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12:47 AM
Q: A Far Eastern Poem

Dannyu NDos You insist I should take one Ten I shall take as I won. Tendencies are like a corpse Fire spread over entire course. Fighting as they found a hole Bamboos grow on land as whole. Bamboozled as I take villages Golden signs lie over ages. Golfers shall smell a fragrance Horses show what they will g...

1:12 AM
Q: Four riddles with the same answer

FairOPShotgunThe answer has to be able to answer all of the riddles below. Is an angel.. but doesn't live in heaven. Has the power to fly.. but isn't a bird. Is related to Mother Nature's sister. Cares about people.. but loves to shoot them too!

1:23 AM
I'm stumped as to what "for me" is doing in the clue
3 hours later…
4:31 AM
Q: How many pilots do they need?

MatheinsteinI have just watched this old riddle video from Ted-Ed. It basically asks how can three pilots coordinate their flights such that the professor can circumnavigate the earth. I would recommend you watch the video before answering this question. The question is: If the planes were to only hold 90 ki...

1 hour later…
5:40 AM
C4 hint: The clue is worded slightly unfairly. That slight unfairness would be completely ameliorated (and the clue rendered easier) by reordering the words of the clue.
6:13 AM
now to try to solve all possible orderings...
"for me" could be something like IMO
@oAlt I was thinking "some noodles for me" could indicate replacing some letters of a synonym of noodles with something meaning "me"
6:29 AM
ah, that's a clever idea
7:18 AM
i was about to type something but good thing i stopped and realized it was in my native language :P
1 hour later…
8:23 AM
Now to speculate on the type of noodles msh210 could be referring to
@oAlt I was thinking raMEn (for the me) or vermicelli for the length
could be yeah, although I'm going down Sid's route for now
9:09 AM
pho? udon?
both pretty plausible to appear in the middle of a 8-letter word
9:29 AM
Q: Cryptic Crossword Clue (would like it explained)

HarryThis is from a Times puzzle in an old book (DOWN) 4. Very modest contract: leading with a king makes good sense (5) I know the answer is LOGIC but I can't see why.

10:19 AM
Q: M᠎ini​m​alis᠎m᠎

noneuclideanisms Your final answer should describe the puzzle (more or less).

3 hours later…
1:37 PM
Q: Longest "Cycle" word chain

DrDLinked to This word chain will come back to me. That puzzle got some very creative answers and comments. Although the puzzle itself took some work, I found it very interesting. So here is a more general puzzle. What is the longest word chain/cycle can you create that is a full cycle as shown belo...


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