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12:01 AM
The comment thread on this question is very, very chatty. I know that's allowed to a certain extent, but perhaps there's a limit?
Still looking for a way to word a custom close reason here
12:15 AM
CCCC hint: the fifth letter is H
12:30 AM
So it's ???-?H???
1:18 AM
@Jafe I think it's NON-WHITE = cryptic ddef: "racial term", and 75% (3/4) of the Golden Girls are not Betty WHITE
that's right
CCCC: This soldier abroad offers defenses (4,7)
2 hours later…
3:03 AM
@samm82 this is RIOT SHIELDS, anagram of "this soldier"
@Jafe Yup! Back to you :)
CCCC: City of Naples in Italian south is led by authoritarian extremists (9)
Oops forgot ping @Jafe
3:31 AM
yup that's it
3:54 AM
4:28 AM
5:12 AM
Q: Stostone - Aoi's Big Birthday

athinRules of Stostone: Shade exactly one stone, an orthogonally-connected group of cells, in each region. No two stones in different regions are adjacent. If a number is in a region, it tells the size of that region’s stone. If you let the stones all fall down, they must cover exactly the bottom hal...

Q: Square sequence puzzle two

BoesfFind what comes next in the following sequence: 0,1,4,9,7,7,9,13,10,9,1,? Bonus: What is the rule?

5:42 AM
easy one for now
CCCC: In no way remember counterfeit receipt in the end (6)
6:31 AM
Makes no sense to me^^^
2 hours later…
8:30 AM
@oAlt FORGET = FORGE (counterfeit) + (-receip)T
8:55 AM
@Stiv yes :D
9:15 AM
CCCC: Friend takes ages having to register me before getting close to eminent historical scientist? (15)
9:39 AM
Q: If a zebra is white with black stripes or black with white stripes?

Hitman A7I wonder, if a zebra is white with black stripes or black with white stripes? It won't make it different but is there any answer?

^ not a puzzle :/
@Stiv is the enumeration correct?
As a Brit, yes ;-)
Ooh right I forgot about that spelling
doesn't that have to be specified?
@Stiv PAL + AEON(TO LOG I)S + ...T
9:47 AM
@oAlt That's correct :) Perhaps the enumeration should technically be (14 or 15) since the wordplay works in either US or UK spelling.
@JohnDvorak as of this I don't know, but that's 99% due to my inexperience
I loved the to log i part
Thanks :) I was happy with this one.
2 hours later…
12:00 PM
CCCC: Friend and I approach heart of chaotic city (4, 4)
Meant to be not hard since getting busier once more
12:18 PM
@oAlt PAL + OALT + _ O _ = PALO ALTO, Californian City
hah, nice
12:36 PM
converse clue: Puzzler in Palo Alto (4) :P
the capitalisation matches and everything
12:52 PM
@Jafe hehe
@Sid correct
CCCC: Setter and the French are creeps (6)
Hehe nice
But won't answer since I need to build up a c4 stockpile again :/
@Sid SID + LES :P
@Jafe yup. :P
CCCC: Places to go for hallucinogenic drugs south of Washington (9)
3 hours later…
4:09 PM
Q: 3 hats with numbers, where 2 hats sum to the third

Jack ReillyHelp! I have outlined a puzzle below, and provided two sources which provide answers. I am disputing that the answer provided in the sources is correct, and I am looking for others to validate or invalidate my reasoning that the sources are incorrect. Puzzle Three logicians (A,B and C) sit in a c...

1 hour later…
5:31 PM
18 hours ago, by bobble
Still looking for a way to word a custom close reason here
Looking for one more CV on this subjective open-ended puzzle: puzzling.stackexchange.com/q/8132/69582
Q: Square sequence puzzle 3

BoesfFind what comes next in the following sequence: 1,4,9,6,0,8,8,8,0,2,6,0,9,? Bonus 1: What is the rule? Bonus 2: Adding when someone solves Bonus 1

6:42 PM
@Jafe heheh wa shrooms
2 hours later…
9:01 PM
Q: Flat share share

loopy waltThis is a sequel to Gentrification in Chessshire. Due to the febrile state of the Chesster housing market you and your band of artists and scientists are forced to rent out half your flat to another group of sharers. Keeping every one happy was not easy before and will only become more tricky in ...

2 hours later…
11:13 PM
@msh210 that's right

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