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9:05 AM
One for the card game enthusiasts...
CCCC: "The 'two hearts' tactic's okay" (bridge openings seen another way) (4)
9:15 AM
I swear I read that as "4,4". I'm going crazy
anyway it's BOTH ("hearts ... bridge" first letters reversed) @Stiv
@oAlt It is indeed.
9:34 AM
CCCC: Old parlor game in which no kings are placed behind jack between two hearts (seen another way) (7)
2 hours later…
11:16 AM
Congratulations all for setting a new record for C4s in a single month (and we're not done yet) πŸŽ‰
we're also approaching number 5000, which is a round number for those of us who have five fingers on each hand
12:18 PM
@DanielS this reminds me of the current xkcd
2 hours later…
1:55 PM
Okay, I've tried and tried to make this answer fit, but can't, so I'm giving up and maybe someone else will have luck with it. Authors is an old parlor game, and ORS is "no kings", so all we need is AUTH clued by "jack between two hearts (seen another way)". H can be a heart and jack can be nothing, so if TUA is a heart then great, but afaict it's not, and I can't figure out another way of getting that answer.
@Stiv HIJINKS = HI(J)I< + N + Ks
ah, thank you
@oAlt Ooops wrong ping. See above.
@msh210 tua isn't a heart, he's a dolphin
how are I and IH hearts?
2:01 PM
@juicifer yeah, I found that
@juicifer oh, of course
2:34 PM
@DanielS ye
CCCC: Hijinks to get Geri pregnant? Quite the opposite. (5, 4, 6)
(This one might be peculiar to my childhood, but we'll see how it goes)
@DanielS to get geri pregnant would be to KNOCK UP GINGER, and the opposite of that would obviously be to KNOCK DOWN GINGER
@juicifer Just so.
shoutout to tom scott for being the only reason I had heard of that term
CCCC: One who plays with Magic: The Gathering β„’: a guru, a deviant (11)
Q: Secret number magic trick

Dmitry KamenetskyWelcome to the magic show. First the magician is blindfolded. Now the assistant asks 4 members of the audience to write 4 distinct numbers between 1 and 9 (inclusive) on the back of 4 cards. The numbers are shown to the assistant and the audience. Now the audience is asked to hide one of the card...

Q: 1 2 challenge to get it using symbols to get it from 1 to 10

Othniel Fatiregun1^2=1 1*2=2 1+2=3 rounddown(1/.2~)=4 or roundup(squareroot(12)) 1/.2=5 (1+2)!=6 d/dx(1)+rounddown(e^2)=7 roundup(1Ο€)+roundup((!2)Ο€)=8 rounddown(1Ο€)+rounddown(2Ο€)=9 rounddown(1Ο€)+roundup(2Ο€)=10

2:43 PM
eh I'm just gonna have to leave that space there
y'all get it
2:56 PM
@juicifer THAUMATURGE (One who plays with Magic) = TMAGURUA* in THE
@Stiv absolutely right :)
That was a very fun clue to play with
Love the full use of 'Magic: The Gathering' with the TM, and how the colon acts as a perfect separator!
it was a fun clue to write
3:03 PM
@juicifer TIL, I'm more familiar with the term ding dong ditch
@juicifer hehehe
CCCC: The end of 'tremendous'? (5)
(That rhymes enough for me...)
"end" does appear in "tremendous", but I'm guessing that's not relevant...
Q: Find the riddle word (Not so easy)

CuriospireThere's a riddle given by my friend to me. The answer is one real word from this list:https://github.com/bitcoin/bips/blob/master/bip-0039/english.txt The riddle word can be find by solving 3 riddles. I think the common property between these 3 is the answer but I am not sure. Here are 3 words fr...

Q: If 9 x 17 = 49, 13 x 31 = 100, 12 x 18 = 81 then find 14 x 4 =?

shreya mulayIf 9 x 17 = 49, 13 x 31 = 100, 12 x 18 = 81 then find 14 x 4 =? 1)100 2)81 3)64 4)121

clearlyβ„’ the end of 'tremendous' is the letter S, and the enumeration (5) is actually (S) in disguise!
Haha, nice idea :) (But not the intention...)
3:11 PM
4:04 PM
The BIP-39 wordlist gives me reason to doubt the "friend gave it to me" and "college professor" attributions. Which NFT contest is this puzzle from? — codewarrior0 17 mins ago
1 more close vote ^
Q: Place numbers 1 through 9 in boxes (☐☐×☐=☐☐+☐☐=☐☐)

CrSb0001So recently I was scrolling through Youtube when I came across this video from MindYourDecisions that was about solving a legendary math puzzle. The puzzle: Place the numbers 1 through 9 in the following boxes such that ☐☐ x☐ --- ☐☐ +☐☐ --- ☐☐ Each number can only be used once. Here is t...

4:24 PM
@bobble they've deleted it, but not the previous question
Feb 18 at 21:27, by Stiv
There sure are a lot of puzzles being shared lately that have been 'given to friends by college professors'... Just saying...
3 hours later…
7:36 PM
@Stiv they seem to have all been the same person: puzzling.stackexchange.com/…
7:59 PM
The end of "tremendous" is "ndous". The ? could be an anagram indicator, giving SOUND. And the end of "tremendous" is an S sound, so it's an &lit! #GreatC4Solutions
8:27 PM
Q: A functional equation: Composition to get a... linear function?

CrSb0001Suppose we have a function such that$$f(f(x))=2x+4\quad\forall x\in\mathbb R$$Does such a function $f:\mathbb R\to\mathbb R$ exist that satisfies the relation, or does such a function not exist?

8:50 PM
Q: Sending the rookie shopping

htmlcoderexeMy business is going quite well, and I finally make the decision to train up an apprentice, as the workload has been only getting worse lately. Luck clearly is on my side - I put up the ad yesterday, and already today there's a person at my doorstep asking about the apprenticeship! I am a bit des...

@ACB Feel that there was an obvious answer for Q3 2023 and have posted accordingly. As a spoiler, the answer for Q4 2023 is this one
9:21 PM
The quotation marks around 'tremendous' are clearly a homophone indicator thsu the clue should be interpreted as: The end of tree menders (5) whcih would be STUMP no?

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