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[banane-io/PDB] 2 commits. 15 additions. 22 deletions.
[rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck] 2 opened issues. 1 closed issue. 4 issue comments.
[Minesweeper] Games Played: 78, Bombs Used: 42, Moves Performed: 10791, New Users: 16
12:12 AM
There's a reason why I generally avoid twitter: Defining 'Main' entry point inside of an interface.
1:04 AM
this default interface thing is going to break things
so, so many things
1:35 AM
virtual extension methods already sounds much better
still weird though. hidden dependencies & all.
@IvenBach one more to add on your reading list if your interested in things general. :) explained.ai/statspeak/index.html
2:16 AM
Here I am working to get through iterators. Wondering about your links and not really understanding them.
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9:23 AM
@PeterMTaylor ohhh an ANTLRguy article :)
1 hour later…
10:51 AM
@IvenBach sorry that you don’t understand them now however I’m sure you could something will later.
1 hour later…
12:09 PM
This code's been working fine forever:
Public Sub SendMailMessage(ByVal recipients As String, ByVal copiesTo As String, ByVal blindCopiesTo As String, ByVal subject As String, ByVal body As String)

  Dim Outlook As Outlook.Application
  Set Outlook = New Outlook.Application
  Dim MailMessage As Outlook.MailItem
  Set MailMessage = Outlook.CreateItem(0)

  With MailMessage
    .To = recipients
    .cc = copiesTo
    .BCC = blindCopiesTo
    .subject = subject
    .body = body
  End With

End Sub
However, starting Monday, I've been logging Error Num: 429 Description: ActiveX component can't create object when it's trying to send a message.
There's a Microsoft Support article that specifically instructs you to use Erl to find out what line of code is generating the error! (I call this out for @MathieuGuindon's entertainment).
It's got a list of troubleshooting steps, but when I run the code in my dev codebase (on the same machine the production version is running on) it works just fine.
I'm not aware of any changes to the Office install on this machine. Usually IT is pretty good about warning us when they push updates, and even when they don't it's pretty obvious because the machine has been rebooted.
As I looked at the code, I realized that Dim Outlook... wasn't the best naming convention, so I've refactored that to Dim mailer.... Is that likely to be the culprit or am I missing something else?
BTW- I know I should probably make the CC and BCC fields optional, I just haven't.
There are no RD inspections on either the original Dim Outlook... or the new Dim mailer...` code.
Finally, why does CreateObject appear twice in Intellisense?
I carefully picked each one then parsed the code and they come out the same
1 hour later…
1:46 PM
I'm looking forward to the release of 2.5, but I'ma have a sad at the loss of the ThunderFrame duckie. :(
2:23 PM
@FreeMan First, no point in CreateObject if you're early-binding. At least use a conditional compilation constant. Second, it would appear if you have it defined somewhere else. Maybe a lame addin? Maybe a function of your having the same name?
I thought the CreateObject methodology was a bit odd, as well, but the MS site linked above says:
> Use the CreateObject function instead of the New operator when you create an instance of an Office application.

The CreateObject function closely maps the creation process that most Microsoft Visual C++ clients use. The CreateObject function also permits changes in the CLSID of the server between versions. You can use the CreateObject function with early-bound objects and with late-bound objects.
so I thought I'd give it a try...
Is a "lame addin" a specific addin, or is it one that kinda sucks and isn't very good?
I do use CreateObject myself but only with conditional compilation argument as that cuts on the # of split lines
one that sucks because it defined a public function named CreateObject
The important thing to consider is that a CreateObject does a registry hit
only seems to exist once in the OB
across all libraries?
2:28 PM
ah, no
it does exist in 2 place
so it's Outlook that's the lame one.
(WTF? Did not even see that coming)
> This method is provided so that other applications can be automated from Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Edition (VBScript) 1.0, which did not include a CreateObject method. CreateObject has been included in VBScript version 2.0 and later. This method should not be used to automate Microsoft Outlook from VBScript.
Welp. #TIL
but fortunately for you, the VBA reference has the 1st priority, so CreateObject always resolves to VBA.Interaction.CreateObject, rather than Outlook.Application.CreateObject
Q: Dynamically create ordered list in outlook from Excel

Zack EI have working code for this project, but I am now in need of some help to create a dynamic ordered list within Outlook from Excel. I am trying to format comments that a user will enter into a UserForm in Excel and pass those comments into an ordered list via a collection; the issue I run into i...

@FreeMan FWIW, you need more than just a Application instance.
Because Outlook insists on being that special snowflake.
See, you can start Outlook, but it isn't fully ..... "enabled" until you open an inspector.
For example:
Set o = GetObject(, "Outlook.Application")
If o.Explorers.Count = 0 Then
    'Open inbox to prevent errors with security prompts
    o.ActiveExplorer.WindowState = olMinimized
End If
inspector s/b explorer.
2:51 PM
OK. I see that it is the VBE7... that RD is picking up, so I don't have to explicitly specify that (thought it would be better, of course). I'm not married to CreateObject(), I was just following the suggestions on the MS page I linked. Would Set mailer = new Outlook.Application be better?
Then, since I'm starting a new instance (though in your code sample, I see GetObject instead of CreateObject) I need to make sure that it's opened up the default inbox just to make sure it's fully awake, had it's 2nd cup of coffee and is ready to do my bidding. right?
and the fact that this has worked OK for the last month is mostly down to blind luck rather than having done everything properly. Outlook's basically been toying with me before dropping the bomb and refusing to be useful.
@this BTW, my bad. I was thinking 2 Outlook references in the OB, not 2 references to CreateObject
Wait, it's failing on CreateObject("Outlook.Application") or New Outlook.Application - I'm never getting past that stage, so it would never get to the attempt to open the default inbox...
Public Sub SendTestMessage()
  SendMailMessage "me@my.org", "test message", "this is only a test"
End Sub
will send an email every time when I F5 it.
@FreeMan that, and oh all the o prefixes
@MathieuGuindon Let's send the author to Oklahoma for a year of rehab.
After hearing all the oooOOOoooOOOooo of the tornado sirens, they'll never want to write an o again, and will cringe every time they hear it.
3:07 PM
@Hosch250 or it will be so ingrained that they think in Os!
In that case, they can go write Ook! documentation.
Lots of O's there.
US cereal boxes scare me
now i need to find that mudkipper gif that has them saying "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"
@MathieuGuindon how so?
well they're like 4x the size of a normal box, for one
3:14 PM
We gotta get fat somehow...
It's only when it's being run from the scheduler that it seems to fail. I've got another process that gets run quarterly (but kicked off manually) that will send email notifications of some missing data, and it's been sending those emails, too.
@Hosch250 So. Much. Truth.
my favorite cereal is grape nuts... i wish they had a big box ='/
@Cyril Not enough maple syrup in them, I'd guess
@FreeMan is it failing when the Outlook isn't open?
second favorite is peanut butter cap'n crunch, and that's only 2 bowls full in the regular size, 3 in the family size
3:16 PM
@Cyril both that and the brand above are actually the smaller boxes but they are much heavier than other cereal boxes
@Cyril What size bowl?
...a pho bowl...
Just making sure it wasn't a mixing bowl ;)
@this Nope, I have Outlook open
my wife yelled at me for using the mixing bowls, so i downsized to a pho bowl (holds like ~one liter of fluid)
3:18 PM
@FreeMan uh, that was an ambiguous answer. I'm asking if the code fails when Outlook is not open.
@Hosch250 half-box size. Duh!
i could save dishes by just adding the milk to the box!
<-- environmentally conscious taps head
@this Sorry. I have Outlook open all the time, so I don't know, never tried. I'll do so now.
worked fine with Outlook closed
Do I need to do a GetObject instead of CreateObject and use the running instance?
@Cyril there was actually a comic for that but can't find it, so here's a substitute:
@Cyril Mmmm, can't beat soggy cardboard as a breakfast meal.
3:22 PM
@Hosch250 i mean, there's LDPE bag in there, too
why is the cereal box dripping?
Saving on dishes so I eat out of it.
@FreeMan no, that was from my code which already handles the case
that's... candy
@FreeMan but you have to eat all the boxes together to get full!
3:23 PM
or, eat a serving of actual cereal :)
@MathieuGuindon It gets worse, though. Replace the milk with pop...
I can't even
my mother still keeps those multi-pack cereal boxes for the grandkids when they're around
Pop-soaked cereal for breakfast.
orange juice in your cocoa puffs
3:25 PM
Me, I just eat 3 serving-scoops of yogurt and a couple teaspoons of what's basically cooked oats stirred in.
i remember camping when i was a kid, we took fruity pebbles but forgot the milk... soft water (beer) in the cereal was sufficient
And then I have a second breakfast around 7:30 of a homemade bread roll with goat chevre cheese.
when is first breakfast? 0600?
lol, goat == chèvre
Lunch, I have 3 more said rolls (they're about the size of your fist).
@Cyril 5:30.
Well my alarm goes off at 5:30, so more like 5:40.
But you were pretty close, LOL.
@MathieuGuindon I've seen some cow chevre. It's an abomination.
3:27 PM
well, you just reminded me to check the time... going to go get some tea so i remember to drink something during the day; 3.5 hr in and would go the full 8 without eating/drinking if i don't have reminders
I've also seen goat cheddar, which is inedible.
The fact that cow chevre and goat cheddar exists suggests there's a pinhead somewhere who likes them.
Health nuts like the goat cheddar. Some won't eat any cow stuff.
Cow chevre is supposedly for people who like the texture of the goat stuff, but can't stand the taste.
@Hosch250 so gruyere?
I guess? Don't know him.
3:30 PM
elle oh elle
gruyere: swiss cheese. the one with the holes :)
@this Increased likelihood of things working if I GetObject, then CreateObject if I got nothing?
Oh, I grew up calling that something else. Don't remember what, but it wasn't gruyere.
I think it was just "swiss cheese."
@FreeMan well that is what I do, so maybe?
FTR, I only like that in small quantities.
3:34 PM
i thought gruyere was that soft, spreadable, slightly off-white cheese?
@Cyril Bree?
@Hosch250 I think you meant Brie
oh damn, yes that
@this Caitlin Bree must be on his mind
Obviously, neither of us are cheese experts.
@Cyril Sorry, never heard of her.
3:35 PM
@Hosch250 It's certainly not a cheese you can eat on its own. Don't get me wrong, I love me some swiss when it's in reuben sandwich. But anywhere else? Eh.
@this very strange that it's worked well for the 30-day demo of System Scheduler, then failed when the demo expired... I ran the Free version 1 day, then we got the Pro version paid for, DL'd and running but still no workie. Roughly 0% chance of there being a casual relationship, just an interesting note on timing.
Hi, @Stormblessed. Looking for help with VBA? Or, ATM, identifying a stray cheese?
@Hosch250 The movie Clerks; Caitlin Bree was Dante's love interested from high school and is the fulcrum for many of the leveraged jokes including conversations with non-main cast
OK, I don't really watch movies. Most movie lore goes over my head.
3:43 PM
still no dice. :(
Public Sub SendMailMessage(ByVal recipients As String, ByVal subject As String, ByVal body As String, Optional ByVal copiesTo As String, Optional ByVal blindCopiesTo As String)

  LogManager.Log DebugLevel, "Utilities.OutlookTools.SendMailMessage"
  Dim mailer As Outlook.Application
  LogManager.Log DebugLevel, "about to: GetObject('Outlook.Application')"
  Set mailer = GetObject(Class:="Outlook.Application")
  If mailer Is Nothing Then
    LogManager.Log DebugLevel, "about to: CreateObject('Outlook.Application')"
Log entries:
"2019-11-21 10:43:10	DEBUG	Utilities.OutlookTools.SendMailMessage"
"2019-11-21 10:43:10	DEBUG	about to: GetObject('Outlook.Application')"
"2019-11-21 10:43:10	ERROR	Source: Quarterly Report Error Num: 429 Description: ActiveX component can't create object"
i.e. it's simply failing whether I specify CreateObject() or GetObject() in neither case will the 'ActiveX component create the object`
...pardon if i'm reading that wrong, you're sending to outlook, but not to an outlook mailitem?
hulk smash your outlook?
This time it failed with outlook closed, too.
@Cyril he's stuck on the first line, so message is not even in play
@this only logical step at this point...
3:48 PM
@this my bad
The reason I asked about the outlook being closed was because I vaguely recalling a weird quirk that had to be special cased
@this that, and it's been working for the last month. and it works when I F5 a test call within the VBE. and it's worked when called from other parts of the application
it had worked with outlook closed in testing earlier today.
29 mins ago, by FreeMan
worked fine with Outlook closed
This isn't a critical issue at this point, but it is annoying. :/
FWIW, this is what I usually do to get an Outlook instance:
#If LateBind Then
Public Function OutlookApp() As Object
    Static o As Object

    Const olMinimized As Long = 1
    Const olFolderInbox As Long = 6
Public Function OutlookApp() As Outlook.Application
    Static o As Outlook.Application
#End If
    Select Case True
        Case o Is Nothing, Len(o.Name) = 0
            Set o = GetObject(, "Outlook.Application")
            If o.Explorers.Count = 0 Then
                'Open inbox to prevent errors with security prompts
3 chapters in an Azure book, 1 in C# in Depth, and some F# reading. In 3 hours.
I've got 5 hours to kill (not counting 30 min for lunch).
I don't think Reddit and TV Tropes are allowed.
So, you're "working" today, not working. That sucks - so boring...
4:03 PM
For the past few weeks at this company.
I was busy for my last 6 weeks or so at my old company wrapping up, but I regularly had this there too.
The worst bit is, I found someone who's interested in hiring me full-time as a junior F# contractor.
@Hosch250 training phase or other?
@this thanks. I'll chew on that
@Cyril Waiting for a job to come down that they can put me on.
@FreeMan at least it'll tell you if outlook is really borked
I swear IT is just like the military as far as hurry-up-and-wait goes.
The good thing is typically you aren't killed on the job in IT.
4:08 PM
> **Rubberduck version information**
OS: Microsoft Windows NT 6.2.9200.0, x64
Host Product: Visual Basic x86
Host Version: 6.00.9782
Host Executable: VB6.EXE

The #If...Then...#Else directive is not recognized.

**To Reproduce**
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
1. Have a module with a method using inside it a #If...Then...#Else directive,

**Expected behavior**
#If...Then...#Else directive should be recognized.


@Hosch250 physically... emotionally, though
@Hosch250 hi!
Still not as bad as the military. I'm unlikely to get real PTSD from IT.
@Stormblessed Hi
I'm here just because there was a weird bug with one of Samuel Liew's awesome scripts
testing if it happens here
What's wrong with bugs? (Except maybe wasps and cockroaches.)
4:11 PM
@Hosch250 I do suppose our terms are a bit speciesist...
What is VBA Rubberducking @Hosch250 ?
> Rubberduck is a very active open-source COM add-in project that integrates with the Visual Basic Editor to enable the features every programmer wants to have in their IDE. From unit testing to code inspections and refactorings, programming in VBA will never be the same.
hmm those are some tough words...:P
It's an add-in for the VBE. VBA is a scripting language based on VB (pre-.NET).
#1 top-dreaded language, according to SO
Only problem is, the VBE stopped being updated in the 90s, so it doesn't have lots of stuff that wasn't really possible back then.
Or, simply not considered as important.
We add that stuff.
@this I presume ErrEx is your error handling class.
vbWatchDog FTW
4:14 PM
@MathieuGuindon a survey?
> The problem is the line continuation. Remove it and everything parses correctly - this is a parser bug, thanks for reporting!
> Reproduced in:

OS: Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1, x64
Host Product: Microsoft Office x64
Host Version: 16.0.12130.20344
Host Executable: EXCEL.EXE

The problem is the line continuation. Remove it and everything parses correctly - this is a parser bug, thanks for reporting!
@Stormblessed yep, the annual Stack Overflow Developer Survey :)
@Duga exactly how many bugs has been due to line continuations?
@this way, way too many
A misfeature to end all misfeatures.
4:19 PM
but they're getting rather sparse by now
and they're usually trivial grammar fixes
I know, it's still surprising to see we're still getting it even after 4 years of use.
even ThunderFrame couldn't spot them all
if (earth.Contains(iven).When(completesTransitAroundSun) && DateTime.Not.Equals(iven.Birthday))
? you age a year every day?
Congrats on a successful transit around the sun, BTW!
@IvenBach happy birthday!
4:33 PM
@this completesTransitAroundSun != completesRotation.
My air code is rarely ever air tight.
it's the DateTime.Not.Equals(iven.Birthday)) part that makes me wonder
:derp: DateTime.Not --> Now. I fail so much with #Words.
hence in a year, you'd already aged 364 years
Thought && would limit it. Either way thanks for the well-wishes. BDays get faster every year.
the problem is it completes its transit daily. The question is transit around the sun from what starting point?
any point on the circle is as good.
4:39 PM
Your pedantry is showing ;p
@IvenBach what'd the kids get you for the brithday?
or was that wrapped into disney?
@this but, the Sun is rotating too.. as is the galaxy. 1 year later the Earth made a full revolution around the Sun, but isn't in the same point in space =) :brainsplode:
Everything's in motion. The question is what frame of reference you want to use.
@MathieuGuindon sun isn't rotating, it's orbiting with a non-linear wobble; quadrant studies have indicated that smoe quadrants of the sun spend more time directed at us than other quadrants (the previous study was hemispheres)
4:43 PM
There's no such thing as an absolute frame of reference. It exists in theory but in physical, ain't such a thing.
@this until you talk to the theoretical physicist and an abstract is absolute, e.g., "here"
the amount of nuance is absurd, and usually preempts a discourse of discussion to get on the same page
pfft. just say this is the absolute frame of reference by fiat. Done.
Hey, you know what! Everything does revolve around me!!!
fiat = fix it again, tony
was very confused as i read your statement lol
i believe that was the first scene/joke in the first episode of King of the Hill "what's wrong, Hank" "old betsy isn't running like she used to" "wll there's your problem points at emblem it's a ford... fix it again, tony!" "Dale, that's a FIAT..."
@this of course it does; fixed perspective can be fun!
@Cyril meh. "here" is moving through space at 30,000 meters per second. By the time you finish saying "here", "here' is already "there", and "there" is 30km away!
@MathieuGuindon 30km from what reference?
4:50 PM
Center of the sun? Center of the milky way, or somewhere else?
from wherever "here" was
I think if you used center of milky way, it would be much faster than 30Km/s
@MathieuGuindon getting a bit deep into semantics, but "here" would refer to a time, which does not change once set, leading to enthropic variances
30Km/s only works if you used center of sun as the FoR.
4:51 PM
can't have a location beyond time if space itself is subjective!
@Cyril But... I just saw an ad for a book called "The Land Beyond Time."
You're saying they were lying to me?
@this right. it's probably actually (much) faster than that in absolutes (if absolute space positioning is even possible)
@Hosch250 See: recent XKCD.
also, i'd like to thank dr hornak for beating that into my head 15 years ago when discussing electron resonance
@Cyril Nothing yet. Just a hug with a clip of Mr Bean.
4:55 PM
always enjoy that clip, particularly the "i'm driving"
Wife and I like the show so it was a pleasant thought.
> Here daddy have some cereal. I made it for you. I spilled the entire gallon of milk on the floor so I filled your bowl with water instead.
^ That crossed my mind because of the earlier cereal discussion.
Put it on the stove and cook it into gruel.
> Mmmm this gruel has dustbunnies in it. My favorite sweetie!
@Hosch250 that presumes it's mainly grain-based, rather than sugar-based.
Otherwise, I think you get some kind of caramel concoctions.
I don't want to think of the result.
5:00 PM
@Hosch250 Parenting has its ups and downs. You learn to just roll with them. A strange thing to be honest.
Cap'n Crunch may handle soggies just fine but he can't handle the hot stuff.
@BigBen Microsoft's implementation of VBA in MS-Office doesn't support multithreading. The VBA SDK technically does, although the language specs have nothing useful for thread synchronization (which makes MT in VBA essentially "fire and forget")
so in theory you could make a VBA host app that supports MT
to Cap'n Crunch? I guess both are wearing blue so....
5:19 PM
@MathieuGuindon duly noted. I wasn't sure exactly what OP wanted to do.
eh, it's more like a pedantic trivia bit - surely it would confuse the OP to mention it there :)
I think OP is utterly confused
and hasn't tested any of their code
Well that linked question says VBA isn't multi-threaded haha so maybe it should be noted there ?? :)
otherwise they wouldn't be asking :)
though I guess the linked question does mention using Excel :(
yeah. and we're back at "Excel VBA" vs "VBA"
5:22 PM
5:34 PM
@ticker you have two horses, race them
@Duga a VB6 user :-)
Hmmm. There's just 2 problems with that.
Either both of them are so slow the race for all intents and purposes will have never started.
Or they are both so fast it's like racing two lightbeams.
@MathieuGuindon i mean... that's the first thing to ask in any discussion
@MathieuGuindon You are in Quebec, right? Not Montreal?
Because I know someone who's giving a couple talks on F# in Montreal.
Quebec City is a ~3 hour drive :)
<~ currently on a chair in a building on the island of Montreal
5:46 PM
i mean, you could be from radisson
i know at least one person from the sakami region and they claim there are dozens up there
Should I try to find the details for you? I know you've been wanting to learn F# :P
> **Justification**
I wan to sort alphabetically and import specific `.doccls` modules. Presently it can only show all VB files.

Add individual filters for:
- `.bas`
- `.cls`
- `.frm`
- `.doccls`
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