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12:39 AM
Q: Build-an-Animal Workshop

Chrone If I wear a canine head, I’ll become hard like a rock. But if I wear a cervid head, I’ll be almost as soft as a sock. If I wear a fish tail, I’ll be dead and rotting on a plain. But if I wear a hominid tail, I’ll become lush and green again. What animal am I?

4 hours later…
4:32 AM
Mar 24, 2021 at 14:29, by msh210
There's sort of a catch-22 when it comes to C4 hints. If no one posts ideas, or if only one or two people do, then I don't know anyone (else) has been thinking about it, and I figure "no point in a further hint if they haven't even thought about it since the last one". If someone does post even halfway-good ideas, then that gives others something to chew over, and I (cont'd)
4:47 AM
Q: Interesting irrational number

Dmitry KamenetskyCan you find an irrational number $x$ such that $x$, $1/x$ and $x^2$ all have exactly the same digits after the decimal point? Good luck!

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5:48 AM
i was thinking about the word STOCKINGS, which features prominently in "the night before christmas", and thought maybe "like this clue" could clue STOCK (as in it's a stock clue, for some reason)... but i don't think it can, and also ings != a caper and stockings != mimes
6:06 AM
I suppose if you sing, but put the beginning at the end, that's a caper… of sorts. (Not my intention, though.)
I've been thinking about words beginning or ending in ANTIC (caper) but need a nice short word for 'mimes' to go with it, but APES is the best I've got and it gives me nothing...
6:36 AM
C4 hint: The 9th letter is C.
1 hour later…
7:43 AM
@Stiv i think you have it actually
because it's AN(APES)TIC, something composed of anapests (da da DAA structure), like this clue is!
@Jafe yep!
(and the hint as well)
ah right
that is extremely clever
CCCC: Spill soda in car track that's long and complicated (4,5)
7:55 AM
that is correct
i was thinking about the frank zappa song, though
i suppose both work
Oh right
"The song features unusual time signatures, lyrics and vocals."
"Length: 8:45"
Yeah I should have checked the song first lol
It will take a bit long before I post the next one. I'm gonna go back to making a clue that's not short/easy like before. And maybe figure out what my next clue theme will be
8:17 AM
@Jafe Ha! I was trying to put them side by side... I blame Covid-brain...
CCCC: Gather around after being accepted by a group living in cottages in eastern state (13)
9:21 AM
Q: What does my wife want (again)?

CatProgrammerAfter an enjoyable, if not very tiring, weekend, I was working when I suddenly remembered that it is my wife's birthday this coming Saturday! Frantically, I texted her, asking what she wants for that special occasion, and she replied with a confusing message (again!). What does this all mean? Ra...

10:14 AM
10:41 AM
@DanielS yep
although I'd write that 2nd part as A (C) HU(SET)TS
CCCC: CCCC favourite due puzzling greatness. (9)
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12:12 PM
if (x+y) * z = 300 and (z+y) * x = 336 and (z+x) * y = 396 then whats x+y+z
12:29 PM
I have a feeling that I really should/do know how to do that. But I can't think of it at the moment. If you want an estimate, it's 40.
(How I got my estimate, if you're curious: x+y=300/z, z+y=336/x, z+x=396/y. So x+y+z+y+z+x = 300/z + 336/x + 396/y, and x+y+z is about 150/z+170/x+200/y, which means x,y,z are all around the square root of a number between 150 and 200. (Not necessarily. One may be more, but then another will be less.) Hence, 40.)
1:04 PM
Q: The Mono-Quantum Condrum

Aitzaz ImtiazYou are presented with a locked box, and on its surface, you notice a sequence of peculiar symbols: ⌬ ⌅ ⊙ ⊡ Next to the symbols, there's an inscription: THE KEY LIES WITHIN THE SEQUENCE, BUT A TWIST AWAITS. DECODE THE SYMBOLS TO UNLOCK THE MYSTERY WITHIN. THE KEY LIES WITHIN THE SEQUENCE, BUT A ...

5 hours later…
5:39 PM
@Stevo here's a rough sketch: rewrite the equations so that they become linear equations in three variables xy, yz and zx, solve for these three quantities, and now use these values to figure out x,y,z.
Note that there'll be two sets of solutions (you can switch the signs of all three)
Q: Golden Ape Peculiarity

web adventurerIn the wild he reigns, a colossal beast, From Skull Island, his power unleashed. Climbing skyscrapers, a towering sight, This mighty ape, a legendary might. What is very similar between the ape from the riddle and gold?

Q: frog on a number line

TheHappyBee A Frog is at C. The purple numbers are the probability that the frog jumps in that direction when it is at certain place. The frog stops at A or E. What is the probability that the frog stops at A? Good Luck!

2 hours later…
7:49 PM
Q: Is it rude to wait until precise answer is given?

web adventurerIf an answer that is very close to what the puzzle maker has in mind has been given, but the answer is not quite there still, what is the best way to proceed?: Wait until the 100% correct answer is given. Accept the answer and explain what puzzle maker has in mind. Simply accept the answer. Cas...

2 hours later…
10:07 PM
Q: a new job platform, I would like to know your thought

AllenNew job market how is this website? https://www.djobzy.com/

10:32 PM
Q: Reducing $\pi$ to zero (again)

Will Octagon GibsonYou are given the first 20 digits of $\pi$: 31415926535897932384. In each move, you can select a contiguous group of 5 digits and increase/decrease them all by the same integer, provided that each resulting digit stays between 0 and 9 inclusive. For example you can increase the first 5 digits by ...

11:07 PM
@Ankoganit Right lemme try
11:48 PM
Q: Cheese from Denmark

pocoYou'll need "cheese from denmark" for this cipher puzzle. Denmark Portugal 1/2 France "hello" ?AI EBOM AEEDY EHT SEOU EPNHS TNHG OS EPNHS "F" AN AI SEBOM SSEHÆ AI THWIAK EHT ANSWER: 8-P A _ _ _ _ _ _ _

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