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1:48 AM
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2:12 AM
@msh210 feed 3def? noun, verb and past tense of fee (pay off)
2:31 AM
Q: Magic: the Gathering – Scry-sort

A. P.Let me start with a formulation of the problem for people who aren't familiar with Magic: the Gathering. You have a stack of distinct cards face-down. You can apply the following action arbitrarily many times: Look at the top two cards of the stack. Return them to the stack both cards on top o...

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3:37 AM
@Jafe yep!
4:21 AM
CCCC: "Party in the U.S.A." is about tax collectors? (11)
5:01 AM
@Jafe Republicans (party in the USA) = re (about) publicans (tax collectors)
1 hour later…
6:31 AM
that's right
6:43 AM
CCCC: Remain with second-time first-year (4)
6:58 AM
@oAlt STAY = S + T + A + Y
2 hours later…
9:03 AM
@DanielS ye
3 hours later…
12:14 PM
CCCC: Roman wordplay for MX, 0, LXV. (6, 6)
4 hours later…
4:34 PM
Q: Maximizing Queens with a Strategic Knight Placement in a 10x10 Realm

AryanConsider a chessboard with dimensions 10x10. You need to place the maximum number of queens on the board without any of them attacking each other. However, there’s an additional constraint: no queen can be in the same row, column, or diagonal as any other queen, and you must also place exactly on...

Q: Numbers and Lines

spherical-wug-in-a-vacuumYou stumble upon this puzzle in the newspaper, composed of only lines and numbers. 13—17 13—84 13—113 17—117 34—53 53—115 82—84 113—17 117—113 Unfortunately, you're a bit stuck. You call upon your friend Sherlock for a hint (he's very good at puzzles). After looking at it for a minute, he finally...

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6:23 PM
TIL: LXV is the highest-altitude airport in North America.
Feb 21 at 19:14, by GentlePurpleRain
C4s are awful for leading me down all kinds of internet rabbit holes. But I learn a lot of interesting things!
2 hours later…
8:29 PM
@msh210 TIL: the closest airport to Cheadle, Alberta
9:14 PM
@DanielS JULIUS CAESAR since rot23(MX, O, LXV) = JU, L, IUS!
9:33 PM
ohh, glad to hear that the rabbit hole i went down was not the way to go
it was mx = mexico -> mx 0 = cero -> roman = cicero -> ...?

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