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12:46 AM
@Sphinx you've not made it on PSE until you've had a bobble edit
Also, was that enough of a parody?
Not really. Just your basic sequence puzzle.
OP should at least multiple choice the answer to make it look like an IQ puzzle
@AncientSwordRage probably not a huge enough parody, in the end it is sorta just a number sequence with a bit of a twist, theres not really another puzzle type hidden anywhere within
Ahh well, never mind 🙃
I might remove the challenge header
The idea def has potential to be a parody, off the top of my head you could have done something like the next number being 'B4A' in base 13, and then having to take the numbers or letters before the letter A to spell something out, and that way you'd get steganography in there as a different puzzle type
But yeah, probably as it stands it works the same as most other normal number sequences, although I do like the idea of having to work out the introduction of letters all of a sudden
1:37 AM
Q: Sequence of numbers - what comes next?

enkorvaksWhat is the next number in this sequence, and why? 4 2 3 4 6 2 4 8 3 _? Also, since people here find sequence questions to be arbitrary, the following uses the same rule. What number is next? 4 5 6 4 4 8 9 2 2 9 3 9 4 3 4 4 4 6 2 _? Attribution: Me. I wrote this, and expect it to be answered fai...

3 hours later…
4:20 AM
@ChrisCudmore Yes, that's correct.
4:53 AM
Q: What would this number be? This is all the context I have, and this is solvable supposedly

pleasehelpmemankrelWelcome To Floor Negative One. Each number is the sum of the previous two numbers. Start from C @ 1, 6 long. At the end of the chain, every letter resets the count. Spaces exempt.

@AncientSwordRage: I've seen that you have poasted a hint for the "Three people in France" puzzle. (Or a non-hint, at least to me. I don't find it particularly helpful.)
I had looked at that puzzle earlier, and my only idea was that if the thing alledgedly given to the poor was a brioche and the three were in one of the places n France called Roche, the'd all three be bi. (But -scuit isn't anything on their table, as far as I can see.)
("posted", even.)
5 hours later…
9:41 AM
Two favo[u]rite Suomen words, both made up

Täällämme: We are here
Meillämme: Together

No language is off limits
Learn Suomi from a lurjus; correct me if i'm luptusxxxlauri
Those words might show up in a crossword
9:59 AM
("luptus" is bone-Helsinki derisive, my native language)
10:37 AM
Q: Pseudo Roman Cipher

ACBA while ago, I made this puzzle and gave it to my friend. But his comment was not so good. "This looks fine except it's not realistic", he said. I know he is smart but ... :( I don't want to believe that. Anyway, what do you think about this puzzle?

10:48 AM
@MOehm you've got one part right, the place they are is unfortunately obscure, so not Roche.
@MOehm I didn't want to give too much away in my first hint
11:17 AM
@MOehm My thoughts on this puzzle were that they are all rot13(evpu, tvivat n 'evpu GRN' ovfphvg, bar bs gurz orvat SVYGUL evpu, naq gur OevBpuR yrnqvat gb guvf cynpr va Senapr: link). However, I can't make the second half work yet... There's a LOT of unknowns here, and I can't work out if 'place of birth' is a country, town or a type of building...
Oh, that's better, @Stiv. Quite promising, even, and it fits with ASR/PF's comment above.
@AncientSwordRage Aha, thanks. I think Stiv has a better way in to the second part. (The few Roches in France seem to be rather small with fewer inhabitants than the place Stiv suggested. I guess that La Rochelle, the "little Roche" is better known than either.)
(I just picked Roche, because it sounded like a plausible name for a place in France. And now that I've seen the clarification, I was on the wrong track all along: I didn't consider adding something could lead to an expression with several words and therefore would have thought that "it" would appear three times in the letter pool, which encouraged me: Bibi is a likely nickname.)
12:33 PM
@Stiv I may have made this too hard
But you're on the right track
I'll have to learn from this for my next "who's the time traveller" question
CCCC: A self important person has all the awards? (7)
1:00 PM
Clearly™ this is 'Hug(e eg)o' but the EGG (eggheads are probably self important) has been misspelled...
@ChrisCudmore EGOTist ddef
1:14 PM
@msh210 Yup.
1:39 PM
CCCC: Ma, pa, household go on destination. Man's formaldehyde, music add farce! (2,3,4,3,6,4,3,2,3,6,3,2,6,2,3)
Good God.
For those playing at home, total enumeration is 52.
Which is the length of the clue, minus 'farce' Semi &lit anagram maybe?
full &lit, i'd reckon... farce is the indicator
is this a clue or a memoir?
maybe it's Oh Dad, Poor Dad - Mama's Hung You in the Closet and I'm Feeling So Sad
although mama's is 5 letters not 6, and feeling is 7 letters not 6
Oh Dad, Poor Dad, Mamma's Hung You in the Closet and I'm Feelin' So Sad: A Pseudoclassical Tragifarce in a Bastard French Tradition was the first play written by Arthur Kopit. == Background == Kopit was on a postgraduate scholarship from Harvard University when he entered the play in a playwriting contest. The play won the contest and an undergraduate production at Harvard, and gained the notice of the Phoenix Theatre in New York. Kopit explained: "I had been writing short stories, and I was having a lot of trouble with the narrative point of view. When I wrote a play, I found that I lost myself...
1:51 PM
ah no wait it's mamma's and feelin'
my bad!
so yeah &lit anagram of all that, with "farce" being the anagram indicator
Well, all the letters check out as an anagram of "ma ... ... add" so I'm pretty confident it's correct with the exception of the apostrophes.
@Jafe there you go!
How in the name of heck did you find that?
searched for musicals with long names :P
well done
1:58 PM
and msh210, how did you make the anagram?
@msh210 oh my gosh that enumeration
@ChrisCudmore painstakingly
(by hand)
Well, that's a lie.
Had to be by hand. Qat and Anagram server just barf on that string.
nice clue
I picked out some good candidate words to make the remainder shorter, and then used an anagrammer.
@Jafe thanks
1:59 PM
a shame you couldn't include the subtitle too
i'm not familiar with the plot but i assume formaldehyde plays a role
CCCC: A way to move your body to avoid being transported by underworld ferryman (10)
@Jafe the dad is preserved. I'm guessing formaldehyde was used somehow; I don't honestly know.
From Wikipedia: Plot: Described by the author as a "farce in three scenes", the story involves an overbearing mother who travels to a luxury resort in the Caribbean, bringing along her son and her deceased husband, preserved and in his casket.
@Jafe char(lest)on
2:01 PM
darn, i was sure that would take longer!
that's correct
wait, you're redoing the state capitals?
that was a leftover hehe
I did have to look up charon's name because I couldn't remember but everything else clicked into place pretty quickly
CCCC: Seat in court proceedings? (8)
SINE is a seat; to BUSS is a way of courting someone; so you get BU(SINE)SS = proceedings. I'm guessing this was not the intent.
it was not
2:33 PM
@whiskrs hi
@Jafe It would be neat if doing the charleston really did keep you out of Hades.
@msh210 , hello! I was gonna pule about quick-n-easy puzzles but looked at recent offerings.
My faves take weeks to solve.
There's a goodie or two on the board.
let's hope there are more good offerings in the offing
There's often good offerings in the offing...
The tide came in.
(Multiple entendree')
I've been laying to sleep puzzled for half a century.
If i can't solve it while lying down today, wait until tomorrow.
Around here, someone has already solved it by then.
I just don't mind. More power!
You've seen me in action. If someone has my solution i'm likely to add a diagram.
Took longer to make the diagram than to solve the puzzle.
Can't resist but should:
2 hours later…
4:35 PM
@whiskrs Always true in PSE as well
5:02 PM
@oAlt , everything is true in PSE, even what is suspicious.
That's how to go. If someone has anything to say, regardless of how clumsy, they have something to say.
(It's how i edit. Translate from English (and other languages) to English.)
(It's mostly online. When authors hear me speak they say, in their language, "you are animal." I say "i gave up on being human long ago.")
1 hour later…
6:34 PM
Funny question on TV: How many senators can you name?
Correct answer: They already have names.

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