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12:47 AM
Annnnnnd with that, I'm out for the night :)
Good luck everyone!
@Tacoタコス thanks tries to beat Deusovi :)
Q: A box of mutating birds

Taco タコスWhat is evolution but the result of countless mutations to genetic structures over time. Some mutations provide benefits such as the gift of flight, while others can be harmful, such as the burden of allergies. Birds are a beautiful result of evolution in my opinion, and there are plenty here tod...

1:55 AM
@Tacoタコス when you see this (probably around about my 7pm) I just want to tell you that I think I found it onetimesecret.com/secret/h2hy3b2m255czoq71q066t8nmk39q4p. The password is um, your name (4 letters). @Deusovi if you answer it before me I am going to be disappointed at myself
2:14 AM
ok now you are online i am scared...
@Stevo Don't worry, getting Deus-sniped is very common here :)
i know, its just...
starts typing really fast
done before deusovi... phew!
2:30 AM
Upvoted :)
added image as well
well... that took approximately 2 hours
@Anonymus25 kinda sorry for Deusovi...
all i have to do know is wait. Wait until halloween to post my next puzzle :)
2 hours later…
4:39 AM
Q: Is this a solution to the unexpected hanging paradox?

TimothyI once wrote an answer to Unexpected hanging paradox that went something like this "In the context of the unexpected hanging paradox, being hung by surprise is defined to mean he couldn't deduce the day before he was hanged that he was going to be hung on that day. It is not defined to mean he co...

5:03 AM
Q: Really cheesy, huh?

Stevo I scamper away at any sound, I'm the thing next to your desktop, waiting to be found. Change one letter and you are in me, Add one letter, take a spoonful, Yum! What a beauty.

5:56 AM
@JerryDean see how it fits you are in me? Because we are all in houses, or something like that. If you are not, i don't know where you are living :)
@Stevo Yeah, definitely makes a lot more sense than "youse" XD
:) though i did consider as the answer before I posted XD
go on, edit the answer and tick!
( i can't cause then someone needs to approve, which means 100% reject)
edited :)
just went from word back to pse and the first thing I see is an upvote :)
1 hour later…
7:13 AM
i've been thinking of a halloween puzzle... except... i... i might need... some... some help... (google is my assistant, but that doesn't cut it)
4 hours later…
10:50 AM
Q: To remember them

Prim3numbahThe answer to this puzzle consists of three words with a total of 13 letters. Combining what you see below should lead you to the correct answer.

11:15 AM
Q: A math-based jigsaw

Hauke ReddmannThis is a fun puzzle I invented 50 years ago. ("Loops of Zen" is rather similar, idea-wise.) Here is a random solution (doesn't spoil much)... ...and here are the building blocks: Basic is a 3*3 square. Any B/W coloring of it that doesn't contain a 2*2 checkerboard gives a valid piece. (I.e. th...

11:29 AM
I had a dream recently that @GarethMcCaughan told me to publish a partial solution to a puzzle here
But it's still not finished 😔
11:59 AM
C4 hint: The first letter is G
@Stevo good try but no 🙃
2 hours later…
2:08 PM
Q: 16 Step Switchover

Benjamin Curran The picture above shows two arrangements of four rectangular blocks, each labelled A to D. The arrangement on the left is the starting arrangement, the one on the right is the goal position. To solve this puzzle you need to slide the blocks around so that the starting arrangement is transformed ...

2 hours later…
4:12 PM
Q: Taping a cardboard square is getting me fired!

AnonI was mucking around in the storeroom today when I should have been working. I had a square $20\times20$ cm piece of cardboard, and a roll of masking tape I'd been using (I can't remember the tape's width, but it was an integer number of centimetres). I started mindlessly wrapping the tape around...

1 hour later…
5:29 PM
Anyone up for a fancy game of lights out?
1 hour later…
6:44 PM
Ever get an idea for a puzzle and make it part of the way through a solution thinking "no one else will want to solve this"?
Say hello to Mr. Fibonacci's chess board...
Nope, I'm good lol
3 hours later…
9:34 PM
Q: Strategies for Circuit Board Puzzle from NYT

DreiCleanerThe New York Times publishes a collection of variety puzzles each week, and new to the rotation recently is one called "Circuit Board". Here is an example of a puzzle (I added coordinates for sake of discussion): The puzzle is solved when "every point is connected to either one or three (never t...

10:16 PM
"one billed" could be ORNITHOID but that would need "church" to mean NITHOID somehow
Jul 3 '19 at 20:57, by msh210
CCCC: Two worms converging on a point (8).
@Jafe need to use the female part though?
Is the NI from the IN part?
Thoid → thyroid is possibly relevant if something clues for removing YR...?
11 hours ago, by M Oehm
C4 hint: The first letter is G
10:46 PM
Guillemot is one billed, but I don't see how it's "female in or before church".

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