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12:00 AM
the part I'm thinking about shows up next (?) season
So I have a long ways to go ;p
wait, how close are you?
We watched 5-6 a few days ago and we're planning on watching 7-8 tonight
7 has some really good jokes, and 8 has some Ward flashbacks
@bobble the P is important, bobble :P
12:04 AM
A warning that Ward has a Traumatic Backstory, so the flashbacks could be distressing
Partner can't come in person today so we're doing it over Discord, but he promised to virtually cover my eyes if anything bad happens :p
the start of 7 (after a short action scene) has Simmons sticking so metal thingies up a guy's nose, so warning
oh god, i'm gonna need a timestamp on that
also 7 has the first proper Skye/Simmons teamup plot
12:08 AM
I don't know how to get timestamps, but: after the action scene, when they're back in the Bus and in the lab, Simmons announces that she has to do the thing and an X-ray screen shows up. Look away after she says what she's going to do, then look back once she says she finished
Will do, thank you
I'm asking bae if he can look up the Ward stuff for me since he already has most of it spoiled for him
I can OTS you the flashback stuff, and you could pass the link on, if that would help?
oh, and 8 has a very thinly disguised White Power group
He says he looked at the wiki and has decided i am a pure child who cannot watch one of the parts
but the rest of it is apparently fine
pure child baby bird
i am a sensitive bird
12:12 AM
as am i, tbh
8 also has someone get really injured, and then someone stick their hand into the injured guy's chest to help. near the end. warning.
Oh dear
sorry for how disconnected these warnings are, I have to cross-reference to confirm that I'm not mixing up episodes
Sensitive baby bird will do their best
12:14 AM
@Sciborg might i suggest not watching the newest star treks then?
they have some Nasty Scenes
why is everything Icky, arrgh
no idea
7 also has more tidbits of Skye backstory, but be warned that they drag her backstory stuff out about 50% longer than needed
also, how does one virtually cover another's eyes?
i have no idea but i appreciate that he will try
now let's get crackin' on the current C4
as in, can you solve it?
12:28 AM
"Clipped" might be a substring indicator or a tail removal indicator, so maybe a word for "prompt" with a letter removed.
Feels like "it's translated live, perhaps" is the def for sure
That's what I was thinking too
So the answer is an example of something "translated live", given the "perhaps"
or "live, perhaps" and "translated" indicates movement of letters/sections
12:31 AM
I don't know, was just offering an 11-letter word for "translated live"
Anyone down for Codenames?
@Sciborg You wanna play?
12:36 AM
the game is too chaotic for me, but thank you :)
it's not contact
Ah, misread
Sure, I'd be down for Codenames!
@athin oh I see :0
3 hours later…
3:52 AM
@Sciborg, work has begun
I purchased a Bobble Tetrikabe in exchange for an upvote
you can also see my profile picture for regular account: a dancing baby groot
3:54 AM
@Sciborg That's bribery!
For shame! :P
> I charge one upvote (if the puzzle is good, that is) for this service.
It's puzzle bribery
anyone up for codenames?
we just watched all of the Hunger Games movies because the streaming service was going to lose them, and now we can watch mando!
oh codenames seems fun! (was away for exam proctoring)
4:04 AM
unfortunately we currently have 1.5 people available
oh, my crossword is finally solved (and yes by deusovi) :D
@bobble okay, you didn't tell me episode 7 would have the CUTEST fitzsimmons stuff in it :P
she made him his favorite sandwich
"just a hint of pesto aioli"
by the way, that sandwich comes up in later episodes/seasons in the most random places, and it's always touching and hilarious
partner is losing it because simmons shot a guy and then went like "SORRY, SORRY, SORRY" and he's like "mick this is exactly what you would do"
4:20 AM
"I like following the rules and doing what I'm told"
are you enjoying Skye/Simmons team-up plot to save the boys?
Very much yes
"You have a GORGEOUS HEAD" had me dying
oh, the "I can't lie" joke comes back so hard is the train episode. lemme check which one that is
partner is now convinced Coulson is going to turn out to be HYDRA because he obviously sent them in to die
giggling oh, you sweet summer children. you have no idea how deep this goes.
he spent the commercial break yelling "THERE WAS NO EXTRACTION PLAN"
4:29 AM
by the way, do you share messages here with him?
i'm sharing my streaming window to watch the episode but not my browser windows
in case you need the reassurance, everyone on the main cast has extraordinarily thick plot armor
@athin Of course :P
@bobble Extra-grade plot armor! Buy it now!
Extra thicc plot armor?
Final verdict for #7: good episode, but OMINOUS ENDING, oh dear
On to #8
this is the episode sorta-but-not-really connected to Dark World, because Norse mythology
4:42 AM
ooh yay norse mythology /s
What's actually relevant from AoS to get stuff that happens in the main MCU plotline?
It started with them arguing about Thor being dreamy so i'm already on board
because this is Marvel, it's "Norse" "mythology"
@PrinceNorthLæraðr I could tell you, but it has spoilers
You can OTS me, I don't really care
for SHIELD, not the MCU at large really
4:43 AM
I can't watch it anyways
I know a bit about Coulson coming back to life (sorry spoilers)
as you can see not much, movie people didn't really listen to SHIELD folks
SHIELD actually ignored the Snap entirely, though they handwaved a bunch of S7 stuff away as "alternate timeline"
I was actually going to ask about that
they just moved their Big Boss fight for S6 to Chicago (?) if I remember correctly
4:49 AM
@bobble so it's not actual Norse mythology?
S7 climax was full of timey-wimey shenanigans, not fully sure what happened there
oh yeah, this show goes through all of the genre tropes: alternate universes, time travel, What If?, evil robots, magic, space, demons, bringing people back from the dead, etc.
hopefully that is less spoilery and more "ooh cool"
Oooh how boring
I mean
Mack jokes about evil robot movies through the whole of the evil robot plot
Mack is the kind of person who has a special clause in their life insurance "in case of death by evil robot"
mid-episode summary of #8 so far: oh, god, every single one of these people needs hugs and therapy
mostly Ward and May
5:00 AM
May needs HELP
there's a S2 episode titled "Melinda" that goes through her being a happy go-lucky agent and then her entire trauma in excruciating detail
it will probably require lots of snuggles and blankets to get through
blanket burrito, activate
blanket burrito: the best invention ever
you can never have too many blanket burritos
am I right, mick?
@Sciborg, matt is attempting to summon you
Sorry, we're having emotions at the moment :p
yes, blanket burritos are the best
poor Ward
5:10 AM
it may seem hard to believe, but his family somehow is worse than the flashback depicts
they're talking about their trauma and partner is yelling "GIRL YOU TWO NEED COUNSELING"
she's the Cavalry
well that was an intense episode
poor everyone
the ending with Coulson, too, is that implying what i think it's implying?
who would you hug first?
i must hug all of them
5:16 AM
would May even let you hug her?
probably not
which of them could you hug?
bold of you to assume i'm good at hugging people
of you to assume i'm good at hugging people
i'm sorry for that joke
I would suggest we could start Codenames back up now, but it's pretty late where you guys are :p
5:22 AM
yeah, too late for me
No worries, we can do it tomorrow :)
I hope you have enjoyed watching me get slowly sucked into your show
I remember my first time through... we were burning two-three episodes every night, and it was so hard to wait for more
It's midnight-ish here so i stopped at two, but i'm very curious to see where 9-10 go
I always remember 9 as "that teary religious woman"
and 10 as "that big boom"
bobble's plot summaries (tm)
5:28 AM
9 you also get the first sketches of May's backstory, but it the most hilarious way possible
Poor May
@bobble that was is me with star trek :p
1 hour later…
6:34 AM
Q: coin probability puzzle

user51773There are N coins with all heads on a table. we run the following experiment in a dark room: At every step t: a- a number of coins n_t < N are selected at random from the pile and flipped (so if they are head they will become tail and vice versa) b- the flipped coins are then put back into the pi...

7:24 AM
Q: Multiple of 3 in any numeric base

Dmitry KamenetskyCan you find a binary number that is a multiple of 3 when it is read in any base from 2 to 10? A binary number contains only digits 0 and 1. For example the binary number "11" is 3 when read in base 2, 4 in base 3, 5 in base 4, ..., 11 in base 10.

8:11 AM
23 hours ago, by Stiv
Question for MODS (and wider community): Do we really need every tag wiki excerpt to contain a warning that general questions are off-topic but can be asked on a different site on the SE network? While this is useful info for the body of a tag wiki this seems excessive for the little stub that gives you info about what the tag actually is about, rather than what it's not...
Another day, another set of tag wiki excerpts being made very very long... Is there nobody else who has an opinion on this, or is it just me being unnecessarily over-concerned about readability?
Almost every suggested edit at the moment is from the same user, and they're being approved left, right and centre, but our tag wiki excerpts are becoming cumbersome. Shouldn't this 'off topic' information be just in the main body of the tag wiki? (Opinions, please!)
(Or should I take this to meta?)
I honestly have no idea
Taking it to meta sounds like a good idea to me.
8:49 AM
(I didn't answer because, this is an awkward confession but, I don't even have the slightest idea of what a "tag wiki excerpt" is D: )
Haha, well it's nice to hear these thoughts even if just to know many people didn't have a clue what I was going on about! :) I'll post something on meta - perhaps that is a more appropriate place to discuss this. Thanks.
1 hour later…
10:04 AM
Q: Should 'off topic' directions appear in tag wiki excerpts?

StivBackground On Puzzling - as with other sites in the Stack Exchange network - each question tag has its own associated 'tag wiki' page, containing information to explain the use case for each tag, i.e. when it's appropriate to use, what one might expect to see in a question with this tag, etc. (Se...

10:49 AM
2 hours later…
1:12 PM
Q: Relations among words

msh210The set of sixteen terms below can be partitioned. Each partition is of four terms that have something in common. I invite you to figure out the partitions and commonalities. (The four commonalities do not, themselves, have something in common.) ABSCOND, CHEEK, DISCERN, FULL TIME, GROUCH, GUM, HA...

1:52 PM
Hint in 30 minutes
2:03 PM
@Deusovi @GarethMcCaughan it's this guy again ;_;
Gosh, can't they even do anything else more productive?
(apologies, for in hindsight sending a link to the question would have been better than a link to the answer itself, because there's some unwholesome stuff being previewed above)
Ok, this guy is going overboard again
Gosh! It's an eyesore.
true ;_;
Account hacked?
Not quite, cuz they have made other accounts before
(I think this is their third time doing these acts)
Hope the mods see this
2:15 PM
Yeah I tagged them; hoping they see
You said 'again', do you mean that it is repeatedly done?
Yeah they're gone.
I checked and it seems I said it twice, but both apply
Like I said before this is their third time
this is whose third time?
And the other "again" was that they posted another spam answer earlier just after sending one
(also, good morning)
2:21 PM
@00xxqhxx00 oh at first I thought the answerer themself. Well, assuming I am correct and it is indeed their third time, I think greater action will be done against them compared to their first time spamming, so longer ban?? I don't know
@matt morning
@matt the wesley guy
2:37 PM
CCCC hint: I am 90% certain I clued the word incompletely. If I clued it completely, the enumeration would have been (11, 4).
(edited twice)
2:53 PM
@oAlt don't discuss too much please
Troll watches chat
ah frick sorry
3:25 PM
@Stiv I just checked through this user's reputation history and found that since Nov. 20 (the furthest back I looked), they have received +108. +10 of that was from a single upvote, +2 was from a single accept, and the rest was from a combination of main-site and tag edits. The main site ones have also been pretty minor. Is this information you want added to the meta post, as a comment?
By the way, we could always pull the nuclear option and ban all unregistered guest answers, which might help with the troll:
oop wrong link
A: Can unregistered users be blocked from answering on some sites?

Daniel R. CollinsThis feature exists — to SE staff developers, not directly to site moderators, and has never been turned on permanently for any network site. Narrowly construed, this feature technically exists. For example, as of this writing, that is the actual state for the general Meta and Workplace sites. Ho...

except that that hasn't actually been done before
(as of June, and it is actually turned on for main-meta)
here ends bobble's morning catch-up
@oAlt ugh, thanks for the ping
3:48 PM
also, happy december, everyone
happy december too I guess
@bobble Wait who is this dude?
I'm reluctant to name-and-shame users in chat.
That's fine
I'm not sure how I feel
On one-hand, I make A LOT of um edits on LSE so it almost feels hypocritical
3:52 PM
as to how I found them, I went looking through tag wiki excerpts, found one recently edited in the manner of the meta post, and then navigated to the editor's profile page
But on the other hand, I, as someone who does do a lot of tag edits on LSE, know the very importance of keeping tag wikis nice and short.
Okay yup. I just read through what you were talking about
@Stiv If I may take the liberty to respond, (not to brag), but I may be able to give some insight
Drafting a response now
4:45 PM
Okay done drafting. @bobble do you want to read it and give feedback?
sure, how?
I'll just OTS you, and you can give me general thoughts, stuff to add that I missed
email would also work if that is easier for you
Oh, that could work too. I'll just email it
I could also send it to Deus, but I fear I might get shredded
my friends would ask me to proofread their essays all the time, so this is normal for me :D
4:48 PM
one time I spent an hour helping one friend, and then they got a grade 2% higher than me
correction: 2 percentage points
30% is not 10% higher than 20%
it is 10 *percentage points* higher
4:51 PM
rolls eyes okay buddy :P
My aeries portal for school is not wanting to work with me
also, i found out i can do this to square-land / the monologue room:
idk either
4:53 PM
I've... never seen that
How did you even get to that screen?
the access page of the monologue room
under "owners"
Okay that's new
Repro'd in the Tavern
4:55 PM
Where is that?
Gives me an error if I try to use it.
Found it
yeah it tells me "The user already has an explicit access setting for this room."
Can you change yourself down? From owner to "write-only"?
4:57 PM
if i did that i might not be able to undo it
Yea. That's why I'm scared to change it
yeah, please don't change it :|
In any case, it gives the same error no matter what the access level is
4:58 PM
Including users without explicit write access
I can add Bobble as the owner though
Anyone want to write a MSE post?
And I can change her to anything, except Moderator
@Mithical Uhhhh
@matt gets the honor for being the first to mention it
ok then, time to write my second meta post
5:00 PM
If you need tips ask, I'm pretty familiar with meta
@Mithical Does appointing room editors work by seniority?
Not sure what you mean by that
Because I can change Bobble's access to the room willy-nilly
Okay so
should i put it just in PSE meta, or "main" meta?
Any owner can remove any other owner
@matt main
5:01 PM
Ah. Okay
Any ideas on the C4?
email sent back
mith - ghghgh i'm terrible at writing meta posts
> i'm terrible at writing meta posts
5:13 PM
In what way
Can you show me a draft?
@Stiv @Stiv Answered!
@Stiv Don't worry, it concerns me too! I just didn't realize it was a problem, partly because I don't have access to "review suggested tag wiki edits"
I see you took my suggestions to heart
@PrinceNorthLæraðr you pinged stiv twice
@matt Oh you're right :P. Didn't even realize
@bobble Well duh, they were good suggestions
8 more days until I'm declared a fanatic on LSE!
5:31 PM
we decide if youre a fanatic :p
Welp, time to work on that Chain Puzzle of mine
Thanks @bobble again for those suggestions- I really like all of them!
one of them was a pedantic "change [math] to [mathematics]"
Oh I was talking about the CCs, but those were good suggestions too
5:33 PM
the "tea-beard" one is very sketchy
Yeah, okay, that one is pretty sketch
grrr... you don't write a partial answer to a [connect-wall] with only ONE GROUP
grr I can't even down vote because it'll ruin my perfect 4120
5:48 PM
4114 is better anyways :D
anyone see a next step here?
solving mellowmelon slitherlinks during virtual school :D
writing ccs during virtual school :D
Hint: the objective is to make one loop
@bobble Also, I figured out my special enumeration for my post-transform CC's!
5:50 PM
ah, so I have to go down R6's passage
also I appear to have been missing some clues D:
there are some clues in the middle 4 squares required for a unique solution that I failed to copy down
5:57 PM
@bobblle for the CC, I personally like "band together" better than the new one
two "l"s?
your ping is for someone named "bobblle"
and sure, you can change any of my suggestions
oh oops
Hm actually "together" is a bit iffy
Oooh "Smack band"
Or "band smacker"
The latter is better
"band made out of"?
"made from"?
6:32 PM
ugh, someone posted a 2-group partial answer
I'm not in the right headspace to deal with Deepthinker, though
Downvoted both of them. At least now my counts are equal
6:48 PM
So according to your logic monkeys and Marx brothers belong to the same category lol. — Prince Deepthinker 55 secs ago
isn't it their logic?
> (The four commonalities do not, themselves, have something in common.)
No, I am saying the list may be presumptuous. The words in the category could be intended in other ways that is uncertain unless more categories can be made to definitively conclude the categories are correct. — Prince North Læraðr 27 secs ago
This is a good way to explain it, right?
1) I'm not sure what you're explaining there is what they mean
2) It might be time to step away from Deepthinker for a breather
I'm tempted to try to solve this out of spite
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