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1:56 AM
BOB'S+LED is done on a track over ice, which is hopefully not thin
wasn't the enum 4,4 though? or am i seeing things again
1 hour later…
3:00 AM
@Jafe it got edited
2 hours later…
5:03 AM
well canine my felines, maybe it's bobsled then
5:15 AM
man, bobsled popped into my mind immediately but I was like that must be a diversion because it doesn't fit the enumeration at all lol
2 hours later…
6:55 AM
same here actually
3 hours later…
9:32 AM
@Jafe correct, I did another oopsie, I'll probably take a break from setting C4s until I can sort my clue backlog out
Speaking of taking a break, I'm also gonna take a break from making this puzzle... I've lost interest for a few reasons so I'm just gonna save it for next Advent Calendar if I'm still active by then
CCCC: Music video in which Michael Jackson and several others dance and spank the monkey (4,2)
@Jafe beat it ddef lol
I just got it too, and I'm not gonna comment on that lol
10:02 AM
CCCC: Not a meek, introverted biker appears in this music video (4,2,2)
10:18 AM
@msh210 TAKE ON ME ("biker appears in this music video", specifically at least one biker appearing near the start of the video) = NOT A MEEK, introverted (anagram indicator, "introverted" means having the qualities of an introvert and one of them is not showing their "true self", I guess?)
10:34 AM
@oAlt ah ha! Good one
10:55 AM
@oAlt yeah. I intended the anagram indicator to work by almost- literally turning the string into itself.
11:09 AM
CCCC: A camel transporting bananas and more into desert, initially not abandoned (9)
took a beating on chess.com from "RandA_lThor"
probably not our rand though, this one was from the US
@oAlt OMEDAR(-n)* into DRY -> DROMEDARY, a camel!
@Jafe yeah :)
CCCC: No time in prison for tennis's #1 (7)
@Jafe ALCARAZ (Carlos Alcaraz, currently ranked #1 tennis player in the world by the Association of Tennis Professionals) = No T (time) in Alcatraz (former US prison)
11:31 AM
@oAlt that's right
12:22 PM
CCCC: Christmas carol ending with final bit of improvisation, but going back around: "Okay everybody, from the top!" (4)
2 hours later…
2:08 PM
@oAlt NOEL (improvisatio)N O(kay) E(verybody) (caro)L
@AncientSwordRage yeah :)
3:02 PM
CCCC: Underanalysing every third artist? (4)
3:14 PM
@AncientSwordRage ..d..a..l..i..
1 hour later…
4:19 PM
Q: Lost and mostly drowned

AuribourosDon't go diving looking for those, you won't find much Cardigan Bay [5] Atlantic [3] Baie de Douarnenez [1] Baltic Sea [4] Lake Svetloyar [6]

4:35 PM
@msh210 correct
3 hours later…
7:39 PM
Q: Right turn only puzzle

RogerAHere is a grid with 24 spaces filled with letters. Pick any place to start your travel in the grid taking right turns only. You must get to all remaining 23 spaces but only once. By doing so create a 24 letter phrase that ends in the E at the corner. From your space number 1, you can go in any di...

7:50 PM
CCCC: Outside is further make-up (9)
2 hours later…
9:51 PM
@msh210 Improve (further, as a verb) outside 'is' = Improv(is)e
10:32 PM
@AncientSwordRage aye

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