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12:03 AM
@JeremyDover pr(edic(t))ate
@msh210 Bingo! Nice work :-)
thanks. nice clue
@JeremyDover nice surface
Thanks oAlt!
CCCC: Subject partner to "'Us'! The end of 'me'!" (5)
12:11 AM
:D And I like the definition part in the last one too
@oAlt "allowed"?
The one after that :P
oh. Yeah, 'twas good
gameN. I'd better catch some z's.
Oh, gameN
1:06 AM
@bobble you were banned from editing? does that happen if an edit gets rejected too many times?
Q: a 17X17 grid filled with trominoes of three different colors

Vassilis ParassidisLet's have an 17x17 grid. We can fill this grid with 96 trominoes of three different colors, 32 trominoes of each color. On this particular grid the empty single square is the position A1. By visual inspection we see only 6 trominoes that do not form a pair (a pair is a 2x3 or3x2 rectangle); I ma...

1:25 AM
@Sciborg Banned on main-meta. I think it may have been because I basically replaced all of the Markdown (deleting images and adding tables). Even though no content changed, I guess they're worried about spam edits from unregistered accounts?
Well, they know who you are, so hopefully they will see it was benevolent editing and lift it
What was funny was it told me to look at my rejected edit list, which I don't have because I don't have an account and my edit wasn't even submitted.
Maybe it's because your first-ever edit on that account was large deletions - might have triggered an auto-filter.
And I'm not making an account on main-meta
I do a lot of suggested edits on other sites to help with grammar and such. They're all attributed to the Community user
Not sure what you can do besides ask a moderator
1:30 AM
Also I forgot to take meds before going to Weekly Grandparent Dinner, so they're going to be maybe an hour late.... send some luck to get through?
hope it goes well D:
Uh-oh - sending luck your way :(
Not going to bother a mod, it just won't be edited
i had a bad morning so i apologize for being crabby in codenames if it came across that way, i was in the wrong headspace
It was fine!
1:32 AM
love you guys, as always :)
copper = low value D&D coins was very clever, i was just being grumpy
I think coppers are also flavored as small, right?
Yup, copper -> silver -> gold -> platinum
It made sense, i just didn't make the connection
I will update on how dinner went afterwards, but I have to leave now since we arrived
Hopefully it goes well!
see ya!
2:20 AM
@msh210 I see what you did there! THEME = THEM (partner to us) + E (the end of me)
2:31 AM
I'm pretty sure I got msh210's so I'll throw a super easy one out there, since it's about my bedtime.
CCCC: Snobbish about tarragon (8)
Yep! Tag, you're it :-)
2:51 AM
CCCC: Oblong vehicle that hit me (9)
3:39 AM
Not the solution: Clearly, LIMOUSINE means to hit oneself.
1 hour later…
4:59 AM
@JeremyDover yep!
5:26 AM
@oAlt No, it's obviously RECTANGLE = oblong, since @Deusovi is a puzzler and vehicles are generally represented by rectangles in puzzles (e.g., Rush Hour).
5:59 AM
Why does it take variable amounts of time for non-answers to get deleted?
For example, a new user posted two identical answers to two related questions that was basically a link to their tool
Both are deleted, but one took hours longer
Weekends are slow on SE
I have to leave now, but still confused on that a bit
I mean... it comes down to who's around and checking the queues. People are active at different times, so stuff posted during a time where most people are offline is going to take longer to remove than something posted during the peak of activity.
Puzzling.SE isn't the largest site, so it's natural for review times to vary a bit.
Q: Is the OP on mushrooms?

Smartest1hereWhat two words am I looking for in the puzzle below? (The title too is a clue). Deities see their reflection, It is frightening as when a chip is fused to royalty, Clip the best of rediscoveries approximately. Blow has been blown as when it is done below the belt, Being confused as a quartet, Mak...

6:15 AM
Also, even if the two posts were posted at ~ the same time, maybe enough reviewers saw one before the other.
6:36 AM
@msh210 though it doesn't explain the "hit" part (but maybe Rush Hour is a "hit" game?), that's a much better explanation than mine
6:58 AM
@oAlt oh yes much better, sure
@GarethMcCaughan (4) forbid all questions
Q: Make 38 using the least possible digits 8

OrayThis is kinda follow up question to this one. Make the number 1998 using the minimum amount of digits 8. Your allowed operations are +, -, *, /, ^, % (percent). You need not use only integers 8: 88 and the likes are acceptable. You must only use 8 as a digit, nothing else. This puzzle comes from...

7:27 AM
Q: 29253 63 5433! Crack this code

Aquib NadafCrack this code I am not really sure what does it lead to, and no hints as such.

4 hours later…
11:14 AM
Q: Myrder mystery of dirk

mathOnce I was spying just for fun a classmate at a shopping mall. He(Jack) was meeting his friend(Dirk). Jack(speaking to himself and holding some bubble gums): I'm not going to buy those. They look nice but they are too costly. Dirk: Hi Jack! Jack: I'm going to buy those. They are too nice. Hi Dir...

11:31 AM
@Deusovi ELONGATED = "Oblong". "vehicle" = EL. "that" = because (as in "be glad that you passed the course!") = ON (as in "arrested on suspicion of murder"). "hit" = the song Radio Ga Ga, which was a hit, widely known as just GA. And "me" = TED, @Deusovi's real name. #BadC4Solutions
12:19 PM
12:53 PM
@Sciborg would you like to provide an answer here focusing on screen readers? meta.stackexchange.com/q/358372/294691
3 hours later…
3:54 PM
Q: I have a bad feeling about this country name

DrDWhat is the longest country name that can be fully anagramed into one word from the Merriam-Webster dictionary? Please use this site for the list of countries. Minimum length 8 letters. If a country has 2 or more words in its name, then all the letters from those words must anagram to one single...

4:19 PM
Q: placing rooks on main diagonal

sukeshGiven a n×n chessboard. Rook is a chess piece, that can in one turn move any number of cells vertically or horizontally. There are m rooks (m<n) placed on the chessboard in such a way that no pair of rooks attack each other. I.e. there are no pair of rooks that share a row or a column. In one tur...

@Sphinx this is making all my "from a competition" alarm bells go off
Comments are only making me think more that it's from a programming competition. Now if I could only find which one...
4:50 PM
(Spoiler: yes, it is from a programming competition.)
surprised pikachu face
Do you think the comment section there can be cleaned up and still preserved context?
@Deusovi Solution to your CCCC is CAR+TOUCHE. (I spent a while trying to make it work with CART+OUCH somehow...)
I don't think there's that much value in tidying up the comment section of a closed question that's more likely to be deleted than reopened.
5:21 PM
ah nice, i was trying to make OUCH work as well
This topic challenge has inspired much less participation and, if the vote counts on the announcement question are to be believed, much less people caring about it
Q: Christmas word: Anti-me would get your attention with no exceptions

ention everyone I am a snowing Christmas word. Anti-me would would get your attention with no exceptions!

5:53 PM
I hope to have another FTC puzzle coming. Not surprised there is less participation, since the topic is less well-defined. I would not necessarily measure vote count on the announcement...I'm not the best about going over to Meta other than to see the topic.
6:33 PM
I'm worried that this puzzle may be trending towards open-ended, especially because there are so many possible lengths to consider. People are just tossing out "here, I found this set for length X using Y dictionary"
Plus, with the lack of any OP-sanctioned dictionary, the definition of "word" is getting real fuzzy
@GarethMcCaughan oh nice clue @Deusovi !
@GarethMcCaughan and I spent a while trying to think of synonyms for "hit me" in the sense of "give me" (a blackjack card, a drink, etc.)
@bobble next thing you know, there'll be nuqneH and rjienrlwey in their sets /s
7:00 PM
@GarethMcCaughan yep! (I noticed the CART+OUCH thing too but couldn't do anything with it - maybe in some weird gimmicked "some clues have two interpretations, one of which is missing a word in the wordplay..." puzzle? that seems a bit too much, even for me.)
7:12 PM
Would the question linked by me be closeable for "Needs details/clarity" until the OP specifies a dictionary?
or opinion-based
I went with details/clarity
7:41 PM
Q: Sounds beautiful, doesn't it

Prim3numbahSo I found this puzzle from an old book of mine with very little instructions. I can't seem to remember the right approach to the solution BUT I do remember the final answer, which is 8 letters only. Can you figure it out?

8:33 PM
CCCC: When and where a coy Divinity has no cradle's rocking (4,2,5,6,4)
8:46 PM
that enumeration...
is crazy
9:43 PM
@GarethMcCaughan season's cluings!
It is indeed a seasonal surface. Whether it's also a seasonal answer I shall not say for now.
Yeah, "cluings", not necessarily "answers" :-)
9:59 PM
I see that there are two downvotes on ention's answer to my meta question; if either of those people feel up to writing a "Yes" answer could they?
I mean I could write it myself but I don't know how to word it well
10:19 PM
@GarethMcCaughan "When and where" is the definition (I guess) and "a coy Divinity" has "no cradle", the whole thing rocking, is "once in royal David's city". Except that it's missing the "s" — perhaps an error?
ah heck, I thought I checked that carefully. Yeah, I'm missing an s. Simplest fix is to replace " has" with "'s".
And yes, that's right.
Aside from the screwup I'm rather happy with it :-).
Yeah, it's nice
or maybe "no cradle's rocking" is better
there, I fixed it.
Downside of ignoring - I can't edit it off questions that shouldn't have it. For example this is a murder mystery that was (for some reason) tagged [riddle] and [affix-riddle]. Agh.
(saw it in Suggested Edits)
10:39 PM
@GarethMcCaughan :-)
@bobble I imagine that'll happen rarely.
11:02 PM
I'm annoyed at how many upvotes this lateral-thinking answer to a non-lateral-thinking question has gotten.
Seriously, +10 to my -1?
11:30 PM
CCCC: Auntie and Mother produce a book of matches (4)
you could just flag it?
EM (from A Wrinkle In Time Oz (really what was i thinking there)) +MA = EMMA (romance novel by Jane Austen)
I wasn't sure if it counted as a non-answer, just a very poor one
if you aren't sure, flag things
that's the whole point of flags
but yes, that specifically goes outside the bounds of the problem, so it is not answering the question as stated
I've been seeing flagging as something to do when I'm sure of the outcome
you can flag and say "i'm not sure if this is the case"
there's nothing wrong with that - we'll take a look at it
11:39 PM
@Deusovi the artifacting you're referring to, could that be the light grey squares at the bottom?
yes, that's it
they're not a uniform color
oh really?
did you screenshot your image editor (paint.net, i'm guessing) or something?
@Deusovi yep
(specifically, a novel about matches)
yeah I create the puzzles in MS Paint then use the Windows Snipping tool of the zoomed image, otherwise it would 72x72px (and too hard to read)
all the grey at the bottom should be 245, 245, 245 look at the paint file
11:41 PM
does MS Paint not allow you to resize images?
@Deusovi it does
uh, good question? let me give it a try and see how badly it goes :P
does that look ok?
@Deusovi wait, what? no, Em from the wizard of Oz
...huh, absolutely zero idea why AWiT came to mind
was the movie any good?
11:48 PM
@Dmihawk looks fine
great, thanks :) will edit the puzzle

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