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12:00 AM
[rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck] 1 issue comment.
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12:34 PM
Q: Async MultiThreading in VBA

GreedoIntro Multithreading tools exist in Excel - often to run macros in multiple instances of Excel, or to convert macros to vbscripts that can run independently. However I've often come across projects where I'd like to delegate multiple tasks out to async processes, and creating multiple instance...

2 hours later…
2:41 PM
> @rkapka is correct. However, I recommend merging this and doing the quick fix separately. We can re-open the issue manually after it is merged.
> @rkapka is correct. However, I recommend merging this after the tests are reworked and doing the quick fix separately. We can re-open the issue manually after it is merged.
@IvenBach I could hardly have done that PR better myself. Just the tests could be cleaned up a little.
I think we should merge it after the tests are cleaned up and you can do the quick fix in a separate PR.
It will keep things simpler.
@Mat'sMug Pretty sure you were contacted about this...
Remember the email you got from the Chinese web hosting company about the copyright infringement that you never replied to?
I looked them up at the time, and they were pretty legit, from what I could gather.
They wanted to know if the company was infringing our trademark.
On the other hand, maybe it isn't that. After all, there are scams around.
3:05 PM
@Duga @Hosch250 Instead of closing the issue with the PR and reopening it, @IvenBach could simply edit the PR description.
@M.Doerner Oh, good idea. I thought it was a commit message.
I need to start reading :P
I just edited it now.
> @rkapka is correct. However, I recommend merging this after the tests are reworked and doing the quick fix separately. We can re-open the issue manually after it is merged.
@Duga Delete.
3:09 PM
That is why I always put the fix/close comments into the PR description. If I was wrong, I can change it.
3:53 PM
@Vogel612 that’s because of the use of a converter? I’m on phone and couldn’t grok fully
@IvenBach no clue... it just blows up
something about FIltering not being allowed during edits...
@Mat'sMug I don’t know when I’ll be able to get to it. Worse case I can redo after all major changes are merged. It’d give me more experienc refactoring.
Don't worry about it, @IvenBach.
@Vogel612 ok. I’ll set aside lunch to look at it.
@Mat'sMug I think we should just leave it.
We don't need to do a sweeping update. I think we should do it component-by-component.
And preferably one of the more experienced devs should do it with an eye as to what might need to change with the AvalonEdit UI.
3:57 PM
I’ll be less active in chat until I get all the changes completed for work.
@IvenBach Welcome to the club :)
We've all said that at some point, either about work or school.
duplicating/migrating Work from one workbook to another is jwhat t what I want to be doing...
I actually know of someone on PPCG who got the mods to temporarily suspend him so he could do his school without being distracted.
Also, Spotify is down, lol.
I'm getting 502 and 504 errors.
@Hosch250 seems to be restricted to US and UK
Iran took it out? :P
4:07 PM
if they had, I'd actually be pretty surprised...
Me too.
I was being sarcastic since they were just accusing us of instigating their attempted revolution.
It's back up.
Anddd, it's back down.
what do you expect - they're spotty....
Good thing my phone is chock full of pirated music :P
Not really, most of it I bought.
Maybe 20 oldies are snitched from YouTube.
~whistles innocently
4:23 PM
for whatever it's worth: I didn't get most of it myself...
and by now through two or three PC-Changes it's shrunk a bit and some stuff got a bit broken ...
@Vogel612 Don't you have backups?
I thought you of all people would.
never got around to backing up anythin nonessential
I got backups in the cloud for all my financial and fiscal annoyances
and that's about it...
I just dump all my user folders to an external HDD.
I have about 20 GB worth of data now, or something like that.
hmm ...
I could do that with my external HDD...
Most of it is ISO/exe etc. The rest is music/zips from college.
My programming stuff is all on GitHub, so I don't back that up
4:26 PM
but I'm using that for movies, series, music and games already
and for some ISOs, actually..
You could pick a second one up.
I don't leave it connected all the time, just when I'm backing up/restoring.
hmm ...
ya that'd make sense ...
but I gotta find out how I'll upgrade my rig first...
needs a new graphics card, and possibly a pinch more RAM
I've never messed with my system like that.
My 5-yo HP Envy still works great for everything I do. My brother has a newer model and his is great too, except we have to keep the touchscreen driver disabled because it locks the system up and thinks it is being touched everywhere.
hmm ... I've exchanged my ages-old HDD boot drive for an SSD before
and you basically can't go wrong with PCI-devices as long as you don't touch the MoBo
@Vogel612 My mom did that on her MacBook Pro when it was dying.
She upgraded/increased her RAM too.
4:35 PM
that's a much more difficult operation than on a Tower...
because it's so space-constrained
It wasn't bad at all, actually. There were fixed spaces for it all to go.
sure, but you got less room to work in, IME
Yeah, but it wasn't an issue. Just a couple screws to remove/readd.
And the whole bottom of the computer came off, so they were easy to get at.
that's true for almost anything that doesn't involve changing the CPU or the Motherboard
I think it would be fun to build a computer, but I use laptops exclusively for mobility, so...
4:40 PM
skiwi built one just a few days ago ...
A laptop?
Where'd he get the case?
nah. a tower
Oh. I thought that's what it was. I was vaguely following.
@BrandonBarney Thanks for all of your followup messages to this idea, I read them all.
> If you want to look at the workbook that caused it, there it is. The `MultiThreadTests` module was definitely acting strangely
4:53 PM
I built myself a tower. It's not that hard so long as you pay attention to what you're working on and doing.
sure. ..
I built my tower 6 or 7 years ago and subsequently added SSDs another HDD, RAM, change the sound card and the graphics card. It really is not hard. The only complicated thing is to connect the internal speaker, power LED, and HDD LED.
Don't put the incorrect cable in the wrong spot it and fry anything. :sadface: I learned that the hard way...
5:09 PM
@Vogel612 Mine was worse and blatantly incorrect. I'm heavy-handed and years ago put a 3x2 into a 2x2 without realizing it.
I applied a gentle amount of pressure until it clicked and connected.
The smoke was let out of that one shortly thereafter...
5:24 PM
I've read stories where people bought 386s or 486s, whatever, but realized it wouldn't fit their old 286 mobos. What to do? Ah, yes, soldering iron!!! :O
@this Processors? <oldManSyndrome>Newfangled dew-dads... I'll make this work</oldManSyndrome>
Worked pretty well when things were just mechanical.
There's a reason it's the consensus that shortly after the US civil war was the one time when one person could have triggered a new industrial revolution if they'd traveled back in time.
I think it happens less today now that we grew up with less mechanical stuff and more... well, "digital" stuff.
5:32 PM
I have to say it is no fun to migrate one HDD to another when the one you migrate from sometimes has read errors that cause a blue screen.
@M.Doerner That's worse than migrating data from local TFS to remote TFS when connecting to both projects in two VS instances locks VS up.
5:45 PM
> I'm closing this pull request and plan resubmit again later. Even though it finds many scenarios of unreachable code, I believe it could use more refactoring/rework to make it easier to understand and review.

And a question:
It seems that most (if not all) other inspections seem to 'fit' into a single inspection class/file. So, I tried to do the same with this inspection - and still ended up with two classes/files. To reduce the file/class count, the solution has several supporting Str
> RE: the question - FWIW if you look at Extract Method, there are several files, way more than other refactoring normally needs.

I wouldn't be surprised if we have other inspections where fitting everything in a one file don't make sense. I think that as long we follow the same convention used by refactoring -- creating a folder instead of a file, it should be OK to do that for inspections, too.
6:45 PM
@Hosch250 leave it... as in let it rot there, merge it, or close it?
@Mat'sMug Close it.
I'm not a fan of rotting.
3 hours later…
9:28 PM
@Hosch250 how come rotting PR smells? I’m of a view that PR’s (in general) serves an active/current TODO list out of the “ big fish to fry” picture at least we know which ones are important.
@PeterMTaylor nah, open issues serve as a TODO list - PR's are for "work done and ready to merge", although we sometimes stretch it a bit to "work done and almost ready to merge"
You need to make a decision on it and either get it in or get it out.
The only reason to not keep up with the PRs is you don't have enough reviewers.
For example, Roslyn doesn't have enough reviewers, and IMO they aren't close-happy enough.
I have a "make field readonly" analyzer/fix PR that's been sitting there for about 1.25 years or so and they still don't know what to do with it.
They aren't sure if it belongs in Roslyn or somewhere else.
15 months rotting?
that's ..wow
9:38 PM
It's a full analyzer/quick fix with config options and all.
R# has it
They have some that are several years old.
that's nuts
@Mat'sMug R# is too slow to be useful.
@Hosch250 get a better computer :)
9:39 PM
I have a good one.
didn't say you didn't. I said better
Quad-core i7.
Tough to beat that.
9:40 PM
get more RAM
Don't need more RAM. R# needs to be lighter weight.
@Hosch250 Agreed.
not gonna happen though
No, because they won't use Roslyn.
9:41 PM
TBH VS alone is very capable to cripple any computer
Not in 2017. They made it very lightweight.
and buggy
Nope. The bugs are R#'s.
Unless you are on 15.4, which is outdated.
anyway, gotta get back to that nasty stored proc
10:16 PM
@Mat'sMug That might be useful.
Also, I like that status badge they have.
we have a similar one... albeit with less "green" figures
We don't have a pull-request-closed-in one.
but we have "open issues in %"
Yep. Two different, and useful, metrics.
Oo, nice. I think we should use that. We are not using APIs uniformly. We do have user32 and kernel32 but I also have seen private definitions within classes here and there.
10:25 PM
FWIW, it was called out by the C# design team.
@this so let's introduce a 3rd (?) place to make Win32 API calls against?
@Mat'sMug Nah, let's standardize it into one place.
@Mat'sMug no - simply move all the definitions into the same place where we have User32 and Kernel32 classes.
I mean, I agree it would be nice, but then the PR that introduces it needs to totally clean up the Win32 stuff
Yeah it would need to do, for sure.
10:27 PM
@Mat'sMug Of course it would.
VBEEditor is the only project that needs it, right?
not sure
@this The main project might.
FWIW, if not the case, that's a tech debt to pay off.
not sure main project should need it. If it needs it should get it encapulsated via that project, FWIW.
but the main project should be making its API calls through VBEditor, no?
10:32 PM
It should.
yeah, emphasis on "should"
so that's the other thing this hypothecial PR would need to do
10:39 PM
@Mat'sMug Just thing, in X years, Y months, and Z days, you'll be able to say "TTPQW".
lol. yeah. "X years"
not something more in the ballpark of XXV?
lol, more years todo than years done I'd say
10:54 PM
I think the DockableWindowHost and SubclassingWindow in the main project use User32 stuff.
And we do not want to put the corresponding wrappers into VBEditor since this would require registering that dll for COM interop too.
That is strange, I copied a folder and now the copy has one more subfolder than the original.
@M.Doerner are wrappers directly consumed by users of RD API?
If not, then no you do not need to register it for COM interop even if it does COM things.
The dockable host wrappers are COM visible.
I guess the VBE has to see them.
@Duga TBH I think that's a case of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" - I agree with consolidating, but not sure about introducing new dependencies for it
for the call to CreateToolWindow, yes, that class has to be registered for VBE to find it. Beyond that, it shouldn't be needed by anyone else, I think.
I do hope Mat isn't texting and driving. I want him to get home safely.
11:25 PM
> By default, the folders are closed. However when searching for a method names, one had to open folders to locate them, which is kind of tedious. It would be nice if CE would save the open/closed state before starting a filter, then during the filter, automatically open all containing folders to reveal the methods/objects matching the filter. Clearing the search should then restore the original open/closed state.

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