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10:23 AM
CHI seems like a useful letter combo because it's a greek letter and a sort of inner fire (alternative spelling of "qi"), but can't seem to make it work with either interpretation
11:02 AM
Perhaps the whole previous clue in brackets clues something like DITTO or IDEM or ABOVE.
11:13 AM
(Or, of course, INFERNO, but even nicking the first letter will not leave enough room for a Greek letter. or any other character like Alexis Zorba, for that matter.)
can't find good candidates starting from what i presume is the definition either... i've gone through wikipedia's lists of acids and slang terms for LSD (there are surprisingly many)
Or it is a literal re-interpretation of the clue, so (f)IR(e)* + N(icked) = ~RIN, which might be how the name of an acid ends.
Yeah. The IUPAC naming convention for acids is to call them (something) acid.
the thesaurus has PIQUANT listed as a synonym for acid in the adjective sense... don't really see how they would be, but anyway that at least starts with a greek letter
11:40 AM
TAURINE is an acid, but I don't see how (u)RINE is an inner fire. Inner water, more like.
(But I refer to my earlier musings about -RIN, which would make the answer just one E short.)
12:02 PM
ASPIRIN is an acid too, and ends with your -rin...
@Jafe And, as pi is a Greek character, I think you’ve got it.
1 hour later…
1:28 PM
(There's probably an expression "As Greek as pi", so that describes the Greek character ...)
Nothing to do with heart burn them?
2:05 PM
CCCC hint: The correct answer has already been said.
2:32 PM
@oAlt tau ri(n)ne* with the n removed because you’re firing originally NICKED?
@MOehm or now there is, anyway
At least among the excusive circle of TSL denizens. (I doubt that it will catch on even here.)
Your parsing looks promising. ("Punctuatin can be ignored", Part 316.)
@msh210 Correct!
@MOehm Yeah, I was just emulating Deusovi on that part :P
I’m afraid I don’t have one prepared, and can’t prepare one now. You can expect the next C4 in six to twenty hours. Unless someone else wants to take it.
That's okay with me. Puzzling is slow during the holiday season anyway.
yeah no worries
2:46 PM
In the meantime we can try to guess what's going on in oAlt's next C4 series, based on one point of data only.
No worries as well, msh
@MOehm :P
clearly zodiac signs, starting with taurus
perhaps, perhaps not hehe
Swiss cantons. (Taurine has Uri.)
My bet is on Zugzwang for the next one.
could also be zwischenzug
both fun words to clue, i'm sure
1 hour later…
4:12 PM
@Jafe Speaking of fun words to clue, I've attempted to make a clue out of "Bosnia and Herzegovina". Of course, I failed lol
"before 6 november, i was after a rental car..."
for some reason, dan was also messing with a bonsai
2 hours later…
6:11 PM
CCCC: Double a teeming swarm (8)
@msh210 slight overestimate
6:28 PM
Q: “IQ” puzzles seem to be flooding this site

Amoz“IQ” puzzles seem to be flooding this site, so I reviewed a few and left some feedback. The answer to this puzzle is a single relevant word (8), with explanation of how you found it.

1 hour later…
7:36 PM
@msh210 geminate*
1 hour later…
8:58 PM
Q: How did the teacher know that Bobby had cheated?

Joseph Sible-Reinstate MonicaMrs. Jones gave this homework assignment to her students: Find the pattern behind these wrong-looking equations: $$56+43+2+16=5+85+6+1+99$$ $$27+16+117=6+76+117$$ And then come up with two wrong-looking equations of your own that satisfy the same pattern. Bobby was stumped, but he remembered th...

Is there a new link to the discord server?
9:30 PM
@juicifer yes, of course. Continuing the sequence. :-)
10:13 PM
Q: A Puzzle on YouTube

LiberaVeritasA relatively well know youtuber posted a puzzle open to anyone. It seems like a word puzzle or riddle in the lyrics of the song. I've tried playing with anagrams and wordplay, but haven't made too much progress. Additional information:

@msh210 ahh nice
10:33 PM
CCCC: West Point cadet's final training at commencement while wearing a uniform (4)
11:09 PM
@juicifer probably not it, but maybe USMA (U.S. Military Academy, a/k/a West Point) = (cadet')s final + M.A. (degree, training at commencement) while wearing U
it is in fact not it

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