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1:55 AM
Q: How to solve the Nov. 29 cryptoquote in the Wisconsin State Journal?

CrSb0001apparently the cryptogram tag is a tag synonym for cipher so I guess that's what I'm using So recently I have been trying to get back into solving the cryptoquotes because I used to enjoy doing them. This is the cryptoquote for today in the Wisconsin State Journal, which I'm struggling to solve: ...

6 hours later…
7:50 AM
@Stiv That's it ! And thank you for your feedback !
8:32 AM
@msh210 saw a clue today similar to this
today's independent, by Coot:
Cry, sad, having left common looking ill (6)
answer's rot13(LRYY naq YBJ univat Y pbzzba = LRYYBJ)
9:12 AM
@MrClarinico No worries.
@Jafe interesting. thanks.
Apparently, someone's been reading the Lair.
(Though that's not as liberal as what I proposed, since it specifies what exactly the overlap is.)
yeah that's true
doesn't rule out coot being a lurker though...
hi coot!
9:55 AM
CCCC: Appraise lead's butt after actors cut (9)
cast + rate + _d (= cut)
@Jafe Very quick, and very correct
10:09 AM
hehee, stumbled onto it with the first word i could think of for "actors"
CCCC: What's traditionally consumed by Republican of the baby boomer generation named George: Fox News's Carlson (4,6)
@Jafe Bush Tucker, naturally
CCCC: Song we're at the end of: it's "Near God at Home" (8,4)
10:48 AM
Q: How many pencils are there?

SimdFour pencils are chosen (without replacement) from a pencil case, two of which are blunt. The probability that both blunt pencils are chosen is twice the probability that neither is chosen. How many pencils are there in the pencil case?

Q: What is the pattern/property in this poem?

Shahram AlemzadehHere is a poet in Persian language which has a special property. The languge itself does not affect the pattern and there is no need-to-know Persian to find the pattern. The pattern can be applied to any similar text in any language, but the result requires it to be meaningful, which is the diffi...

11:41 AM
@msh210 november + ra + in
as in november = we're at the end of it!
perfect segue to remind that the PSE advent calendar starts tomorrow and there are plenty of open spots if anyone still wants to join
CCCC: What I, Jafe, recalled eating: Some Tex-Mex food (6)
_fajita_<. Nice clue!
thanks! that's correct (naturally)
I'm not 100% sure of this one, but
CCCC: Almost having relatives?! (2,1,6,3)
11:56 AM
12:18 PM
too long
1:16 PM
@msh210 Is this IN A FAMILY WAY? ddef for being pregnant (ie. almost having a child) and 'a bit like having relatives'?
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2:40 PM
Q: Which parent should you start playing against?

SimdLet $k < n$, $k$ even, $n$ odd. Mary is to play $n$ chess games against her parents, alternating between her father and mother. To receive her allowance she must win $k$ games in a row. Given the choice, should she start against the stronger or weaker parent? The puzzle source is apparently Peter...

3:03 PM
Q: PSE Advent Calendar 2023 (Day 1): Reindeer identification

JafeThis puzzle is part of the Puzzling Stack Exchange Advent Calendar 2023. The accepted answer to this question will be awarded a bounty worth 50 reputation.Next Door > This crossword features all of Santa’s nine reindeer. Unfortunately, whoever made the clues simply wrote the word “reindeer” inste...

@Stiv not exactly my intention, but go ahead and take it. I intended an &lit: def is pregnant, with the wordplay IN A WAY (almost) having FAMILY (relatives)
3:21 PM
Aah, I see. That's really nice actually, much better than my loosey-goosey ddef suggestion.
CCCC: Married a husband, old and good, with an unspecified amount of wood (8)
@Stiv M A H O G ANY (wood)
very fun
@juicifer Entirely correct :)
I wanted to use 8 single-letter charades but fitting it with the rhyme refused to work!
CCCC: Python expression in Satoshi's software (4)
_his s_, an expression by an actual python!
3:28 PM
not an expression i want to hear anytime soon
had that laying around from an old theme that I was never quite quick enough to jump onto, and I needed to not spend time writing one so I can finish this xkcd puzzle before the advent calendar st- never mind
CCCC: Haystack listing describes this clue, perhaps (8)
4:03 PM
@Stiv thanks
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5:45 PM
Q: Filling in an 8x8 minesweeper grid with mines (Day 11: Christmas tree edition)

CrSb0001Previous puzzles Contains: Single mines (1 mine), Double mines (2 mines), Triple mines (3 mines) To get the $\color{green}✓$: Solve the Nonogram Solve the Minesweeper puzzle Note: partial answers are perfectly okay. Today's Minesweeper puzzle is a bit weird. Here's why: There's a Nonogram. ...

6:08 PM
Q: Complete the pattern: 21VN, 32TX, 43QS,

QiseThe pattern comes from a culture test online (in French). Some questions are actually about mathematics/logic. I absolutely do not understand this one, though, given the others questions it should be something extremely trivial Question: Complete the pattern: 21VN, 32TX, 43QS, 54?? a. FE b. DE c....

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8:27 PM
Q: Decode the ancient prophecy

SomeoneA team of archaeologists has discovered an ancient clay tablet. They understand the script it is written in, and have transliterated it to the Latin alphabet, but they do not understand the language. They are not aware of any languages that were used in the area that have not been decoded, so the...

9:14 PM
Q: Is the "Challenging" Kenken in the Wisconsin State Journal from April 27 2021 solvable?

CrSb0001Note: The reason that I picked this one to self-answer was because it was a few weeks (months?) before the Wisconsin State Journal stopped printing Kenken puzzles. This was also the newest Kenken from the Wisconsin State Journal that I was able to access on the internet. There also doesn't seem t...

10:02 PM
got it in just in the nick of time, call me kris jenkins
10:23 PM
Q: College Athletes

juiciferThis puzzle is part of the Monthly Topic Challenge #16: Restricted Title: xkcd 2000-2500. Solve the following 10 sub-puzzles, then use the information you've found to solve the metapuzzle: Puzzle 1 Simon Rea 14 March 2004 Or Dekel Ryan Healey 24 November 2023 Lucas Mercuri Joey Mac...

1 hour later…
11:26 PM
@Jafe RICK + ROLL?
oh that's very sneaky

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