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3:15 AM
Q: Four-cornered cow inheritance

Parcly TaxelWhile travelling down a road in a socialist country you meet a group of four young men and women sitting in the front porch of their house, with a lively cattle ranch adjoining. "Our father died, and he willed distinct unit fractions of that ranch's cows to each of us four, none less than $\frac19$,

4 hours later…
7:05 AM
@Stiv I'm guessing not, but could this possibly be SLACK as an &lit? The end of saying something is big is when it has a slack off (that's the definition) and the wordplay would be _s + lack, with "lack" being clued by the question mark (as in "I'm a smart guy(???)").
7:35 AM
Nope, sorry
7:59 AM
CCCC hint: This is not an &lit - the clue has a definition part and a wordplay part, not necessarily in that order.
8:16 AM
@DanielS nice! I also added another candidate.
8:27 AM
@ACB Excellent choice; a lovely example of the "Aha!" moment.
8:58 AM
@Stiv can this be TOAST ddef? "If I catch you at it again, you're toast" = the end of. And "Tremendous!" can (maybe??) be used as a toast. Again, I doubt this is it, but figured it's worth a try.
Again, not it... I think (or hope) you'll know it when you see it...
2 hours later…
11:10 AM
It's interesting that the C4 ends with an eroteme, "end" is E (as in a maze), "of=o'" is O, and RTEME are the first letters of "tremendous". But I suspect that that's mere coincidence.
(or likewise "the end" is E as the last letter of THE)
11:37 AM
I've been thinking about "space" since "ace" can mean tremendous, and the space can be right before the opening parenthesis, but that leaves "the end of" = sp which is impossible, so I think this is a dead end
Ditto I've tried to stretch definitions of end to cover EMEND, but come up short.
Yeah, same, plus have tried to find four-letter things clued by "of", none of which seems to work.
11:56 AM
Maybe "THE end" can be HE? And then "?" can be HENCE (as in "x?y:z" in programming). We'd need "of 'tremendous'" to somehow be NCE, which I can't see.
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1:21 PM
Q: Design a magic trick

Dmitry KamenetskyYou are a magician designing a new magic trick, which goes like this. First you are blindfolded. Then your assistant asks 4 members of the audience to write 4 distinct numbers between 1 and N (inclusive) on the back of 4 cards. The numbers are shown to the assistant and the audience. Now the assi...

1:43 PM
Is there perhaps a word meaning both "the end" and "tremendous"? If so then I haven't seen it
... though I can't quite hammer ULTRA into the same shape.
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3:35 PM
Q: Invalid Jigsaw Sudoku Layout

JCOThe Jigsaw Sudoku Layout below is invalid (no Latin Squares exist for it). Why? Please find a short, yet complete, explanation (no computations involved). +-------------------+---------------+ | . . . . . | . . . . | | +---+ | | | . . | . | . . | . . ...

Q: How long will it take for the horse to be captured?

user88178Source: https://open.kattis.com/problems/ambush Problem: When Farmer Oskar doesn’t watch his cows closely enough, they tend to wander off into the forest to hunt for horse spies. To catch an enemy agent horse, the cows lure it into a cow trail and set up fences at the endpoints of the trail, whic...

4:06 PM
@msh210 I had noticed the eroteme as well, but couldn't find any way to make it useful.
4:25 PM
"?" could be something like "huh" or "what", indicating confusion and need for the speaker to repeat themself. "Again" is 5 letters and serves the same purpose, but it doesn't look like it can be built from the clue, so that's another dead end
The end of "trem", end o' us. -- The end of "trem" is REM, which is SLEEP. And dying (the end o' us), is sometimes referred to as SLEEP. #GreatC4Solutions
the end of the string 'tremendous' is a QUOTE, or a TICK, or potentially a stand-in for any number of other things
PRIME in particular looks interesting but that would still leave half of the clue unused
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5:50 PM
Q: Is there a way to search for "easy" puzzles

Patrick McElhaneyWe have a weekly lunch-and-learn / culture building type meeting in which we always start off with a puzzle to get people engaged. The puzzles we present are relatively simple, like the one with fox and the hen and the feed crossing the river. While looking for a source of new puzzles, I remember...

6:12 PM
Q: Is the 7-clue 6x6 Sudoku solvable?

CrSb0001So I was trying to find an 8-clue 6x6 Sudoku because I knew from this paper that only 8 clues were needed to create a 6x6 Sudoku with a unique solution. However, I have managed to find one with 7 clues: Or, if you're like me and prefer it with 2x3 boxes: While I am aware that this is supposed t...

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9:32 PM
I think this puzzle is becoming "guess what I'm thinking", something that [humor] puzzles especially can struggle with
Q: Meta Connect Wall #3

jackSort the sixteen terms into four categories. The four categories are joined by a common thread, with that being the solution. I think this one will play hard, so good luck! PLAGIARIZE WREATHS TAKE THE ROPES ESKIMO KISSES MAGNETIC FIELDS SKINNY DIP LILY PADS JOINT ROTATIONS BASKIN R...

9:55 PM
@bobble I think this answer, combined with the comment below it, hit the nail on the head. The question states that there are between 80 and 100 cows. If they have 88, you give them 2, they divide them up as 1/2, 1/5, 1/6, 1/9, leaving 2 left over that you take back.
Doesn't seem that ambiguous to me. None of the other answers fit the criteria (80 to 100).
1 hour later…
11:09 PM
Another try at a cryptic:
Container and shortened gratitude is protection (6)

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