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12:07 AM
@Stevo accurate
12:40 AM
we clearly just call it soda
...but I suppose it is wet? because h2o and all that fun stuff
@Avi water is not wet.
no but the soda could be
if it had water mixed inside
@Avi uh, idk
what else is "the wet drink" supposed to be
where did they even make up this data from
I think entirely from Randall Munroe's extremely active imagination. But the idea of it comes from the fact that there really have been academic studies of regional terms for carbonated beverages. For a not particularly academic one, see popvssoda.com .
12:46 AM
dude's imagination is stellar
also, that's a really cool data visualization
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3:17 AM
@AncientSwordRage I have just done so.
3:33 AM
Q: What to do with "What is the best method of scrambling a rubik's cube?"

bobbleThe question in question is this one: What is the best method of scrambling a rubik's cube?. The gist of the question is this: ... what is the best, most random way, to scramble the solved cube? I voted to close it as opinion-based. In the Close Votes review, one reviewer agreed with me, but th...

3:49 AM
@GarethMcCaughan is it G (Greek) LAD (character, this is the weakest link in my chain) provided with DEN (hangout, joint) = GLADDEN (to give satisfaction)?
2 hours later…
5:24 AM
6:24 AM
@PrinceNorthLæraðr eh. It's probably wrong. Besides the "lad" ≠ "character" issue, there's also the fact that "gladden" means "to give satisfaction to" and I think @GarethMcCaughan is too correct to use "to give satisfaction" for it.
(Not that I am, myself.)
6:40 AM
ooh it's EL (Greek, country code) EL (character, the letter L) provided with ELL (a joint) = ELELLEL, to give satisfaction to those who like pronouncing the letter L
@msh210 ooh
6:54 AM
wished there was a puzzle posted in the next few minutes...
@Jafe hexomino once created a puzzle based off this exact map - was that in your mind when you linked this here? :)
Q: A Mainer Expression

hexomino+--------------+--------------+--------------+--------------+ | Box | Day | Files | Means | +--------------+--------------+--------------+--------------+ | Love | Span | Objective | Pad | +--------------+--------------+----------...

7:41 AM
not consciously, but looks like i have already upvoted that question so i can't claim never having seen it...
8:07 AM
claim to have never... oh well, grammaring is hard
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10:39 AM
oh, of course. "provided with joint" = articulated = "spoke clearly" so this is a homophone clue #GreatC4PartialSolutions
10:55 AM
'give satisfaction' can also mean to accept a duel
11:35 AM
My intended solution is neither GLADDEN nor ELELLEL. Sorry.
Dang, I was pretty sure about the latter.
2 hours later…
2:06 PM
Q: Splitting the Integers

Bernardo Recamán SantosFor which n is it possible to split the integers 1, 2, 3, ..., n into two disjoint sets such that the product of the sum of the elements in one set and that of those in the other is a perfect square?

How do I get quinaplus to give me words that are (word_a)* in word_b
drat. I started composing a puzzle based on a list of names and was doing fine until I got to the 36th item on the list and it's such an odd name that I can't do anything with it for my puzzle
2:29 PM
@msh210 oof
Q: Find a missing number in this 28x21 grid

alternative355|066|677|855|677|081|044|855|355|062|216|677|216|855|224|044|034|046|051|677|355|264|044|046|044|351|886|043 043|044|886|357|886|352|225|357|043|222|993|001|233|968|046|225|062|041|351|886|043|227|359|233|855|357|677|046 359|216|255|045|255|968|233|045|359|264|678|238|506|222|062|233|222|066|0...

3:21 PM
Q: How to solve the problem with linear arrangement with more than one variable?

Reacreational MatherQuestion: "There are six persons and each of them has a different degree-M.Tech,MBA,B.Tech,B.Com,MCA,B.Sc. They are sitting in a linear row from left to right, and each person faces either north or south,not necessarily in the same order. 1.Q has a B.Com degree and ,is facing north. 2.S is sittin...

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4:50 PM
I have quite a few banking-exam questions socked away for moderation record purposes. If they would stop growing my notes that would be nice.
@GarethMcCaughan I'll have a go: GRATIFY = G (Greek) + RAT (character, "a person who spends much time in a specified place") + IF (provided) + Y (joint, e.g. of pipes)
5:14 PM
@msh210 That has to be it xD
6:12 PM
@MOehm Yup! Except that I intended GR "Greek" AT "character".
Well, two out of four parts of the wordplay isn't bad, is it? I like both GR and AT better, and now that I see it, it's rather obvious. Especially RAT felt a bit laboured.
@MOehm how does AT clue Character?
The at sign (@) is a character.
6:27 PM
Uhhh that feels obvious now ... steals it
7:01 PM
@PrinceNorthLæraðr ikr
7:25 PM
Speaking of laboured:
CCCC: Greek character and others mostly not so upset individually with cuts (3, 4, 5)
Q: How to solve the problem with linear arrangement with more than one variable?

Reacreational MatherQuestion: There are six persons and each of them has a different degree-M.Tech,MBA,B.Tech,B.Com,MCA,B.Sc. They are sitting in a linear row from left to right, and each person faces either north or south,not necessarily in the same order. Q has a B.Com degree and ,is facing north. S is sitting s...

^ looks to me like most of the issues with readability/source declaration have been fixed
is there anything I'm missing or should I vote to reopen?
@MOehm ET A(L.) /WITH/ TON< OS<
@msh210 Yes.
CCCC: Books composed of sea salt (7)
@msh210 ATLASES*
7:36 PM
@AncientSwordRage indeed
CCCC: Lofty temples are supposedly better lit? (4,4)
7:54 PM
@AncientSwordRage heheheh high brow (better literature)
@msh210 exactly
CCCC: An American state's hours and shifts (8)
8:12 PM
@Stiv yep yep
Eep, I'd better get thinking then!
2 hours later…
9:46 PM
@Avi Nothing was missing, I guess, but the question was deleted because it was posted by one of many many sockpuppets of someone who keeps making sockpuppets to post questions like that one. (On account of having had their original account suspended because of repeated violations of PSE rules.)
10:04 PM
Oh, unfortunate
can you make an argument equivalent to Cantor's diagonalization argument if the "diagonal" directions didn't exist?
i.e., you can only go horizontal or vertical
not combinations of the two?
I'm not sure I understand the question. Can you say more about what you'd like this argument to prove?
According to Wikipedia, the argument proves that "there are infinite sets which cannot be put into one-to-one correspondence with the infinite set of natural numbers"
Indeed it does, but it sounds as if you're wanting something else besides that (because otherwise what's wrong with Cantor's original argument?). Maybe I'm misunderstanding?
nothing, I was just wondering
he proves that you can always create a new number
10:14 PM
I don't really see how something could be "equivalent" to the diagonal argument without actually involving, y'know, a diagonal :-).
by taking the diagonals
I was wondering if you could show that you could always create a new number without taking diagonals
but uh
@GarethMcCaughan this is a very good point
@GarethMcCaughan It's the perpendicular argument ;P
Cantor was the one that was in a mental asylum because people thought he was crazy right?
well, if you want to do a Cantor-like construction then your new number is going to need to differ from each of the previously given ones, so you need to do something with each row. And unless you have infinitely many (yea, uncountably many) possible digits, making it differ from each of those requires you to use infinitely many columns.
(Or maybe he was crazy and our math is based off of a lunatic)
I think he actually was crazy.
10:16 PM
The mathematics is fine, though.
Ad hominem attack :P
"Math is bad because math was based off crazy dude"
To be fair, the discoveries he made were... quite unique. I'm not sure you could be normal and think up the stuff about infinities that he did.
Man just had an infinite number of problems... not sure what's the problem??
actually, it seems as if what he was hospitalized for was depression rather than anything it would be reasonable to describe as craziness.
10:19 PM
Apparently a lot of people didn't like him (because of his mathematical results)
yeah, Kronecker was particularly hostile.
he died poor
Pure mathematics research isn't generally much of a pathway to wealth.
feels bad though
Though some superstar professors at US universities are paid very well. And of course some other things mathematicians are often good at can be very lucrative.
10:23 PM
there's not really much reward for coming up with something new
at least, I'm not convinced
the reward is the satisfaction of knowing you did it, and the admiration of your peers.
satisfaction and admiration won't feed me
For me, math is just pain ;P
patents might but uh
it's somewhat expensive to file one and getting it just right might screw over the field
so then nobody will use it and I'll die poor
laughs in music major
10:25 PM
at least you can do gigs
You can't patent pure mathematical discoveries, anyway.
@Avi laughs harder
not pure mathematics; it's more of a restructured neural network
but uh
laughs in music composition
not convinced it's even easy to make money off a patent like that
especially if you patent something for NNs
the major NN libraries won't include it, because it's patented
and they don't want to screw over end users probably
10:26 PM
What are you exactly trying to do?
having a patent will likely do you precisely zero good unless it turns out to be something someone with deep pockets really needs to use.
Aren't you a comp sci major Avi?
If you invent something that revolutionizes machine learning, you should write a paper, publish the code, and hope that your brilliance becomes widely recognized and people hire you for a nice fat salary.
Or else find something it's useful for that makes money more directly, and get rich with that while keeping your discovery secret, but that's likely to be difficult.
@PrinceNorthLæraðr doing masters in CS with focus on Intelligent Systems now
@GarethMcCaughan quite
10:30 PM
It turns out that turning brilliant inventions into money is generally pretty expensive and requires a lot of extra work beyond the brilliant invention.
practical vs theoretical makes a huge difference
although I've been getting better at practical lately
but like
I don't even have any idea where a more powerful ML could be simply applied to make profits
because, most of the low-hanging fruit is gone already
with vendor lock-in and stuff
@GarethMcCaughan this is the plan when I get to postdoc or professor or something
If I die from lack of sleep midway then RIP
please do not die from lack of sleep
I will try my best not to
to be fair
the other option of course is to find other profitable things that use some of the same skills that enable you to invent things that revolutionize machine learning, and do the ML research in your spare time. E.g., the strongest open-source go-playing program was written by a guy who works for a hedge fund. (Well, strictly it's a prop trading firm, but same idea.) I have no idea whether he uses neural networks to help them trade effectively, though.
yes, but AI research is interesting to me
so I will continue to pursue that for the time being
one nice business idea that has absolutely nothing to do with ML/AI:
make it super easy to release 3 categories of information when you die: (a) Information that will be released publicly so that anyone can view it (b) Information that will be released to people who knew you, in general (c) Information specifically/individually addressed to those close to you
maybe add a link to a firm of lawyers if you need to write a will as well
but this is more like a lastgoodbyes.com or something
especially useful in the current harrowing times
10:42 PM
for the record, most of the interesting AI research is happening at AI-specific companies, finance companies, and universities
anyways uh
I have assignments to do - cheers
11:39 PM
Q: What five letters am I thinking of? (Simplified Jotto.)

C. P. Boyko1. Warmup "I'm thinking of five letters," I smiled. "Are they ... G, B, K, J, and N?" you asked. "No, none of those." "C, X, Q, A, and N?" I gulped. "Four of those." "K, I, Y, T, and M?" "One of those." "S, D, Z, I, and K?" "One of those. Now that's enough guessing; you have enough information to...

11:52 PM
@Avi I don't think the diagonals used in that theory as the sort that are excluded from taxicab/Manhattan space
You could just as easily define the diagonal as "the number made form the nth digit of the nth number"

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