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12:06 AM
@Stiv this is the intended answer
1 hour later…
1:08 AM
It feels kinda weird looking at them talking about cryptic crosswords when you have no idea what it is...
Tell me about it :P
umm... a cryptic crossword is.. um... a... um... its.... ah i know! its a crossword thats cryptic!
and yeah actual = present is questionable, which i sorta guessed when the clue wasn't solved right away
if someone has a cross in their crypt with some words written on it, those are cryptic cross words
Present actually (no pun intended :P) struck me as "valuable" or "gift", so I was also damn dissapointed it wasn't CURRENCY, if the numeration was enough, it could've been the answer
oh... well so if i visit an underground grave with crosses on the walls that have mysterious words written its a cryptic cross word! not sure how that fits in with what you were saying but... sure! (spoils the effect by laughing)
just goes and realises i have 660 rep instead of 470 rep. Wonders when that came from... @Anonymus25 nurikabe?
1:14 AM
Maybe later?
hmmmmmm sure.
well i am going to start by myself then.
@Stevo Lol I was in the same boat for a while
@PrinceNorthLæraðr oh. Well... um... what is a cryptic crossword... actually?
1:16 AM
Let me find the post by deus, hold on
Q: Cryptic Clue Guide

Deusovi This post is not a puzzle. There is nothing puzzly hidden inside it or the self-answer, posted at the same time. What exactly is a cryptic crossword clue, and how do I write one?

It's a crossword puzzle with a lot more constraints in the construction of the clue
There's two parts: a definition and wordplay
oh i c.
@Stevo there's a handy "reputation" tab on your profile page that shows all rep changes
My only clue in The Chain was probably my worst one :P
Or your best, because it's your only one
Dec 30 '20 at 10:49, by Anonymus 25
CCCC: Google flap let medicine (6)
I mean, look at it
1:20 AM
@Jafe never seen it before! wonder where it is... once again spoils the effect by laughing
@Anonymus25 Yes, that was bad, but not because of a lack of talent, but because I never get the sense that you learned how they work
Yeah, that is true, especially because that was a last minute clue before school, the fact it was made in 1 minute made it worst
I remember it well
@PrinceNorthLæraðr see MOehm's reply to @AncientSwordRage above, hehe
Also @Anonymus25 you had another one, right?
May 29 at 13:39, by Anonymus 25- Reinstate Monica
CCCC: Circuit to go above electronic device (6)
1:28 AM
Oh yeah
@Stevo text-only communication is difficult :P
I didn't see that one
Yeah that's a better one though :0
May 29 at 14:17, by oAlt
Also, I've been getting into a theme lately, all of my clues (if I get the chain :P) are going to be pbzcbhaq jbeqf, so that's that
1 hour later…
2:35 AM
Lol nice
4 hours later…
7:00 AM
it makes me think... what possible puzzle could i do for halloween?
3 hours later…
9:45 AM
Q: Twenty Questions - a visual puzzle

Stiv"Okay, are you male?" "Yes. 19 left." "Are you alive?" "Well, that's... complicated..." "Okay, are you real?" "No – 17." "17? You're counting the last two separately?" "Yes to both. 15." "Oh, you git! So I’m a fictional male... Am I human?" "Good thinking. No – 14." "Am I an animal?" "No – 13." "...

^We'll have general elections here next Sunday, so to me right now, the image in that question looks like a chart of possible coalitions ... :)
This is out of this world (Pun intended)
1 hour later…
11:06 AM
CCCC: Female singer falls over near front of ship, embraced by (rest in peace) Davy Jones! (5,5)
1 hour later…
12:10 PM
@Stiv That's DAVID BOWIE = (DIVA< + BOW) in D.IE
12:45 PM
@MOehm It certainly is :)
2 hours later…
2:40 PM
Q: Lutz by Dr. Volker Latussek, Wooden Puzzle

calculatormathematicalI have found a new passion for wooden packing puzzles and there is this puzzle called Lutz: Basically it is a square in which you have to place 4 wooden shapes. The real challenge and objective is the following: There is an opening in one side of the frame and the pieces should be packed into th...

2:55 PM
CCCC: Female singer dressed in green and black falls over string (8)
3:45 PM
What is the question? — bobble 53 secs ago
I am so confused by that. It has three upvotes - from where? It almost seems spam-adjacent with the title and such.
I think he's asking for help solving it.
Help getting the the position in the first picture?
" You can try to arrange them and slide them out afterwards or you start by sliding them in and trying out different movements."
I would like for it to be more clear about that; as of right now it is more of an announcement/advertisement for the puzzle in my eyes...
It's not well worded as a question, but I think it's a genuine attempt at asking for help.
3:49 PM
I will wait to see if they respond to my comment
@ChrisCudmore it reads as a "what do you think about what I did, do you have any advice for building these?" Because they said 2mm was tricky
Can you edit this so that it's clear exactly what you're asking for? Right now it looks like an advertisement for a puzzle. — Chris Cudmore 33 secs ago
1 hour later…
5:08 PM
Q: Sudoku on a Mobius Strip

Beastly GerbilWell we've done sudoku on keyboards, so the next step is obviously putting a Sudoku on a Mobius strip... of course... I present, the world's very first MOBIUS SUDOKU: Now this sudoku is going to be a bit different, because how you solve it, is up to you... You can build it, create an excel di...

5:18 PM
It’s not quite the Klein bottle you asked for @JeremyDover but it was the closest I could get :P
5:31 PM
I have edited the Lutz question after OP clarifications.
@bobble that's a good edit
Much better now, might want to remove all the comments under the post too as think they’re now all obsolete
5:47 PM
Flagged the rest so they’ll get removed at some point too
6:21 PM
Q: Best way to arrange chairs for office

Saifur Rahman MohsinI’ve been assigned the task of re-arranging desks and come up with a new arrangement at my office. What is the best way to arrange the desks? This is the current layout: The number of desks/seats are the same i.e. 14. Need to just rearrange it. Have come up with few options but each seem to have...

@Sphinx :blink-blink:
1 hour later…
7:35 PM
Q: A Bishop's Walk

Bernardo Recamán SantosPlace the numbers 1 to 25 on the cells of this board so that any two consecutive numbers occupy cells that are horizontally, vertically or diagonally adjacent. Prime numbers should occupy shaded cells.

8:18 PM
@MOehm I feel like I have the def and 75% of the wordplay but the rest will not manifest
8:32 PM
What is stumping me is "green and black"
I keep think they must mean NEW and JET, but I can't then combine them usefully
2 hours later…
11:01 PM
Q: Should poor grammar be fixed in a meta post where the OP is asking if (their) poor grammar is okay for the main site?

from Ann all the way to ZenOn a Stack Exchange site where users must post in English, a user who said their native language wasn't English asked on its per-meta site whether having poor grammar should stop them from posting (on the main site). For some context, among the post was Sometimes I use bing or google translate b...

Think I might ignore [per-site-meta] to not have to deal with someone bringing their Puzzling grievance to main meta
11:13 PM
Doesn't look like a grievance to me. Looks like a case where they thought one thing, they were surprised to find other people thinking another, and they wanted to see whether there was anything like an overall consensus.
I'd have thought that if they were aggrieved they wouldn't have said "Oh, OK!" at the end of the last little exchange they quote there.

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