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3:08 AM
C4 thoughts: I want the C4 to be "Chanel" (a fashion house with one of their products being jewelry, which includes rings) manipulated somehow to become "Charnel", which is short for "charnel house", which is a type of sepulcher. That would imply "is buried e.g. in" somehow clues R in the middle, but I don't see how.
3:44 AM
(I don't think buried can be a homophone of some sort either, since "Chanel" and "charnel" are pronounced differently)
4:02 AM
i think "buried, e.g." must be a unit... something like DUG or HID, maybe
4:17 AM
Q: spinning disc camera

CharlieFind the direction of the disc Almost similar question except that there is a more optimal solution. I found this q off of interviewbit: A spinning disc is painted black on one half and white on the other (i.e., the line forming the border between the black and white regions of the disc is a dia...

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8:58 AM
TARREGA seems so near yet so far. Francisco Tárrega was a Spanish composer & guitarist who composed the piece named "Gran Vals", a sample of which was used as the ringtone (which may also be called a "ring") of Nokia phones. It's also EG buried in TARRA but Wiktionary tells me that's not used in English. "Terra" would be fine since that's used in English and means "land", which has definitely acted throughout history until now as a sepulcher... except that would yield "Terrega", not "Tarrega".
9:19 AM
That name is certainly a good fit for "composer of ring" and EG.
Yeah it is
9:31 AM
But perhaps it's the other way round TARR(eg)A + IS/IN makes a sepulchre? (Well, it doesn't.)
Hmm that's actually possible yeah
But yeah I don't see it either... yet
(And could be a totally different composer of a ringtone altogether)
10:02 AM
When I search for "composer of ring...", I'm offered "... ringtone" and "... ringtone nokia" as popular options. I can totally see how msh210 folllowed that path when trying to milk the "composer of Ring" theme a bit more.
3 hours later…
12:48 PM
C4 hint: A few relevant ideas have been raised in chat, but ringtones are unrelated.
1:00 PM
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6:00 PM

@ParclyTaxel this is where I got to
theres some sort of pattern
6:22 PM
@Charlie content can be provided for free but with terms that it can't be shared. Elsewhere the Terms define "Scaler" to mean "InterviewBit" and "Content" to be things including any text on the site. The copyright is not the general idea of the problem but rather the specific formulation/word choice/presentation. — bobble 5 hours ago
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10:11 PM
Q: This colored box puzzle is driving me nuts

AmozThis colored box puzzle is driving me nuts… …looking for a relevant 3 letter word.


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