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12:06 AM
Q: Chess, but with gravity? #1

CrSb0001Based off of this puzzle and this Youtube video Rules: You control the pieces labeled kn (knight), b (bishop), and r (rook) You are trying to capture the piece labeled ok (opponent king) You move pieces as usual, however after every move, unless there is a black square under them (labeled x in t...

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1:59 AM
Q: PSE Advent Calendar 2023 (Day 11): Divide the cookies and milk

JafeThis puzzle is part of the Puzzling Stack Exchange Advent Calendar 2023. The accepted answer to this question will be awarded a bounty worth 50 reputation.< Previous Door Next Door > Santa’s little helpers come in all shapes and sizes. Their upkeep requires a lot of cookies and milk, both as rewa...

Q: How to define "edge orientation" on a pyraminx?

Richard RastI have a question about the pyraminx twisty puzzle. I've included a bit of background to make sure we're all using the same words. (background) To the initiated, a pyraminx is a triangular-looking rubiks-cube-like puzzle that, it turns out, is actually quite a bit easier than the rubiks cube, or ...

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3:08 AM
Q: A very presentable number sequence

Prince Deepthinker12,22,30,36,40,42,42,40… Here is a finite sequence can you tell me the sum of all of its numbers?

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5:49 AM
Q: Add as few plus signs as possible to make equation true

Will Octagon GibsonTo allow new users to solve this puzzle and earn reputation points, I encourage all users whose reputation is 200 or more to not post an answer until 48 hours after this question is posted. Thank you! The equation below is not true. The only allowable way to change the equation is to insert plu...

5 hours later…
10:22 AM
providing is IF, both sides is B_H, so all we need is a 7-letter word for oracle that we can put before IFBH to make a word meaning "determination"
11:08 AM
Q: Can you beat random?

Dmitry KamenetskyIt is known that one cannot beat a truly random player in Rock Paper Scissors. Here you will play a variant of the game. In this variant you are not allowed to play the same shape twice in a row. So if you have played rock then in the next round you must play paper or scissors. You will play agai...

11:20 AM
I just realized the candy land clue isn't the current clue anymore... I forgot to read the rest of the previous day's transcript
@oAlt tsk. You're slipping. You must focus more closely on making sure The Sphinx's Lair becomes your #1 priority.
11:54 AM
Q: Follow the reward

Prim3numbahSomething is hidden below. Tell me... what am I saying?

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2:11 PM
Q: Turn the three lines into a part of the body

RogerAUsing a single letter (alphabet) exactly twice turn the lines below into a part of your body.

2:39 PM
Having the first steps and final answer to the @juicifer Day 6 advent calendar, I'm hoping that someone can fill in the bits in between...
3:06 PM
3 hours later…
6:00 PM
Q: What is the church secret?

SimdThis is really a request to make a puzzle. I am sometimes made to go to church. On the wall will be a series of what I would to think are secret clues and I would love to make a puzzle from them. The ones from this week were: 12 Ps 85 500 282 3 Blank The Blank was just a space where I feel I wa...

Q: Chess with gravity #2: Keys, Locks, and Lava

CrSb0001Previous Puzzle If you're having trouble understanding the key/lock thing, watch this until 9:30 which might be a better explanation of what I'm trying to say General Rules: In this puzzle, you control kn (knight) and r (rook) You are trying to capture ok (opponent's king) If one of your pieces ...

6:45 PM
Q: can you figure out how five plus nine equals six?

Lisa HQuick riddle here for you 5 + 9 = 6... how? I look forward to hearing your answers, and I am writing this part in the hope it allows me to submit. (it did!)

2 hours later…
8:19 PM
C4 HINT: 5th letter W
9:04 PM
Fwiw, not a single word on this list of synonyms of determination is eleven letters with the fifth being W.

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