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12:49 AM
well "art gallery" fits the enumeration so that must be it
1:45 AM
Q: Nondivisibility by 11 puzzle

CrSb0001Source: MacPOW Problem of the Week 1240 Take this math puzzle: The number 545 has the curious property that upon replacing the digit in any single position by an arbitrary digit (from 0 to 9; it can be a leading 0 or just the same digit), the result is not divisible by 11. Is there a positive in...

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4:02 AM
Q: PSE Advent Calendar 2023 (Day 7): The Oracle Rambles On and On

caPNCApnThis puzzle is part of the Puzzling Stack Exchange Advent Calendar 2023. The accepted answer to this question will be awarded a bounty worth 50 reputation.< Previous Door Next Door > Hadn't heard from the Oracle in a while until this text came in... What is the Oracle trying to tell me?

5 hours later…
8:54 AM
@Jafe THE MCMANUS = THE(-y) + MCM (1900) + ANUS (opening(!))
that is correct!
3 hours later…
11:37 AM
Q: Flag Puzzle - what's missing?

Prim3numbahReplace the question mark with the correct flag.

6 hours later…
5:09 PM
Apologies for the delay - on a conference today!
CCCC: Artist and rock band trademark 'Thailand' (9)
1 hour later…
6:20 PM
@Stiv sheesh, even the apologies are rhyming couplets
You noticed :)
someone had to :P
6:49 PM
Q: Is my solution to "MacPOW 1141: Capturing 5 integers" correct?

CrSb0001Source: MacPOW 1141 "MacPOW 1141: Capturing 5 integers" states: For which positive real numbers $x$ are there exactly 5 integers $n$ such that the following statement is true?$$x\lt n\lt x^2$$ I got that How I got this: although I'm not sure if my solution is correct. So my question is: Is my...

3 hours later…
10:06 PM
@Stiv if T can be thailand i think this is REM+BRAND+T
@Jafe it's the license-plate code
nicely found
1 hour later…
11:35 PM
@Jafe It can indeed :)

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