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3:28 AM
@GarethMcCaughan that was an overreaction based on things that were happening outside of this chatroom, I'm sorry. What I meant is basically I don't have the headspace to relitigate that debate.
4:22 AM
Q: Simulating an unbiased coin with a biased one

Dmitry KamenetskyYou are given a biased coin. With probability $p$ it produces heads, where $p$ is in the range $(0,1)$. How can you use this coin to simulate an unbiased fair coin, ie., a coin that produces heads with probability $0.5$?

5:21 AM
i have two theories for the c4
one is some small word for topographic feature with X ("by", as in multiplication) inside it making an answer meaning "erosion, perhaps"
the other is IE (that is) inside a 3-letter word for erosion, making some kind of topographical feature
although i suspect it's neither as i'm having a hard time coming up with a word for erosion that is either 3 letters or has X inside
4 hours later…
9:25 AM
Happy 1,000th answer! — Conor O'Brien 3 hours ago
Now there's a milestone.
Apparently I'm the 3rd person to reach it here, after Gareth and hexomino.
Doesn't include deleted answers, of which I have quite a number.
9:43 AM
9:58 AM
I'm surprised Deus didn't get the milestone yet :p
10:19 AM
Apparently Deus is going for quality over quantity :-P
Fewer answers but now significantly more rep than anyone with 1000+ answers.
10:58 AM
quality is overrated, quantity all the way
11:40 AM
@bobble Fair enough! For the avoidance of doubt, I wasn't seeking to relitigate it -- just explaining one reason why I might be less keen on closing years-old questions for being a bit open-ended.
12:29 PM
Q: The answer may not make sense to you

DrDI am Half an idea Fifth of a cm Partly a reminder Fully a doctor And a desired statue Who am I?

the full text of DrD's profile page is "interested in designing puzzles"
not exactly what you'd call a uniquely identifying description here :P
12:53 PM

What is the recommended action if the solver has left one minor part unsolved and the setter has forgotten the answer of that minor part? I just accept it? :P
third clue of #3 is all that's missing? let's see!
1:07 PM
OFTEN would make "the dress's of ten dollars" but that's probably not it
Yoooo. That's the one, I think.
It seems to ring a bell.
1:22 PM
cough @GarethMcCaughan cough -- oops my cough did not conceal it
fwiw the reason i didn't think that was it was because you'd usually expect at least some alteration to the surrounding words
@Jafe yeah. probably was a bad clue.
So, should I edit that into my answer?
1:39 PM
definitely better than someone posting a separate answer with just that bit
1:49 PM
on the subject of HNQ entries that sound exactly like puzzles: What is the German loan word?
2:37 PM
Q: Dividing a chocolate frosting cake

PsplMrs. Betty made a squared cake with chocolate frosting for his neighbors to the afternoon tea. However, first she sliced a middle piece for her two grandchildren and cut it in half: There was no leftovers from the rest of the cake after the afternoon tea. At the end of the day, Mrs. Betty was an...

3:02 PM
Q: A Teacher's Mistake

Coding4elA lady had two jobs. One of her jobs was to teach a high school math class part-time. . She was teaching math terminology (prefixes and suffixes). "Un(i) is 1. Bi is 2. Tri is 3. Quad is 4. Quince is 5. ... And a dozen is 13." What was the teacher's other part time job?

3:28 PM
Q: How many Vegetables?

Coding4elMom is cooking for a feast. She used 4 tomatoes in her salad. She used 3 times as many potatoes, and 2 less giant carrots. Mom's bowl can contain 46 vegetables, and she filled the bowl to capacity. How many cabbages did she use if each cabbage is the size of 2 vegetables? If she used half as many...

5 hours later…
8:18 PM
C4 hint: The third letter is O.
9:03 PM
@Sid @jafe OK, done.

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