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2:46 AM
@Sphinx becoming a "big list"
4 hours later…
6:36 AM
@bobble to clarify, since the L is also a tetromino but is not mentioned, I'm assuming you can't use that either?
1 hour later…
7:59 AM
would be weird if you couldn't imo
8:59 AM
@Jafe I assumed L and Z were off-limits
9:29 AM
and whatever the backwards L is called
J, i believe
makes sense
10:06 AM
Q: Metallic Puzzle

Jonathan GimenoHad this Metallic puzzle from a very long time (actually it's a replica since the original was lost) bought in a shop were I was told long ago that it must have a solution. The question is, topologically speaking, does it have solution? Just need to know if it has a solution to avoid wasting more...

10:52 AM
Q: Breaking New Ground

JafeThis is part 60 of the puzzle series Around the World in Many Days. Each part is solvable on its own. Dear Puzzling, This crossword is a combination of straight crosswords clues, cryptic clues and printer’s devilry. In five cases, the answer is too long to fit the grid and one letter must be rem...

3 hours later…
1:23 PM
@Sphinx I finished but I messed up and rot13(gbbx gur sbhegu yrggre vafgrnq bs gur guveq va gur sbhegu fcrpvny pyhr). But I'm sure I was gonna get sniped anyway lol
1:49 PM
Blast it, hadn't realized I forgot to list L among the tetros. That's probably been messing people up.
Time to die in hole pt. 2
@oAlt no I'm just stupid ;-;
Nah it's fine
fwiw I haven't attempted it yet, just saw what was missing
I'm so embarrassed
It should be obvious very quickly you need L
did you mean to include Z on the list too? (or maybe just rely on the link and you don't need to list them at all…)
^ @bobble
(or just say "in each heavy-outlined region, the even-numbered cells are orthogonally connected" and you can combine the last 2 rules into one while also removing the "tetromino" terminology… though tbh I'm not sure "orthogonally connected" is simpler than "tetromino")
@bobble Hasn't bothered me. I saw pretty quick what the real constraint is.
2:05 PM
I'm so sorry gahhh I'd personally apologize to each person I confused if I could
That'll teach me to post puzzles never again
no, please do… good puzzles, just not everyone thinks exactly the same as one another
2 hours later…
4:34 PM
Q: Identify unpopular cube solving method

Jason GoemaatI just got back into cubing for fun, not speed. There was an interesting solving method I used to like and can't remember the name of. I believe it started with solving all the corners, then solving the left and right sides by moving the unsolved edge to change to the top layer and spinning th...

C4 hint: 1) 'without' isn't an indicator, 2) someone has named the correct Art Gallery 3) "it's a let down" is the straight, but the def is slightly unusual/cryptic
(e.g. it's not doing AB without A = B)
5:02 PM
@bobble statistically it'd be weird if you never ever had to make an edit to clarify a post
1 hour later…
6:10 PM
Maybe without is s again.
2 hours later…
8:23 PM
Please don't post a partial answer with a single deduction after someone has posted a full answer. Honestly even if there wasn't yet a full answer, this is too little and too soon for a partial answer. — bobble 11 secs ago
Is that right? I'm biased because it's my puzzle
8:34 PM
@bobble I think that's correct
2 hours later…
10:17 PM
Q: Tournament Scheduling Puzzle

Alex DeCarloI have an interesting real life problem that can be turned into an interesting puzzle pertaining to a tournament that can be represented in this way: I have 24 people which are assigned numbers 1 to 24. A team of them are in groups of three. ex: (1,2,3) is a team. Obviously, groups such as (1,1,3...

10:47 PM
@msh210 I'm not following
11:24 PM
Feb 26, 2020 at 21:47, by msh210
On prescription pads, doctors write c with a horizontal line over it to mean "with", and s with a horizontal line over it to mean "without". (From Latin "cum" and "sine".) Do you think it's fair to use "with", "without", and close synonyms ("lacking") in cryptic clues to indicate the letters c and s? (I do think so, but I'm seeking others' input.)
11:56 PM
@Jafe ahhhh no

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