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12:38 AM
Q: Is providing a way for the solver to verify their answer good practice?

samm82I have an idea for an escape room puzzle (for the FTC) that culminates in a four letter code to "unlock" a "combination lock." Of course, this a virtual medium, but I thought I could emulate the satisfaction of solving an escape room by allowing the solver to insert the code into a template of a ...

2 hours later…
2:20 AM
CAROLINA can work as a ddef, if there is such thing as a CAROLINA ring
1 hour later…
3:22 AM
3:35 AM
@LukasRotter CARESS can be a synonym for KISS
Q: My firend gave me this code which they say is basic but complicated. Can you help me?

4miricsdsgsdsfgsfsfcsdsgsgs. That is the code (minus the period) can any of you solve it?

4 hours later…
7:28 AM
@Anonymus25-ReinstateMonica But that's only 8 letters - the answer we're looking for is 9...
6 hours later…
1:33 PM
Q: Find three ways of forming the number 100 using 3,3,5,7

Albert.LangAs it says in the title. Rules: anything not explicitly allowed is forbidden. use 3,3,5,7 and multiplication,division,sum,difference,unary minus and exponentiation in any order. Parentheses are allowed for grouping. factorials, square roots, concatenation and decimal points are forbidden. latera...

2:22 PM
Q: When is the full moon?

FlanManDuring each lunar cycle, the full moon is technically full for one instant, but to the human observer, the moon appears full for 2-3 days and nights in a row, making it hard to tell on which date and time the full moon is, just by looking at how round the illuminated area of the moon appears. For...

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4:40 PM
@GarethMcCaughan Is the answer CARTOUCHE? This being TOUCH (kiss) inside CARE (trouble) with king's ring as the definition (from the description it looks like an oval with a royal name enclosed).
@hexomino Yes! Well done.
5:00 PM
In fairness, I was helped out a lot by earlier investigative work above (especially with "care" as "trouble"). This was a great clue especially given all the different possible readings.
I haven't got one ready yet but will try to post in a little while.
1 hour later…
6:23 PM
@GarethMcCaughan nice clue. Didn't you clue that word for an earlier C4? goes to search...
@msh210 I assume that is allowed?
@msh210 ... no, apparently not. ponders What am I thinking of?...
@JohnDvorak I don't see why not!
@msh210 Gareth didn't, but I did
Dec 20 '20 at 2:51, by Deusovi
CCCC: Oblong vehicle that hit me (9)
Ah, yes!
And it wasn't searchable because the answerer didn't put the whole word, as a word, in his answer. (As I often don't, either.)
7:20 PM
CCCC: Displaying depression and impression, for example. (9)
8:19 PM
Yow, I had (at least as far as conscious awareness goes) forgotten. When setting a C4, I do always (modulo forgetfulness) search for previous instances of the same word, but indeed that didn't work here. What's particularly embarrassing, which msh210 kindly refrains from pointing out, is that I was the one who solved the previous one.
I'd thought I had a policy of always making the actual word explicit when I answer, for exactly this reason, but clearly if I do I am bad at remembering to follow it.
There isn't an explicit policy against reusing words, and of course as C4 history gets longer and longer it will become harder and harder not to, but I still prefer not to. (Unless it's being done for a joke; at one point there were many consecutive clues for, I think, PANCAKE. I forget whether they were actually posted as C4 clues or not.)
9:04 PM
@hexomino blue+print
Nice clue.
9:27 PM
@msh210 Yep, that's it. Well done!
@hexomino thanks
CCCC: A square dam's art (3)
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11:00 PM
Q: Relations between numbers taken three at a time

Vassilis ParassidisLet's have the following numbers. $(5i+\frac{1}{2})$, $(2i+3)$, $(\frac{-101}{8})$, $(7i+4)$, $(5i+1)$, $\frac{(40i-97)}{8}$. How are these numbers related when taken three at a time?

11:25 PM
Q: Primes and squares in a grid

Bernardo Recamán Santosi) Place thirteen different three-digit prime numbers in the empty cells of this grid. ii) Now place thirteen different three-digit square numbers in the empty cells of this grid. How many solutions are there of each instance?


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