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12:00 AM
[rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck] 4 opened issues. 1 closed issue. 1 issue comment.
[Minesweeper] Games Played: 97, Bombs Used: 69, Moves Performed: 12894, New Users: 10
Poof, 71.5K!
@Feeds It's begun already.
What's the hovertext? It's truncated on mobile =(
12:16 AM
@MathieuGuindon More likely: Click on all the pictures of people who appear disloyal to [name of company or government]
That's easy one. Click a lot on Trump, Pelosi, Pence, and about every politicians. Done.
10 hours later…
9:57 AM
@MathieuGuindon Because of a horrible name? Yeah I'm inclined to agree with that.
10:32 AM
Q: Excel VBA code that writes to a Table - much slower than writing to a simple range

Mike LangstaffI have a piece of code (below) that checks a data table (45,000 rows) to see if the row matches any entries in a range elsewhere on the workbook (using custom functions). The routine then creates an array of Flags and writes that array back to a field in the table - so a series of Sumifs formula...

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12:58 PM
Hot cup of coffee and a day-old donut. #BreakfastOfChampions
1 hour later…
2:09 PM
@Feeds If the mailbox was big enough...
@MathieuGuindon How did I have more question rep than you?
I got almost 3.5k, and you got about 2.5k.
because you asked more upvoted questions than Mat did?
2:27 PM
Obviously, but I find it funny how different the ratio was between the gain and our score.
He has 3.5x the rep I do.
@Hosch250 I got over 9K on CR
My SO rep is mostly from answers
NVM me... You were at 62, not 69...
Much more sense now.
And I only got 3k.
@Hosch250 3277 to be exact
2:44 PM
@Vogel612 How can you see that?
there should be some additional changes in there, though
It'd probably be easy enough to write a SEDE script for it.
not really, no
I think you only get the score from SEDE
2:47 PM
Not really.
There's a Vote's table.
You could join the posts and votes tables.
The vote table has the cast date, so you could check for the rep cap limit.
The posts table would let you filter by question.
Other than that, it's just counting eligible votes and multiplying by 5.
2:59 PM
this is bizarre... I'm connecting to our data warehouse. I cannot connect via SSMS, only via VS's SQL Server Object Explorer.
is it actually a SQL Server instance?
I have no idea what they've done...
if it's a SSAS then in SSMS, you have to use a different Server Type
Makes me wonder now, will I be able to get a connection string that I can use to access it from VBA...
3:02 PM
aaaaand.... now VS is not responding... :/
I asked the DBA guy who responded to my help desk ticket. He doesn't know why we can't access it via SSMS.
He said he'd look into it and get back to me.
you could always try strings & a pair of tin cans.
@this Not a bad idea, actually. When he's done, he can tie the cans to the back of his car, and people will think he just got married.
"Just connected"
I should become a hearse driver and do that and put a "just buried" sign on the hearse after funerals.
Oddly, I can connect to <server> in SSMS. I can then get to the database in question, look at table layouts, etc., but I don't actually see data. I cannot connect to <server>,<port> in SSMS.
I can connect to <server>,<port> in VS's SQL Server Object Explorer, but I cannot see the table layout there.
3:08 PM
they conceivably could have 2 instances listening on different ports
and the one on 1433 is just a dev or test or something
I have a funny feeling that this is going to be annoyingly inconvenient...
You're realizing it just now?
Apparently they have a job they want me on that was supposed to start tomorrow, but got pushed back to February.
So, they said I might be on the bench until then, if they can't find me anything.
I could learn React and go work across the cities, though.
3:12 PM
@this I had hopes... They've been dashed upon the rocky shoals of Corporate IT.
At least you're salaried. That would have been awful were you a contractor.
But they aren't a huge fan of having me work that far...
I mean, it's unlikely to be farther than this place, though--if they let me start at 7AM like here...
3:23 PM
> One drawback to PDW is that it does not use SQL Server Management Studio, but uses a third-party tool (this third-party tool is needed because SSMS hasn’t been reworked to connect directly to the control node of the Parallel Data Warehouse). It also uses its own query engine and not all features of SQL Server are supported. And you wouldn’t want to build a solution against SQL Server and then just hope to upsize it to Parallel Data Warehouse Edition.
That's why I can't connect via SSMS...
Apparently, there's no way to they won't allow links from non-Parallel Data Warehouse Edition servers to the vaunted DW, so it looks like it's going to be "extract data, import to my own server" if I want to incorporate any of this data with anything else I've collected...
if they let you run your own SSEE, that might be a better option
I've worked on some departmental projects where they had to do just that because they can't do X on their main Oracle database so we install SQL Server, extract data then massage it to the department's needs.
but don't call it "data warehouse", though! ;-)
3:49 PM
SSEE = SQL Server Enterprise Edition?
Basically, it looks like I'm going to have to extract data (probably to CSV), then import it into our database to do anything "cross-server".
no, express
Have a good day all.
ah... Well, we do have our own SQL Server (plain Jane, I can connect w/SSMS thank-you-very-much) edition. From what I understand from the guys down the hall, they won't allow any sort of server linking to their precious server
Heading out to the #ExpensivistPlaceOnEarth today. Making sure to wear my RD shirt just for you Mug. Free Advertising to the masses.
@IvenBach ?
Where would that be? Mount Everest or the Challenger Deep?
4:03 PM
@IvenBach People will just think it's some sort of obscure character they're not aware of...
Iven goin' ta DineyLan!
My condolences.
@Hosch250 BTW, I read that as "Challenger Derp". Considering Iven's use of :Derp:, that's not a huge leap...
4:17 PM
@IvenBach have fun!
4:27 PM
Looks like the only way to query one SQL server from another is to predeclare a Linked Server relationship between them. Since it seems that the overlords who manage the DW have deemed this to be an unnecessary feature to enable. I'm really stuck with select, export to CSV, import.
1 hour ago, by FreeMan
@this I had hopes... They've been dashed upon the rocky shoals of Corporate IT.
4:52 PM
@IvenBach make sure to get a picture in the shirt with donald!
@IvenBach - GET OUTTA MY CHAT!!!
@Cyril id never get a picture with that loud mouth...
@McVik again, that is not possible. Most likely you have On Error Resume Next somewhere just swallowing the error, and the condition is systematically entered, and that is a bug. Comment is an object without a default member, your other procedure has a bug. Whether Text is a property or a method makes no difference. Avoid implicit default member calls, your code will be much more reliable as a whole. — Mathieu Guindon 3 mins ago
BuT iT wOrKs
Go. Spend some money and make some memories with your daughter. You'll never remember the cash, but you'll remember the laughs, the smiles and the good times.
Quit trying to be a nerd when you're supposed to be a dad!
IrmaGourd. $25 for parking. FML!
4:58 PM
@Cyril hopefully the duck, and not the toupee
^ my comment is valid for both.
but he's a duck!
you're a rubberduckite!
Two ducks of a feather!
The Toupee, OTOH....
@FreeMan sorry. Growing up poor is hard not think of spending money.
Iven signing off to have fun with the family.</iven>
Remember that I parked in the ‘Itchy lot’.
5:14 PM
Itchy? In Disneyland? Did Disney buy Simpsons?
It's called the "Itchy" lot because it's infected with lice.
@this Disney bought Fox, so yeah
Sorry I just can't see Mickey and Bart side by side
all 30-some seasons of The Simpsons are on the Disney+ subscription service that launched this week
5:39 PM
Coming soon to a theatre near you: Bart eats Mickey's shorts
5:50 PM
@MathieuGuindon - Rubberduck sounds great. I write a lot of VBA procedures especially in MS Excel to help myself to do automatically many boring and recurrent manual things but I have never heard about this project. Thank you for this hint, I'll try it soon. — McVik 2 mins ago
@IvenBach :52557382 Duck. Also happens to be a loud mouth!
@this don't seem to be able to dual mention
6:09 PM
@MathieuGuindon "one of us, one of us" is the new chant?
no. It's "duck, duck, goose"
@Cyril you can only link to one post but you can mention additional by @<name>ing. The :<numer> is actually a link, rather than a mention, which changes into @<name> once posted.
@this heard
6:37 PM
It’s a small woks is even more painful than I remembered...
Small world.
Toon town. Time to find Jesica Rabbit for dad.
bonus points if you can do The Dip while standing next to the Dip in toon town!
as in the Freak Nasty dance next to the tank
6:52 PM
@MathieuGuindon glad to see you're back! :D
7:04 PM
@Blackhawk oh my! long time no see!!
I was always here though =)
8:04 PM
ugh. why does VBA have to be so stupid?
hm, SE is broken
Did Jon Skeet's rep overflow, or something?
> **Rubberduck version information**
OS: Microsoft Windows NT 10.0.17763.0, x64
Host Product: Microsoft Office 2016 x64
Host Version: 16.0.4912.1000
Host Executable: EXCEL.EXE

RD inspection flags "Set assignment with incompatible object type" error when setting an Excel.Worksheet variable with an Excel.Worksheet codename. This wasn't always flagged by RD in the past though I'm not sure when it started.

The code below looks clean to me. I
@Hosch250 IDK, but looks like every site is throwing http500
8:20 PM
> This is a long-standing resolver issue that I wish we could fix before releasing 2.5.0, now that we have what it takes to fix it (namely, identifying the base class for document modules, via the TypeLib API).

Until then, RD doesn't know that `Sheet1` is a `Worksheet`, or that `ThisWorkbook` is a `Workbook`.
@Hosch250 or, a disgruntled employee tripped on a wire
is that a dupe?
@MathieuGuindon Nah, that's not a site-down error, that's an uncaught-exception.
It is not a dupe, because it describes a different symptom.
@Duga @MathieuGuindon I think the only sensible option to fix that before 2.5.0 is to not call the upcoming release 2.5.0.
When we reactivate reading the COM projects from the user typeLib, I would appreciate a rather long test phase before calling the release stable.
8:26 PM
Fair enough
The last time we activated it, a bug was uncovered that caused a hard crash.
BTW, I hope I will get my refactoring fix in by Monday.
yeah, good thing it was in a pre-release. It has been since fixed but I agree w/ Max about giving it a long test phase.
(the current next has it deactivated still, mind you)
Ha, they're now serving a proper error page
So, some time around 2.5.1 then =)
which should have avalon code panes, too, right? Right?
and the Extract Method, too!
nah Avalon has always been 3.x stuff
and proper CPA would be a prerequesite for proper EM, no?
8:42 PM
also the mini refactoring I mentioned earlier
I don't see EM being stable without those mini refactoring being stable
> > Until then, RD doesn't know that Sheet1 is a Worksheet

Endless possibilities...Does that also cover the possibility that document module Chart1 could be a chart object?
> Endless possibilities...Does that also cover the possibility that document module Chart1 could be a chart object?
> Yes
@Hosch250 LOL
9:06 PM
I think we should actually reactivate the COM projects load from the API as the second thing after release.
Then. it will get the maximum amount of test time in a prerelease.
The first thing obviously is the SDK change.
Having the API working, will not only give us the supertypes of documents and controls; it also allows to finally implement a 3rd party project exclusion system.
Making a duck jump to get the popcorn is far too funny. Highlight so far.
@M.Doerner what's the "3rd party project exclusion system"?
like, "don't process SolverAddIn.xlam"?
The idea is to specify the projects by path, pt them into some settings and treat the corresponding projects as locked.
Since we can read declarations in locked projects via the API, no information is lost for other projects referencing them.
aah! I was wondering what the API had to do with this. of course!
Cleaned up my Angular app today. Not perfect, but coming along. I'll have it CR-ready in another day or few.
Unless I get a job at work.
Which actually might happen.
The client is reviewing my PWA demo right now, and might want it developed.
(This is just a personal project they told me to keep working on to get better at it while I wait for something to do.)
2 hours later…
11:08 PM
Okaya question to ask, Github is intending to back up everything in February 2020 for long term storage. archiveprogram.github.com
Do we need to give Github consent to do this or is this implied taking from our repro?

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