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6:49 AM
Q: What date is the event described in this invite - 2022 ficktrip On febrile – annoy unlucky day At Xam From ouRYaChT

Rosie2022 ficktrip On febrile – annoy unlucky day At Xam From ouRYaChT “Parrot Certain” PBAP egg-g squirrel fodder failed matador virgin smile with madness MNXfingers Don’s last score with head low hanging stuff cuppla I C ones n.o.t.a.

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10:11 AM
Q: What is harder to catch, the faster you run?

CrazyCodingYet another strange riddle; What is harder to catch, the faster you run? What is the answer?

I updated my Wordle patterns answer!
@Sphinx I can think of two alternative answers already...
3 hours later…
1:18 PM
CCCC: Three-stringed instrument? (5)
@GarethMcCaughan ETHER* a financial instrument
1:45 PM
Ingenious but not what I intended. I don't really see how "stringed" is an anagram indicator (other than by the general principle that anything can be an anagram indicator if you really want it to be :-) ).
2:11 PM
@GarethMcCaughan I'll take 'ingenious'
3:01 PM
@GarethMcCaughan I was sort of thinking 'stringed up' but I may have been thinking of 'Stitched up' ?
1 hour later…
4:23 PM
@GarethMcCaughan Could this be SITAR? An instrument that usually has more than 3 strings, but whose etymology originates from the Persian for 'three strings'?
@Stiv That would be a single non-cryptic definition that doesn't actually correctly define the word, so no. :-)
Q: An interesting geometry problem

DrDI found this on the net and tried solve it with no luck. However there is a tricky way of solving this problem and hence I am posting it here as a puzzle. Give it a try if you have not seen the solution. Consider an equilateral triangle. Pick a random point inside the triangle. Connect the rando...

I suspected so, but thought it worth checking at least to rule it out, thanks :)
2 hours later…
6:13 PM
Q: How to solve sitting arrangement questions with 100% accuracy?

user9544852There are questions of sitting arrangement like persons sitting in a circular arrangement facing inward/outward or both, or a linear arrangement or box arrangement etc. Sometimes few data are missing and we need to produce 2-3 different cases to solve the question. But making 2-3 different diagra...

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7:46 PM
@GarethMcCaughan this feels too obscure, but could this be a ddef for TRINE?
2 hours later…
9:46 PM
Too obscure for me. I had never heard of that instrument (and neither has the Oxford English Dictionary).
10:09 PM
@GarethMcCaughan Maybe STRUM? A strum is an instance of playing multiple strings simultaneously, and thus sort of "three-stringed instrument". And a string starting at the third character of INSTRUMENT (a three-stringed instrument) is STRUM.
(I have a sneaking suspicion that's not the intended solution. :-) )
even if it's not, that's pretty clever
10:52 PM
Q: Quantity expressed as the difference of two squares

Vassilis ParassidisWhat is the trick you need to use to be able to express the quantity $(4x^4+8x^3+7x^2+3x+\frac{1}{2})$ as the difference of two squares?

Nopety nope nope.

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