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1:11 AM
Q: Fill in 6x6 magic multiplicative magic square

jxia1234Let's say you fill in a 6 by 6 square with the numbers 1, 2, ..., 36. Is there a way to fill it so that the product of the first row is equal to the product of the first column, the product of the second row is equal to the product of the second column, ..., etc? So far I had already ask the n=4 ...

1:36 AM
Q: Factorizing complex numbers

Vassilis ParassidisLet's have the following number $(3i-\frac{5}{3})^3$. What is the trick to factorizing this number in more than one way?

3 hours later…
4:34 AM
Q: Non-increasing arrangement

Display mathsWe are arranging the numbers from 1 to 8 in an order so that three consecutive terms cannot be increasing. For example, 12345678 isn’t allowed but 81436572 is. How many ways are there to do it? Please don’t use computers.

1 hour later…
5:50 AM
Q: Swapping eggs puzzle (parity?)

WinterSquashYou can try this with pencil and paper, or make it a physical puzzle you can try out with your kids if you have one of those large 6x3 egg cartons laying around. Imagine you have 3 rows of 6 spots. Fill the first row with 6 red colored eggs, the second with 6 green colored eggs, and the last with...

6 hours later…
11:20 AM
Q: Picture of a Rubik's Cube outside the Men's Toilets

happystarThis is an image of a Rubik's Cube I found in the Men's Toilets during the first day of a big Scrabble tournament. This position is impossible for the standard Rubik's Cube (White/Red/Blue opposite Yellow/Orange/Green respectively) for any number of reasons. Is this position legal for at least on...

12:09 PM
Predictable has beaten Unpredictable. Congrats @hexomino.
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1:27 PM
Q: The Last Challenge

Infinity MilestoneThis question is a continuation of this one, and you might want to read it if you haven't already. 'Another code-name,' I think. 'There's no way that's his real name'. Nonetheless, I type in 'ANONYMOUS' and the other monitors immediately blank out. There is no light left in the room except the li...

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2:41 PM
@Randal'Thor But Deus stays in first place lol :p
2 hours later…
4:29 PM
Feb 8 at 23:03, by bobble
Quick public service announcement for the Low Quality Posts Queue:
Feb 8 at 23:03, by bobble
> Edit if the post is good quality, but you can improve the post to make it better. Avoid editing posts that should be closed or deleted, as it will remove the post from review.
Feb 8 at 23:04, by bobble
If a post is low-quality and should be deleted (e.g. breaks rules or is a blatantly worse duplicate answer), please don't just edit in LQP to add spoilers. It doesn't fix the fundamental issues.
Clicking the "Edit" button means you're saying "I can make this a completely acceptable answer, by our standards, with an edit". If the answer is unacceptable for its content, then adding spoilers does nothing to fix the content
5:16 PM
Q: Pirates dividing booty around a circular table

John LA group of pirates have plundered one of his majesty's cargo ships and they all carried as much gold coins as each one could find. When they get back to their ship, they sit at a round table and pass their gold around to the person to their left or right until each person has an equal number of ...

5:39 PM
Hm. Is another C4 hint wanted?
6:32 PM
Q: Dirac notation for English

Mariia MykhailovaDirac notation is very expressive: now only does it allow to write quantum states and operations more concisely, it can be used to shorten written English words and phrases! Here are some examples: What is shown on the hidden photo?

Hey everyone! I'm currently finishing up the first draft of my FTC entry puzzle, and I would really appreciate if someone could help look it over before I post it and before the challenge window closes. If I don't get a response in the next 4-5 hours or so, I'll just post it directly
If that doesn't work, you can also bribe the bot so it happens to malfunction and update a few hours later :P
7:22 PM
Q: Four-Number Door Puzzle

ChivalrySo I had an idea for a number-based door puzzle for a TTRPG campaign that could readjust itself every time a wrong guess is made. Here's the basic premise: Given two numbers, find two more numbers in such a way that: no number differs from any other number in the same way, and none of these diff...

2 hours later…
8:59 PM
@msh210 yes
crossword progress: 103/180
I have a quarter-baked idea about the C4 and would like at least a few minutes to contemplate it futilely before getting a further hint.
What is the idea baking in?
(For the avoidance of doubt, almost certainly there's nothing to it.)
@bobble Cerebrospinal fluid, I guess?
Well, if my idea had any actual merit I've been unable to find it. No longer contemplating it now.
9:19 PM
@Jafe exciting!
10:04 PM
@GarethMcCaughan My favorite marinade.
C4 hint 2: "King" appears at the start of the clue for a good reason.
@Jafe Looking forward to it.
That hint kinda fits with some of my quarter-baked pseudo-semi-pre-ideas.
11:11 PM
Q: Probability of a successful DT Cannon

thesilicanIn multiplayer Tetris, there are a number of opening setups that let you send powerful attacks very quickly. One popular opening is the DT Cannon, which allows the player to very quickly send a T-Spin Double followed by a T-Spin Triple. The standard DT Cannon setup looks like this: Here's a vide...

11:36 PM
Q: This escape room sucked! Did I do something wrong?

HTMSomeone told me that I should put a link to Fortnightly Topic Challenge #50: Escape Rooms... whatever that is, I guess. PSE, I need your help. I just got back from the worst escape room experience I've ever had in my life. Not only was the solution incredibly obvious, but it was also wrong for ...

@Sphinx Phew, got this just before the end of the challenge period

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