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8:10 AM
Q: Discworld (Spider Solitaire Version)

happystarHere is yet another Spider Solitaire short story and puzzle (Disclaimer: I do not have a Bachelor of Arts in creative writing). Once upon a time there lived a number of $N$ wooden circular discs. All discs were of different sizes and they were all avid fans of Spider Solitaire. The largest disc a...

8:55 AM
Q: Make the number 606 50 percent bigger

Will Octagon GibsonBeginner puzzle This puzzle is intended to be suitable for people who are new to puzzle solving. Clarification: Both experienced solvers and new solvers are welcome to post solutions to this puzzle. The number 606 is written on a sheet of paper. What operation must be performed to make the num...

3 hours later…
11:32 AM
Apparently "smell" can mean a small amount of something, so I wondered if it was a first letter indicator, although I have gotten nowhere with that
11:50 AM
The Art Gallery of Ontario, or AGO, is interesting given where GPR is but I'm not getting anywhere with it yet
4 hours later…
4:06 PM
Q: Use 1 6 7 8 (all numbers) to equal 2

Number BondCreate an equation using 1, 6, 7 and 8 to equal 2. Can use brackets, plus, minus, subtract, multiply.

2 hours later…
5:37 PM
Q: Apple Sack Reconstruction

MoixApple Sack Reconstruction Puzzle Problem Statement: You have an apple tree that can produce apples of four colors: red, yellow, green, and blue. Imagine that you collect all these apples and place them in a sack. The sack contains a total of 8 apples, and their order is important. Now, you are gi...

6 hours later…
11:40 PM
Q: Ernie and the conduits of constant cross-section

PenguinoIt all started last week, when Acme Engineering loaned him a prototype version of their 3D Home Printer (this was as a reward for Ernie providing them, patent-free, with a suitable building material - fast-setting foam-expanded ametriohylosambranic frothcrete). Ernie's always wants to explore the...


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