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12:01 AM
Yes, I think the "not without" put me off the scent.
Thanks for the reply, BTW.
12:20 AM
4-letter marvel characters who've appeared on screen: DRAX, nick FURY, HELA, HULK, LOKI, THOR, the WASP, helmut ZEMO, arnim ZOLA
zemo seems like the only promising candidate (if there was a Jerry Zeo, which there isn't as far as i can tell)
1 hour later…
1:38 AM
It could be something more generic. E.g., there's such a thing as a "jerry can", and maybe "jerry" alone can mean one, in which case if Marvel had C-Men as well as X-Men (so far as I know it doesn't) the answer could be CMAN. Or if there were a Jerry Xan (so far as I know there isn't), it could be XMAN.
(I dunno, maybe that wouldn't count as the referent being "a person".)
2:31 AM
Q: Dastardly Diagrams

a guyI recently found this diagram taped over an image in my English textbook. We got it second-hand, so I assume that it must have been a little puzzle from the previous owner. It came with two questions written under it on a separate piece of paper: a) What word should replace the question mark? b)...

3 hours later…
5:19 AM
@PrinceNorthLæraðr I'd hope I'd capitalize it….
5:30 AM
3rd place! ^^
Oh nice, you passed Gamow.
Gerbil and Deus have nice edit numbers
Now to pass JMP. That'll take a while.
2 hours later…
7:09 AM
I'm now starting to suspect that the true answer to the C4 doesn't contain an M
Maybe "jerry" is short for a jeroboam, so the answer contains URN or JUG or something like that?
So I found that this person's nickname is CUMP = CU(_M)P... not sure what they have to do with screens though, and your screen in particular, so that's probably not it
1 hour later…
8:28 AM
Q: Encrypted fruits

00xxqhxx00Haven't been making a puzzle for a long time, this is a simple puzzle: figure the fruits with the given clues. 🚫 b->a,aeiou->? A 3-3 $[3,\infty)$ ✋-i 🤔 Tesla $^{12}X$ 🏃 $\boxed{^{4}}$ (🏞️ - 5 + $\boxed{^9}$) $x=0$ Due: 🌧️ 🚩-t fruit $y=xe^x\rightarrow ???$ out $\times$ ?? 💧-Wa e-?(✉️) Off...

3 hours later…
11:13 AM
i'd be surprised if the answer didn't have an M... "tom at last" is such a straightforward reading and we know the wordplay ends with "at last"
5 hours later…
3:48 PM
"gets" can be an anagrind, at least according to some sources which might be something
4:10 PM
Q: When I am by myself, I am negative

Joe KerrWhen I am by myself, I'm negative. Give me 2, and I'll read the same. But if you halve me, I always seem surprised. Tack on a cliff, and I become smarter. A dreaded word I am... What am I?

1 hour later…
5:14 PM
happy pi day i guess
2 hours later…
7:00 PM
Q: If I got a good puzzle, can I post it on Meta if I am question-limited?

Mark Giraffe Thanks to some advice from my previous meta posts, I finally came up with a good puzzle. As we all know, the question limit isn't removable thanks to the downvotes, and can only be cleared if we put the scores back to 0. Now, this is a problem for me (if not anyone else), since I finally came u...

1 hour later…
8:01 PM
Q: Ammann chair tiling puzzle

Florian FThe Amman chair is an interesting shape that can be dissected in two pieces that are smaller copies of the original. The sizes of the two pieces are different. The ratio between the areas of the pieces is the golden ratio. Because of this ratio, if you repeat the process of dissecting all the l...

1 hour later…
9:08 PM
C4 hint: I used "marvel" rather than "puzzling person" to make the clue harder.
9:44 PM
C4 is HUMN = def: "a marvel on my screen (a PSE user, currently #44 overall!)" wordplay: HU(M)N; HUN = "Jerry" (both terms for "Germans"), M = "Tom at last"
I had thought about checking PSE users but didn't until the hint for whatever reason
10:32 PM
@samm82 yes, indeed!
10:49 PM
So I guess I'm next then! This is my first one, so I'm weirdly nervous, but hopefully this one's fair/not too hard/not too easy
CCCC: Father Hood almost at Italy aboard plane to possibly steal lamb dish (9,3,9)
Q: What to do about [mystery] and [situation]?

bobbleI've been doing some tag wiki/excerpt edits recently. While doing so I realized that I really don't know the difference between mystery and situation. Neither do the tag excerpts. situation: A puzzle that involves figuring out what happened with regard to a certain incident. mystery: A puzzle ...


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