I wasn't sure how to label it. I started as an enhancement, then switched to bug.
@Kaz Whatever the Duck's doing, you're working! ;)
> This behaviour is currently by designer. We only ever look at the currently selected version of the code according to the compilation arguments.

The reason we only look at that version is that we require valid VBA code in order to parse and resolve it. Conditional compilation directives allow to split code at arbitrary points, usually leading to invalid code if they are ignored entirely. Looking at all possible versions is also problematic since the number of possible combinations grows exp
1:52 PM
We can ignore a specific inspection result, and we can ignore an entire module. Would it be reasonable to ignore an entire procedure? For example, I have multiple TestSomeFunctionThatRequresParameters that I'd like to ignore completely. They're not part of a full-on test suite and don't fit the duck's test harness format, but I do use them and it'd be nice to ignore the not-perfect code in them.
anyone offhand know how to navigate to the "default app settings" via the cmd prompt? not finding anything online and not able to guess what to add onto "start ms-settings:"
omfg i figured it out... ms-settings:appsfeatures. there's an "s" after app ='/
2:11 PM
> I fully recognize that this isn't easy. I acknowledge that it may not need to be "fixed". It's unlikely that most people will run into it, and those that do will know that the price of conditionally compiled code can be high.

Look at this report as an opportunity to get the brains trust gathered around a pot of coffee to have a discussion of whether it _should_ be fixed, if it _can_ be fixed, or if it's just _caveat emptor_.

I won't be offended if this is closed as "by-design", "decline
Iirc the reason for my chat ban was that i was accused of multi-accounting, they thought that since they couldn't link my SO account to my SE ones, I had multiple accounts. Contrary, I had simply set SO to private until I could delete it.

Unjust, but the mod was confused, so I just weathered it out. No hard feelings.
To be honest, I appreciate it in a few ways, because it gave me some cooldown time from stuff that was happening around that time, and gave me a while to mature a little bit... heh.
> One thing we can do at least is to at least recognize that the inspections and the refactorings are on a module that contains a conditional compilation directives and flag. Thus when the user tries to execute a refactoring or a quickfix, they will be provided with a warning that the change may not be complete on such module, and that they may need to take care.

As a matter of coding practice, it's kind of a big code smell if you are sprinkling the conditional compilation all over the place
> **Rubberduck version information**
OS: Microsoft Windows NT 10.0.17134.0, x64
Host Product: Microsoft Office 2016 x64
Host Version: 16.0.4912.1000
Host Executable: EXCEL.EXE

The `Convert function to procedure` quick fix does _not_ change `Exit Function` statements to `Exit Sub` statements

**To Reproduce**
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
1. Write a `Function` that does not assign the return value
2. Plop an `Exit Function` in there
@FreezePhoenix I'd have to say by realizing that, you've proven you matured a lot.
@Duga @this VBA is often smelly code, so this may be an opportunity to open a window and air out the room!
I suppose we can have an inspection to warn of use of conditional compilation directives.
so if one gets 10 or more modules flagged with inspections, that may encourage to rethink the use.
One problem, tho. We also have "dual-binding" test module.
@Duga we should have an inspection for 2 or more Exit xxx within a procedure.
2:40 PM
More reading and clock-watching today, @Hosch250?
but it's frying day!
Thanksgiving lunch at work and a meeting going over our retirement plans too.
Then, I think I have 2 days off next week?
Might I suggest you take up competitive thumb twiddling or tiddly-winks as an alternative method of passing the time?
@FreeMan Jacks, maybe?
2:42 PM
@Hosch250 Thanksgiving day and the Friday after are traditionally holidays in the US...
Our email/calendar are hosted on gmail, and my calendar won't sync to outlook.
@Hosch250 does anyone still know how to play those?
Super pain.
@Hosch250 Leave those scattered on the floor to test your coworkers.
2:42 PM
LOL, I don't know.
Yeah, 2 days off next week.
@FreeMan Hmmm, they'd make perfect caltrops.
2:54 PM
Basically 3 hours until we start.
Then 2 hours afterward.
@Hosch250 Indeed. You'll be able to tell the parents of young children. They'll be able to step on them and scream in silence so they don't wake up the little kids.
All I know is they were considering a network wide suspension. So I realized, it's not worth even trying. So I waited.
Jacks... ok
You put all the jacks in your palm
then you toss them up, and flip your hand over
all the ones that don't land on the back of you hand, you leave there, put the others to the side.
Toss the rubber ball up into the air, and grab 1 jack and catch the ball after it's first bounce, but before the second
Repeat until all jacks are gone.
Repeat the whole process, for 2 jacks at a time, then 3, then four, then five.
> **Rubberduck version information**
OS: Microsoft Windows NT 10.0.17134.0, x64
Host Product: Microsoft Office 2016 x64
Host Version: 16.0.4873.1000
Host Executable: MSACCESS.EXE

Executing the `Remove unused declaration` quick fix is logging errors, but fails silently to the user.

**To Reproduce**
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
1. Write a procedure
2. Don't call it
3. Parse
3. Execute the `Removed unused procedure` quick fix on it.
@FreezePhoenix didn't know about that part...
So. I thought of a name for a mathematically-inclined youtuber.
3:02 PM
shrugs it's only really relevant if you have the hand coordination to do that part, it's easily the hardest part of the entire game, and if you fail it, you still can play the game.
the whole 'scoop them up' bit could leave scars when playing on roughly surfaced concrete or old asphalt.
@FreeMan Only if you have heavy hands.
Should be able to pick them up with your fingertips.
I've been listening to Aussies pronounce that "ash-felt" for so long, I couldn't figure out how to spell it.
@Duga that's 2 quackheads today, I'm on a roll, baby!!!
@Hosch250 maybe that's why I was never good at it - I scooped with the side of my hand down instead of grabbing with finger tips...
> This seems to be some COM interop problem rearing its head again. Based on the documentation of the object model, this call should never fail.
> Hrm... just for giggles, I saved my .accdb and closed Access. After reopening the file, I did a C&R, parsed, and the duck was able to successfully execute the quick fix.

My .accdb file was ~7MB after the C&R. It's about 14MB now. It was >50Mb before the C&R. Don't know if that had anything to do with it. I've been doing a _lot_ of code cleanup this morning, so I think Access leaves random junk behind from that and requires a bit of tidying up every now and then.

Here's the log from the s
@this strong possibility that's related to my Outlook emailer issue, too.
scurries off...
didn't you say you already tried repairing earlier?
no. not since I got this machine.
Runs Office repair. Challenges @Hosch250 to a game of jacks...
full, not quick, right?
there was only one option. Office 16 Pro Plus
3:18 PM
oh, a perpetual?
@FreezePhoenix a little different than i played growing up; we had a "jack pit" and anything that didn't land in the pit were put to the side and counted AGAINST your score. We wouldn't catch the ball between bounces unless you wanted to stop. On the first bounce you pick up one, on the second bounce two, etc., and you catch the ball if you want to stop; if you miss a pick-up/bounce combo everything you picked up was put back into the pit.
my one cousin was an asshole, so we put the stipulation that you could only bounce the ball so high
@this hrm... now you've got me thinking. I know they're starting to push O365 and that I've got it on my laptop. I guess I haven't installed it on my desktop machine.
I know they want to do the web-apps for as many people as they can, but you can't VBA in web-app, so some of our people (like me) are keeping the desktop installs. Is O365 desktop called '2016 Pro plus'? ;)
TBH, it's confusing AF.
even worse with 2019 since 2019 no longer has MSI.
@Hosch250 you do have some time on your hands lol
3:36 PM
Talking about time on my hands, I was reading an Ask Reddit thread last night (after work).
It was something along the lines of "The pilot calls for a member of <your career> here. What do you do?"
There were several hilarious responses.
> I'm a structural engineer. Do you need an emergency runway?
> I'm a canoe instructor.
> I'm a skydiving instructor. I don't think you really want me.
> Not sure what you need an emergency stripper for...
> I'm a window washer. Need the bird poop off the windshield?
> I'm IT. I can turn the plane off and on again.
And the obligatory "I'm a pilot. I'll help fly the plane."
there was one buried down pretty low in that thread for a sewage worker and he identified the stewardess as shit
i upvoted it, but he was like 9 horus late for a bunch of upvotes
And there was the Pashto interpreter.
> If you need me, the plane's been hijacked
lol, nice
3:41 PM
> Just wanted to add that this is an issue with the Code Inspections window as well. Recently there has been a couple of false positives I didn't get before (I think there are issues for them, I'll check later) and I am up to 2000+ inspections. Clicking on an inspection can sometimes take a couple of minutes. Expanding a group with 500 cases locks Excel up for 5 minutes.

One is that you added one for `LineLabelNotUsedInspection` which triggers for all of the unit tests because you have one su
> Just wanted to add that this is an issue with the Code Inspections window as well. Recently there has been a couple of false positives I didn't get before (I think there are issues for them, I'll check later) and I am up to 2000+ inspections. Clicking on an inspection can sometimes take a couple of minutes. Expanding a group with 500 cases locks Excel up for 5 minutes.

One is that you added one for `LineLabelNotUsedInspection` which triggers for all of the unit tests because you have one su
Any other news?
Got 135 minutes until lunch.
Trump's being a whiny crybaby?
(not sure that counts as a news)
thanks for the reminder... i need to ask someone if we're getting pizza today
@this LOL.
> @Irubataru the scrollbars are definitely not helping WPF's rendering performance. 5 minutes to expand a group is unacceptable! I presume you have the results grouped with the default grouping, which would be by inspection type (readability & maintainability/code quality/language opportunitites/etc.)? Does grouping by inspection (procedure not used/etc.) or by module help it a bit or not at all?
3:45 PM
Can't stand the set coming up this time. Yang is pretty much the only one I even remotely like--only since he's open to talking through things with the opposition.
I'll probably cast a protest vote for someone or other. Of course, report has it that in MN, write-in ballots are just thrown out entirely. They don't even count the non-written-in sections.
@Duga can't wait to kill that toolwindow
and yes, that's AvalonMentions++;
> Well, it basically just depends on the number of elements in the group. So if I create smaller groups it takes a shorter amount of time. I will probably simply disable the inspections that I don't need / has false positives when I am done checking them. Basically my plan is to check LineLabelNotUsedInspection for all of the ones that are not in my unit tests and then disabling the inspection, however it is taking quite a long time as everything is quite slow.
@Hosch250 to not dig into specific policies/people, i am not sure how i feel statistically about the next election. in the existing two-party system, the incumbent's party does not pick a new person as to not split their votes while the other party will have numerous people which inherently splits votes. there have only been, i believe, 5/43 instances where the incumbent was not put back into office, and of those times, the opposition party did not have >1 person vying for position within 9
months of the actual election
Yeah, and Yang isn't doing very good at all.
> Well, it just depends on the number of elements in the group. So if I create smaller groups it takes a shorter amount of time. I will probably simply disable the inspections that I don't need / has false positives when I am done checking them. Basically my plan is to check LineLabelNotUsedInspection for all of the ones that are not in my unit tests and then disabling the inspection, however it is taking quite a long time as everything is quite slow.
3:50 PM
A lot of my family likes Pete Buttigieg, or whatever his name is.
He doesn't seem too bad either.
I can't wait until AOC runs :D
It'll be Trump 2.0, LOL.
I pledge my eternal servitude and everlasting gratitude to Presidenta For Life AOC, under one nation, suffering and misery equally for all. Glory to the People's Democratic Repulik of AOC!
I hate the way politics is just a popularity contest now.
Of course it is
It's free to vote. Why should they care?
I mean, it always was, kind of, I guess, but it would be nice if instead of fighting, they'd actually try to solve the problems they scream about.
Instead of just leaving them unsolved on purpose so they can mutually blame the other party in the next round of elections.
3:55 PM
Nah, ain't going to happen if the whole premise is reliant on them buying and currying favors.
I mean, you have to be a millionaire just to campaign.
And that is not considering the kingmaking tendencies of lamestream media & lobby groups.
@Hosch250 JFK and Reagan would like to have words with you... and to a lesser extent Polk and Taylor
@Cyril I'd like to have words with them, LOL.
I'm torn between wishing JFK's demise was more common and being glad we don't have that much instability (yet).
@Cyril back then, we had shrimp & wimp. Not too long ago, we had bore & gush. now we're going to have what? hotshot and hothead?
> Well, it just depends on the number of elements in the group. So if I create smaller groups it takes a shorter amount of time. I will probably simply disable the inspections that I don't need / has false positives when I am done checking them. Basically my plan is to check `LineLabelNotUsedInspection` for all of the ones that are not in my unit tests and then disabling the inspection, however it is taking quite a long time as everything is quite slow.

Just to be clear, this is n
@this whatever it is, the general consensus is that something divisive will be stated once and entire sides will flock to the calling as pushed by media... i'm waiting to see what the next "lockbox" is goign to be (he only said it 3 times in that entire debate, but sure as shit that's what i remember Gore for"
@Hosch250 get the zombie uprising going and rather than turning over in their graves at this shitshow they might likely be the ones ripping the heads off the ones fucking it up
4:01 PM
well, there's a problem, though.
How is a zombie supposed to work anyway?!?
If you said "magic", Ok, no problem. I can accept that premise.
but if you say "virus", then WTF?
Because a biological virus is utterly incapable of animating a body without any nutrients etc. etc.
No oxygen, no bloodflow = no functional body to animate.
parasitic infection can move a corpse
@this Yeah, completely kills the zombie theme for me. Especially when they are viewed as basically just bones crawling along. Like, WT*? Even if there were tendons, you need muscles...
@Cyril yes but not indefinitely.
no one said they'd live forever; you took the stance that my interpretation of "zombie" follows some specific fictional approach!
It'd be pretty tough to move a human corpse. We're one of the biggest animals.
4:06 PM
it is all dependent on the corpse still being mechanically functional but it can't last that long, esp. because to contract muscles requires chemical reactions and some means of reversing the reaction, which is what oxygen/blood basically does.
would take a very large parasite
Mostly, that happens with stuff like caterpillars.
@Hosch250 i was thinking of lobsters when i said parasite, but yeah... insects are very common
@Cyril granted but the "virus" approach is far too common. If you want to talk about Ash & evil dead, fine, we have a plot. but TWD? Well...
@Cyril Exactly. And at that point, it's large enough to have it's own body, and it would need to displace most of the human body just to fit.
4:07 PM
@Hosch250 i would say that depends on how long it has been dead
Or lots of small ones working together.
But in the end of day, it's still dependent on the body being functional. It can't last without any nutrients.
Like ants, but even they are considered lately to not work together so much as just all wanting to go back to the nest carrying something too large for it.
If they worked together, they wouldn't have half of them hanging on to the top of whatever they were carrying and being dragged by the rest of them.
@this yeah... i really hate that concept. the muscles/tendons need to be intact, otherwise things physically couldn't move. i would rather take the scientific possibility (even infinitesimally small) to magical stuffs
@Cyril so you'd prefer TWD's premise over Ash & Evil Dead premise?
See, if you say it's black magic, that they are powered by supernatural mana, then it already explains why they can animate a rotting corpse and still be functional. You can't do that with a virus explanation.
4:10 PM
Zombie (n.) - pron. zaum B - A re-animated corpse bound by the physical requirements for movement of the host-body
so lincoln isn't coming back, but walt disney's frozen corpse can!
@this what is twd?
i just think "walt disney" and cna't place the "T"
The Walking Dead
@Cyril I think they should cremate him already before they reanimate that racist.
oh; my wife watched that... not really sure the premise, but i think people are infected? doesn't honestly make sense if the required synapse structure of the brain is destroyed (aka a bullet throught he corpus collosum) then you cannot move the rest of the body. that's supposed to be some type of biological agent turned virus?
4:12 PM
Now, that'd be a interesting story: Walt Disney reanimated and returns to create horror films.
@Cyril Yes, exactly. That destroyed the suspension of disbelief for me.
if the "infection" process allows for a biological agent to re-build, like the worms in Fry's stomach from the gas station tuna salad, then sure...
man, i'm all over these 1990-2010 pop culture references this week...
my knowledge of pop culture pretty much stops at 2005, as my wife regularly points out
feh. I doubt you are missing out anyway.
"i heard that song call me maybe" "you heard it fro the first time in 2013" "still relevent..."
@this depends who you talk to... damn kids... getting on my lawn... rabblerabblerabble
4:17 PM
Nah. I don't have to ascribe to their philistine notion of "culture".... if there's one.
yeah, i still live in my bubble... hell, i'm listening to boys ii men atm. motownphilly, bitch1
@this to the zombie thing... government creates a parasitic spider-tardigrade hybrid, where the webs have conductance and sheating to allow axon-al synapse firing to cross... not saying we need the way that happened, but might be a step closer to pushing for the requirements of an 'intact' host-body. the issue would then be driver; pure instinct, or would the previous mind come back? now we're having a convo with nietsche
Office repair seems to have fixed the email problem!
@FreeMan if it didn't i was goign to suggest chkdsk /f /r c: as a just-in-case lol
@FreeMan and the invalid callee?
@this calvin and hobbes does have it all
4:25 PM
@this that went away on its own after close/reopen Access. I'll test it again, though
4:41 PM
@MathieuGuindon Even when we get squiggly lines below things causing inspection results, the toolwindow should not go away.
First, we need a place for things not in code panes and, second, you really do not want to open all modules to find inspection results.
right - we still need a way to see all inspection results somehow
yeah - r# does that too
but then it can be a very very simple list toolwindow
like R#'s
Moreover, the performance problem is a problem for all our windows.
um, doesn't the R# also ahve quickfix directly from the window, too?
4:43 PM
I think it should still have the grouping abilities.
and filtering
Does anyone remember whether they showed that the allocations of unmanaged memory is directly tied to the toolwindow?
To be honest, when I look at WPF, I feel quite lost because I don't even know where to look for performance problems. It's based on a quite tall stack that can throw exceptions then swallow it and make all binding errors basically undetectable runtime errors.
WPF is very much lazily bound.
It doesn't even know if a binding exists until it runs and reads the strings.
which I don't really like, TBH.
You can write dynamic bindings. It's hard to make right, and even then is wrong.
4:47 PM
I understand why dynamic binding would be useful but that's not the normal scenario, IMO.
It's really easy to hide the smell of crap in the bathroom when the soap smells exactly the same :(
My hands smell horrible.
Gonna love dem commercial soap.
Could be worse - it could be those powdery soap instead of gooey soap. Powder is rough on hand.
5:03 PM
Public restrooms: Where not washing your hands feels more sanitary than washing.
These are the ones at work.
It's actually pretty clean, but the whole room smells awful, and the soap is partially the fault.
@IvenBach Sometime I think simply holding it is more sanitary than going into one of those.
Certain gas stations keep it nice and clean.
The Flying J ones are usually pretty good.
Indeed. Some loudly advertise the fact that they have nice & clean bathroom. Not familiar with the flying J but down here it's Bucce's
5:06 PM
I saw the Flying J in North Dakota.
It's mostly targeting long-haul truckers.
They typically have a truck fill-up area and some have a tune up station.
Like, a full-on shop type station.
> Windows Dev Docs followed you
^ Good job on unlocking your achievment: .
Boy did I miss a good zombie conversation there.
5:28 PM
Q: Merge duplicated cells in bulk per each column VBA

ArtNeed to merge data per column if records in the first column are the same. I wrote a VBA code and it works but it works very slow as it executes "merge" function per each row no matter if consequent cells are the same or different. Sub DuplicateValues() 'Declare All Variables: Dim myCell As R...

15 minutes...
I wonder if I can find anyone else's computer with Bluetooth turned on. I could play Baby Shark over it ....
@Hosch250 doesn't that also mean they're breaking some IT security policy?
[rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck] build for commit adfb5c9b on unknown branch: AppVeyor build succeeded
5:56 PM
@this depends on what the policy states... for most that i've seen, they essentially say "use work stuff for work stuff" and "don't leave your hardware visible, put it in the trunk"
nothing about bluetooth!
Almost lunch...
6:10 PM
you get to work about 6 and don't each til noon?
er, noon-thirty, i guess, i fyou haven't eaten yet
Were I the IT director, I'd certainly not want them running bluetooth enabled PC. That's a vulnerable point since you don't need physical access to the machine
I get to work at 7. I leave at 6.
I eat at noon, roughly (group lunch today...).
that's a long day...
I leave at 3:30, and go to bed at 9.
3:30 AM? Traffic's that bad?
6:12 PM
My dad used to get up at 4:30 (I get up at 5:30) and work 10 hour days.
@this He would take an hour to get ready.
I take less than 30 minutes, when I'm not lazy.
i spend 7.5~8 hours in office, answering emails and taking calls for at least another half hour outside. goal is 0700-1500 if i work an 8 in office
When I don't need to get ready for work, I can be out the door in less than 10 minutes.
straight 8, no lunch (i have to remind myself to get tea to drink)
Ok but that means you leave the house at 4 AM to get to the work at 7 AM? That's 3 hours driving?
No, I leave at 6 :D
I leave at 6, and usually get in around 45 minutes later.
6:14 PM
@Hosch250 That's what made me thought you go at 3:30 AM
Ohhh, I leave work at 3:30.
@this if 3 hours each way, then it's like when i lived in DC... out the door by 0330 to get to work at 0600, then leave at 1430 to be home by 1900
I work 7-3:30, with lunch.
@Cyril :'(
That's like suicide.
yeah, 6 hours commute would be brutal.
6:15 PM
100 miles each way; helps put it into some perspective
haven't done that since 2010
When I was going to college, there was one person who did a 2hr commute each ways. She did pretty good too.
Unlike a lot of the on-campus teens...
My dad used to do an 3 hours (1.5 one way) commute for years. Even so, not fun.
I'm just happy to have a 1 minute commute.
When I left at 7 like I used to, my commute was almost 3 hours total. That's why I bumped it back.
Anyway, time to eat.
my father has a couple coworkers who live 150+ miles from their plant and they've been driving it for >30 years. i remember being in DC and had a coworker who would drive in daily from West Virginia... i met him about 20 years into that endeavour
i would say, it works for some folks, not for others
@this i did that for a month straight, then got an apt 4 miles from work so i could walk, then only drive home on the weekends. money was tighter, but i had a higher quality of life
@Hosch250 anything good for the group lunch?
6:30 PM
@Hosch250 "I leave at 3:30 15:30, and go to bed at 9 21." fixes all that confusion
whoever thought 12 hours clocks were a cool idea anyhow?
25 files changed, 432 insertions(+), 2153 deletions(-) That's a good merge, right?
7:10 PM
I bet it's removing the Hungarian Notation that fixed it! ;-) — Mathieu Guindon 6 secs ago
7:35 PM
I'm laughing without even having read the Q or A
@Cyril Some. Way too many sweets, as usual.
Hey, anyone in the St Paul/Minneapolis area looking for a new job? They want to hire about 6 people in the next year.
A question for @this TortoiseGit expert (or @that one... :) Is it possible to delete a branch with TG? I know how to do it from the bash prompt, I'm just wondering if they've got a menu item anywhere. A browse through the help seems to indicate no, but I figured I'd ask.
yes there's a dialog for that - Browse references is what you want
because I've been known to miss things
that's a good sign it's time to go home, right?
before I really screw something up
7:42 PM
@Hosch250 at first I was confused why you linked to a different product, LOL.
@FreeMan FWIW, I've never used that particular button. :p
@this Is it? It said Tortoise Git...
Browse references - I'd have never come up with that one...
@Hosch250 breadcrumbs says TestComplete
the TortoiseGit stuff is further down.
Yeah, but it's there...
7:45 PM
@FreeMan yeah mainly because it's more generic than just branches; you can do tags and remotes via the same dialog. Hence the more generic name
@FreeMan see, I've been known to miss stuff, too.
90 minutes...
Listening to Weird Al's Stop Forwarding that Crap to Me.
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