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12:43 AM
Q: Can I control IGBT linearly with gate voltage?

NithinI want to make a dummy load using IGBT. Is it possible to control the Ice (collector to emitter current) using the gate voltage? It would be really great if it is possible to explain the answer. The following are the parameters. Voltage and current need to be controlled: 85V 50A ( I want to contr...

^ i misread that as "Can I control LGBT linearly with gate voltage" and was ready for some follow-up questions
@msh210 ( @juicifer ) I think that's the answer: CR (King Charles) + II (Jr., name suffix) took ST. (apparently chiefly-US abbreviation for "state") + A(nd) N(ational) to receive H(onors) = C(H)R + I(ST)I + AN
@Jafe hah
@Jafe Presumably that's a question about a trans-istor.
1:35 AM
@oAlt precisely
2:06 AM
CCCC: Maybe Martin Luther King, feeling pressure from the Left, took on state (and terrorist-backed) leader in error (10)
2:16 AM
@oAlt ah, nice
@oAlt R, feeling P from the left, took (ONSTATE and T_)* = Protestant, maybe Martin Luther
@msh210 correct!
CCCC: First of positions of King! (6)
4 hours later…
6:12 AM
In chess the King’s positions are the E FILE, but I can’t make that go anywhere
7:01 AM
if "astor" was an adjective meaning "of king" (afaik it isn't), it could be P_ + ASTOR &lit., the first(?) position held by MLK
7:30 AM
CR + OWNS would be “of King”, maybe within &lit if I squint hard enough.
7:55 AM
C4 hint: One of the "of"s is doing some heavy lifting.
8:28 AM
aha, maybe it is pastor but as P_ + AS TO + R &lit!
@Jafe there you go
nice clue, pretty hard to see an innocent-looking "of" giving that many letters
CCCC: He keeps getting fired in Yorkshire city by male Floridian judge with arts degree (5,10)
9:00 AM
I didn't know Florida jurisdiction included Yorkshire.
Anyway, the answer is clearly MARTY LUTHERKING. Now to find the wordplay…
9:58 AM
@Jafe in Hull: man Cannon B.A. = human cannonball. But I'm not sure what "by" is doing.
that's right
by was meant as a position indicator (by male, floridian judge)... might be iffy without the comma though
Oh, I see. No, seems fair to me.
CCCC: He kept firing torpedos, front and back (5)
10:35 AM
Can't find a naval commander or mafioso on this page
11:29 AM
i think it's T_ + RUMP, who fired a lot of people in The Apprentice
11:52 AM
@Jafe yep!
12:14 PM
CCCC: They keep killing him – interrupted by Edward VIII in hysterics – between two Keys (that is, on an island in Florida) (7,5,6)
Unfortunately Grigori Rasputin doesn't fit the enumeration...
@Jafe KENNEDY SPACE CENTER (that is on an island in Florida) = KENNY interrupted by ED + _C_ (the eighth letter in "hysterics") between SPACE and ENTER (two keys)
that's right
CCCC: Farm equipment brought up for orbital research facility (8)
Ah nice, I was locked into thinking it had to involve an anagram of "Edward VIII"
12:40 PM
I have an obscurish 5 letter solution that I am sure is related.
@juicifer SPACELAB< (?)
spot on
nice find
1:33 PM
CCCC: Wilder work as Keith clued. (4,4,2,3)
ahh this is great
it's SOME LIKE IT HOT (a Wilder work) = clue for "Keith" (hidden in liKE IT Hot)
@Jafe Indeed, correct!
how many "as keith clued" clues do you have lol
but seriously, nice job
CCCC: Consider River Wye to be Wales? (7)
1:42 PM
CCCC Keith's prison escape. (8)
busy day for keith
(The omitted colon is unintentional).
1 hour later…
2:59 PM
Campbell has the CAMP for prison, but I don't see how bell = escape.
Hmm... "escape sequence"?
@oAlt Not what was intended
👍 I'm relieved
Q: A Trivial Pursuit #13 (Geography 3/4): Things Fall Apart

StivThis is part 13 of A Trivial Pursuit, a 25-part puzzle hunt. Each part is solvable on its own, with the exception of the meta-puzzle at the end. Identify the 26 words clued by the images below, then infer a hidden 'top-10 list' among them. One entry is missing - what is it?

3:16 PM
Wasn't paying attention to the enumeration, and I thought it might be something like "maKE IT Home".
1 hour later…
4:23 PM
Hurrah! Finally beat everyone to a Stiv Trivial Pursuit answer (with help from juicifer)!
nice job on the answer - I had all the images figured out (although it took you pointing out the final solution for me to get the right parsing for A) but I never would've made the leap to the top 10, so well done
on a somewhat related note I have a draft of an answer with some links and explanations for some of the words from the image. if you want I can edit that into your answer. obviously no pressure tho
@juicifer Please do feel free to improve the answer
ok done
4:52 PM
@juicifer TVM
1 hour later…
6:13 PM
wait @Stiv how did you not call this series "stivial pursuit"
@juicifer If this turns out to be the Meta, I will never forgive you.
6:30 PM
6:41 PM
@juicifer !!! This is a missed opportunity and a half...
6:53 PM
just start using that title from here on out and see if anyone notices
1 hour later…
8:06 PM
@GentlePurpleRain if only "someliot" meant "escape"
9:06 PM
@GentlePurpleRain I’ll file “Return safely as Keith clued. (4, 2, 4, 2, 3, 5)” = MAKE IT HOME IN ONE PIECE under ones that got away.
2 hours later…
11:11 PM
Q: Relative of a Glue

Chrone If zero plus six is a relative of a glue and four plus two is one who rides around and two plus two (or four) can harm or heal you, then what plus what equals a chemical compound? Looking for an addition equation

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