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6:00 AM
Shameless self-promotion, could we get this to 10 votes please?
4 hours later…
10:29 AM
Hmm, I didn't expect the CCCC to be not immediately solved. I'll wait for a few hours, then I might give a hint.
Q: Find Out Our Numbers (liars and truth-tellers)

HelloWorldYou are an adventurer to a distant jungle that the news told you it was full on secrets. But, you could not find anything! So you decided to head home. When you were almost there, a troll (you ca't see his face) tells you. "LOLOLOLOLOLOL explorer you're bleeped-- you have fallen into our trap! I ...

10:57 AM
@oAlt I feel like it should be soluble
11:08 AM
that's the correct word though
I think this is REV. + OLVE*
but I don't understand what's the use of "No end to craziness"
Q: Logic of IQ test question

Ξένη ΓήινοςI have taken the hardest and most accurate free online IQ test I have found today, it's this website: https://www.showmyiq.com/ShowMyIQ.php, it has 26 questions, and the maximum score is 144. When I first took the test my score was merely 128 (the average score is 60), anyways I took the test mul...

@Sid almost correct wordplay :D and indeed it has something to do with "no end to craziness"
@AncientSwordRage TIL hahaha
I dashed to MW and saw that meaning of "soluble" for the first time lol
11:35 AM
@Sphinx This reads like an IQ puzzle parody
@oAlt is this the REVOLVEREVOLVEREVOLVE thing?
12:00 PM
Q: How can a question receive a downvote while having view count of one

Ξένη ΓήινοςI recently asked a question here (you can view it if you have that privilege...), it quickly received a downvote a few minutes after I posted it, and its view count at when it received the downvote is one. All questions start at view count one and vote count zero, that makes sense because the aut...

@AncientSwordRage nah I don't think
That's actually correct, but I suspect you'll send a revised version of that so I'll wait
Either that or it's me who misread the message lol
I thought Reverend's will anyway reduce to Rev
Apparently the 's adds an s which you then remove with "no end to craziness"? Feels like a long winded way of doing it, hehe
@Sid I don't see how (In my opinion I couldn't say "Reverend's" = "Reverend has" cuz that's a bit obscure), which was the reason for the long-windedness lol
12:15 PM
I have seen "abc's" being used to refer to "abc has". So...
I see
Anyway you got it so it's your turn. :0
Aug 10, 2020 at 13:31, by Gareth McCaughan
I'm OK with "has" for inclusion or concatenation, but I don't think "'s" can mean "has" in that sense. I think "has" contracts to "'s" only when it's being an auxiliary as in "Fred has eaten the bananas" -> "Fred's eaten the bananas". You'd never go from "Fred has a brother" to "Fred's a brother". (Though I think that wasn't always true; I have a feeling there are examples of the latter construction in Shakespeare.)
Also here's my reason (although in retrospect I might be a bit more lax about it in the future. But just a bit)
Also also (sorry I keep rambling on I promise this is my last consecutive message) the thing I slightly regret on the clue was that I used "it's" as a def-wp connector but then placed a verb rather than a noun/adjective after it. I thought it was illegal since it didn't grammatically make sense, but now I'm more willing to let it slide since the cryptic reading is valid I think ("it's (a synonym of) 'deliberate'")
12:36 PM
Could Reverend indicate a spoonerism?
1:04 PM
Q: Just like a WI??O?

Prim3numbahThe answer to this puzzle is a single word.

@ChrisCudmore I think I've seen that before
1:38 PM
@oAlt who's turn is it anyway?
@AncientSwordRage @Sid 's (tagging just to be explicit abt it)
2:15 PM
@oAlt thanks, wanted to make sure no-one was still trying to dissolve yours
2:40 PM
@Konchog This was my first thought after your clue about neologisms (car from wheel). I also got the raining. I came here after trying a lot of other word pairs and now that I saw your statement I hesitated to answer the riddle (am I still allowed to, even when I saw these lines here?).
The problem is: google translate gives me koloi for car, but lebili for wheel. No kolo. So if it's not only "my" google, I fear you will need someone who speaks sotho to answer the question.
3:07 PM
@Gahja yes, you are right - labili is also a word for wheel but so is kolo. Try Sesotho -> English. I feel that it would be a little unfair to answer it now (given that you had some confirmation that others have less access to) - though opinions on this chat / and on puzzling.se may differ. Likewise it doesn't have to be Sesotho - even we say "check my wheels!"
3:26 PM
@Konchog Trying Sesotho -> English it confirms kolo means wheel, but tells me the origin language of it was czech...? -> I believe you and understand your thoughts. I just wanted to tell you, that even if someone IS on the right track, he might give up on it. Because if you don't speak this language how would you find out the word kolo exists?
I liked the idea of the puzzle and kind of wanted to tell you which problem I had, because I had the right idea very soon. But that doesn't help if tranlators don't confirm it (in the direction I had to search, English or German -> Sesotho).
4:14 PM
@Gahja I may be wrong, but Kolo in Czech is actually "Bike", not wheel. I think google is suggesting that you are possibly wanting to translate from Czech (which it knows more about).
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7:02 PM
Q: Generalization of twelve balls and scale problem

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1 hour later…
8:25 PM
@Konchog it's inconsistent with what it suggests Vs just assuming and translating for you
8:45 PM
Q: Mr. Bean's Ridiculous Way to Work

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10:28 PM
Q: 13 scales and a ... fake scale

Florian FYou are giving 14 scales that look and feel identical. The scales are 2-pan scales. When you put stuff on each pan, the scale indicates whether both sides balance, and if not, which side is heavier. The scales are light and foldable, you could fit any subset of them on either pan, should you w...


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