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12:07 AM
@Sciborg, we can now confirm that Deus is a wizard:
in The Grove, 30 secs ago, by Deusovi
(it's ok bobble magic will soon be happening)
Canon confirmed
Q: What's up with these words, eh?

Voldemort's Wrathhello there = llehht oere Voldemort's Wrath = dloVrome s'ttarWh This is weird, right? = sihT si riewr ,dthgi? Just figure out what is happening to these words. = tsuJgif eru tuotahw si ppahnineot geht w essdro. Let me know what you come up with! = teLk em wontahwuoy moc pu etiw !h Note: It's n...

@Stiv Oh, okay!
12:23 AM
Q: Fortnightly Topic Challenge #44: Introduce a new grid deduction genre to the community

FTC_BotThis is the third installment of the Fortnightly Topic Challenges Rerun described here and the forty-fourth installment of the FTCs overall, with topics suggested and voted on here. This fortnight's topic is "Introduce a new grid deduction genre to the community" (suggested by Bubbler) and will s...

12:37 AM
ooh, got a proof that the number the 1s on the edges (like R1 or C1) see is the same as the 1s on the almost-edges (R2 or C2)
ahh nice
actually, drat it only shows that the edge number can't be greater than the almost-edge number
so all of the 1s see the same number?
because if the number for edge-1s is larger than almost-edge 1s, then it is stuck on the edge and is a rectangle
hm yeah
i was thinking along those lines but there could be some weird situation that screws it up
12:39 AM
the 1s ignoring the snake is messsing up my proofs
@Sciborg more proof
in The Grove, 1 min ago, by Deusovi
@bobble the bold formula was us gathering reagents for the magic, and now the actual magic is happening
I knew there had to be an explanation
Hey Bubbler! :)
ah wait bobble that also gives us that all the 1s' numbers are the same
...i think
(whoops mistyped; fixed)
What is this dark magic
okay, stuff about the numbers the 1s are seeing: 1s on opposite ends of a row/col see the same number. The almost-edge 1s see >= the number of the inner 1s. These numbers probably have to be >=7. The only problem I'm having tying this all together is the snake can be in the 2x2s at the corners and make ... oh wait IT CAN'T BE IN A 2X2 BECAUSE SNAKE RULES
snake rules help here a lot
12:47 AM
nor do the given edges allow it to hug the corner
or only touch the outer bit of the 2x2, because then it traps a rectangle
but it can snake out & away from the corner
hm, if there's some way to prove that pink is not the snake, then we can get all the numbers around the outside to be the same
oh whoops
i didn't share my image
colored some things for easy reference
your "e"
hmm, noticed that the Ls that would maximize snake coverage of the snake in the corners are rotationally symmetric
wait actually. numbers around the outside can't be the same, can they
hm no i think i'm wrong
12:56 AM
so if red corner used its L, then R2 & C1 must have same, (in R2C1) , and maybe extend that logic to other corners at the same time?
ooh i think i see a thing
if R9C10 is a snake, then it must have its endpoint there or R9C9
also I will have to leave soon, as in like 2 minutes. could this adjourn to later? (~3 hours from now ish)?
(oh, and I've seen why either pink or green is snake)
we can't block yellow into being a rectangle
so either the snake ends in the yellow corner (yellow itself, or just above it), or the numbers aren't all the same (which implies that the snake ends in pink)
1:23 AM
Q: Prime stepping stones

Dmitry KamenetskyStart by placing number $1$ anywhere on an infinite square grid. Now place numbers $2, 3, 4, \ldots, K$ in order. A number $k$ can be placed if the following rules hold: It must be adjacent (horizontally or vertically) to the previous number $k-1$. It must have at least one neighbour (horizontal...

2:13 AM
Q: Amoebas escaping the prison

WhatsUpThere is an infinite grid of squares. In one of the squares, there lives an amoeba (marked as a circle in the following pictures). Amoebas cannot move, but they can perform their unique action: an amoeba can split itself into two amoebas, which are identical to the original one, and each will occ...

1 hour later…
3:18 AM
eeeek, so... i came back this morning from staying at my family's house for thanksgiving for a couple days. and now my mom just called and is like "hey mick, don't mean to alarm you, but your dad just came down with a fever and we want to know if you feel okay..."
this is mildly terrifying
oh no D:
what do i do? D:
i guess i just kinda have to chill at my apartment and get food delivered until i can be sure and get tested
this is the first time i've ever really been exposed, i've been so careful with masking and distancing up to this point that i was never a close contact
3:37 AM
Deus, I'm back if you can help with the Fillomino again
also @Sciborg that is quite a D: situation
i was having such a good day, too :p
How is the Fillomino going now?
also, Sauce Plan wasn't implemented because the supplier un-canceled that sauce
They un-canceled it??? That's AMAZING!
Now you get to have the sauce again!! :D
yes, it was delicious
I'm glad :D
3:43 AM
what Sauce Plan?
also i will finally have a chance to try those salted ice cubes of yours tomorrow
sure, can come back to the fillomino, one sec
They canceled bobble's favorite sauce at a restaurant which sucked, so we were brainstorming ways to replicate it, but now the sauce has been un-canceled.
did the sauce being canceled suck, or did the restaurant suck?
The sauce being canceled is what sucked
i mean.... :p
2 mins ago, by merrybot
also i will finally have a chance to try those salted ice cubes of yours tomorrow
3:46 AM
They're surprisingly good
how exactly am i supposed to get the salt in/on the ice cube?
I would hold it in my hand and salt with the other hand, then pop into mouth
You can also grind some salt onto a paper towel, and then you roll the ice cube around in it.
I need to stay in this chatroom so I don't have a panic attack thinking about having to quarantine for the next 14 days, this is a good distraction :p
3:49 AM
yes, mick, please stay :)
spend the time solving all the statue parks
i will definitely have plenty of time to do puzzles
time to both do puzzles and window-smash while attempting to do puzzles
unfortunately i'm having to cancel all the in-person stuff i had scheduled for the next two weeks :( but Partner is offering to pick up my groceries which is really nice
also, i assume window smashing is not good?
3:54 AM
Window-smashing is our term for my baby bird self hitting obstacles in attempts to solve Statue Parks
for what it's worth, will be praying for you and your family @Sciborg
thank you, i'm kinda freaked out at the moment so i appreciate <3
3:56 AM
Can you work from home?
Yup, I was doing most of my work from home anyway so that's no big! i'm mostly just trying to make sure my parents are okay and that i can plan for not leaving the apartment for a while.
i'll pray for you guys too, everyone can use prayers <3
I'll hope strongly in your direction, since I'm not sure about prayers
that's appreciated too, thank you <3
Ooh, I didn't even notice the new FTC, that's a really fun one!
Same except I don't know how to start making a new one from scratch
4:01 AM
I'm still learning the deductions of my chosen genre
This tempts me to try and invent some kind of crazy Statue Park hybrid with weird tetrominoes
go ahead
Hopefully a lot of fun new grid genres get invented when this challenge is over :p
CMC: statue park that is also a masyu
4:06 AM
@Sciborg As a distraction, a Doodle Request: a group of bobblies trying and failing to set up a tent
@Sciborg see linked wikipedia article
@bobble Will do
How would you go about designing it so it follows both Statue Park and masyu rules? It seems mutually exclusive
for masyu, you can just ignore the tetrominoes
Hmm... maybe I could call it a "Parkyu" :p
or maybe a Statyu Park?
4:08 AM
"Statyu Park"
i need to make this immediately
but first the doodle
see, now you have me completely distracted :p
good, good
4:12 AM
and now my friend is sending me kitten pictures on discord and bae is texting me cute stuff to cheer me up, i love all you guys so much
this man is a treasure
so many exclamation marks!!
I'm Mary Poppins y'all!
i highly doubt that, bobble :p
4:15 AM
He's exclamationing his way into my heart dangit
(quote by Yondu from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2)
That scene was my favorite :p
ah yes, verbification shit, that's a noun
[to self]: ok matt, enough with the linguistics
how far has the Doodle come?
Tents are hard to draw but it's coming along
can i have the bobblies wear little camping backpacks?
4:19 AM
of course they can
oh that would be so cuteeeeee
one of them is trying to read the instruction manual
lol :p
hey north!
North! :D
still doodling?
4:30 AM
Almost done
user image
the tent is about to fall down
they're trying their best :p
they don't seem particularly happy
i can make a sequel doodle where they got the tent set up and are roasting marshmallows
heck yes
(hey ankoganit!)
4:42 AM
Hi @merrybot !
see above doodle
Woah nice!
I have an FTC puzzle constructed. I think it's on the easier side for this genre, but oh well. After my standard obsessive checking of the solution's uniqueness and the solving path's sanctity, it should be released some time during my tomorrow.
nice :)
4:45 AM
would you like me to time it so you can try it, or no?
Nah, release it when you can and i'll try and get a head start
It is a Tatamibari, so reasoning about rectangles & squares is required
it is a what now??
hm interesting
user image
they got the tent set up
yay! now they have to not burn themselves
worth it to edit the MathJax out from here again?
4:56 AM
It's all right, they're clearly determined to have it
don't bother
5:15 AM
5:49 AM
126 messages moved to [[grid-deduction] Puzzle Solving](chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/116768/…)
Good luck, @Sciborg. Did your dad get tested? Lots of things can cause fever. Like, you know, the common cold (though it's usually low fever if any).
oh whoever can pin chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/14524?m=56281996#56281996 (or solve it :P whichever comes first) that would be great (edited to add: thx)
@msh210 He's going to be tested tomorrow, so hopefully it is just flu - but it sounds like he has the classic covid symptoms with smell and breathing issues, so we are all prepping for it.
it's definitely not how i expected my saturday night to go :(
the puzzling is distracting me
how are you doing over there?
6:06 AM
I may have only had a large cup of coffee for breakfast before heading out to base
In my defense, it's winter, which means I'm always highly caffeinated.
@Sciborg ugh, I'm sorry
@Mithical do you guys have ארוחת עשר on base? :-)
No, unfortunately
6:23 AM
Q: Social Distancing Colors - A New Type of Puzzle?

juicyguyzerI think I just thought of a new type of puzzle: Social Distancing Colors. Each of the colors in the rainbow represents at least how much one has to distance by: Red is 6m, Orange is 5m, Yellow is 4m, Green is 3m, Blue is 2m, Indigo is 1m, and Purple doesn’t need to distance. Each meter is a squar...

2 hours later…
8:03 AM
Q: A rather odd number sequence!

Prince DeepthinkerCan you find the next number in this baffling sequence? 925, 955, 1040, 1140, 1255, 225, 410, ?

Q: 4 Talking Clams, and treasure

tdserapioAfter going to the depths of the ocean, you have finally reached it: the ultimate treasure of the world. However, when you go inside the sacred treasure room, you are presented with the Four Clams. They had an argument since one of them has angered Poseidon, the king of the sea. So, they decided ...

5 hours later…
12:37 PM
Q: A Sneaky Yin-Yang Puzzle

athinHere is a standard Yin-Yang puzzle. Rules of Yin-Yang: Fill each empty cell with either a black circle or a white circle. All white circles should be orthogonally connected, so do all black circles. There may not be any 2x2 cell region consisting of the same circle color.

1:31 PM
is it still valid to put an entry here? :0
(oh wait, not that-- that's the answer, not the question
this i mean)
Q: Best "Cryptic Clue Chat Chains" (CCCC) Questions

GentlePurpleRainSince November 2016, there has been a game ongoing in The Sphinx's Lair called Cryptic Clue Chat Chains. It involves one person thinking up a cryptic clue, such as might be found in a Cryptic Crossword, and everyone else trying to solve it. We have been maintaining an archive of these clues, but...

1 hour later…
2:42 PM
Q: Nurimisaki Puzzle: Introduction

AlaikoThis is an entry for Fortnightly Topic Challenge #44: Introduce a new grid deduction genre to the community This is a Nurimisaki puzzle, an area-connection puzzle. Rules of Nurimisaki (taken from Nikoli): Shade each cell either white or black according to the rules below Cells with a circle re...

1 hour later…
3:59 PM
@msh210 Solution to your CCCC is HA + REM (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rapid_eye_movement_sleep).
hey bobble hey gareth
and gameN once again
4:15 PM
@GarethMcCaughan yes, indeed
@oAlt I don't see why not
after sp3000's submission people sort of just stopped trying I guess
(am coming back for a while)
4:51 PM
Oh no, formatting on mobile isn't so easy
thank you Avi >_<
no problem
pass it forward
anddd I shall leave once again
5:36 PM
hey avi!
nvm, avi just left
hi, and bye
ok then um
(@Sciborg, a Doodle Request: some mashup of a bobblecrown and a Deus heptagon)
I just woke up so I'll make breakfast first and then do doodles :P
How is your morning going?
that is a good idea
@Sciborg pretty good :)
I will be helping to set up my family's fake Christmas tree later today.
5:41 PM
@merrybot Doing better than yesterday, my dad says his fever is still low-grade and he feels fine :) getting his test in afternoon so my brother and I are watching ourselves for symptoms until then.
@bobble same here, actually
@Sciborg that's good :)
meanwhile i am translating more ridiculousness
6:17 PM
@Deusovi, thoughts on a minor edit that did these four things?
- remove an incorrect pluralization
- add the apostrophe for "don't"
- add an unnecessary word
- replace a period with an exclamation point
Note that this is a user who has made other very minor edits as well
flag it if you're concerned and we'll handle it - i agree that the latter two are definitely unnecessary
I'm reviewing it at the moment
reject, then?
reject, yeah
it technically does improve the post because of the first two items
6:34 PM
Tatamibari out! @Sciborg
This is a really cool puzzle type
I find it interesting how puzzle types are like fads here. A puzzle type will catch on, run for a while, and then die down and be replaced by something new.
See: Word™, Imgur Mazes, Riley Riddles...
@Sciborg did you find the break-in yet? (there are a few places you could start, but I think only one lets you make decent progress)
Not yet but i'm thinking
Are you allowed to have a 1x1 square?
6:42 PM
ahhhh, i think i found the break-in
(completely unrelated) do you like the pattern of clues?
hmm, no, wait.... never mind i did not find the break-in
i have no idea what to do
I think you may have found one of the spots where you can make a deduction, but to make real progress you need information given by the true break-in
neat puzzle!
6:44 PM
and Deus sniped you
of course
sorry, i happened to notice it as soon as it was posted
a bit easy, but i'm used to the type of argument that i think was intended
you actually found a break-in I didn't intend... your first part was intended to be part of the end of the puzzle :(
I made the puzzle too easy
yeah deductions like that first part pop out to me really easily, especially ones involving corners
roughly, my solution path was left -> bottom -> middle -> top -> right
6:49 PM
honestly tatamibari has always come off to me as a genre where it's very hard to prevent unintended break-ins
@sciborg doodle? or are you still breakfast-ing?
shikaku has similar problems in my experience - "divide into rectangles where each rectangle has one of the given symbols" is just a very restrictive ruleset on its own
I was considering throwing in some ? that would indicate a rectangle/square without giving dimensions, but I was having trouble making the puzzle with regular rulesets
i would be perfectly fine with that kind of variant
Q: Tatamibari: an introduction

bobbleThis is an entry for Fortnightly Topic Challenge #44: Introduce a new grid deduction genre to the community This is a Tatamibari puzzle, where you divide the grid into rectangles and squares. Rules taken from Wikipedia: Every partition must contain exactly one symbol in it. A + symbol must be c...

6:54 PM
good job, sphinx
i was about to say "consider: 3d tatamibari" as a joke but i honestly think that would be even easier than regular tatamibari
how so?
"all regions are cuboids" would be even more constraining for the final solution than "all regions are rectangles"
right, and then there's the problem of actually notating it
because in order to differentiate how things split you need a "fault line" where multiple shapes line up
yeah notation too
6:57 PM
I was also considering a variation where all regions are rectangles EXCEPT for one extra square and/or for one square moved to the outside, but it seemed too hard to make unique
hm, that sounds interesting
kinda reminds me of sashigane
oh huh there haven't been any sashigane posted on pse yet
well there you go if you wanna make a new one
there's an example sashigane
There's obviously no point in me even trying these, but i'll cheer on whoever solves it if you make it :p
that's not true D:
you are a smart baby bird
what about a Pencils?
7:08 PM
what about it?
1 hour later…
8:08 PM
@msh210 How about HAREM? Exultant shout = HA "Energetic activity at night! = REM Lots of women!" = HAREM
Ahh, that has to be it. Nice! :D
4 hours ago, by Gareth McCaughan
@msh210 Solution to your CCCC is HA + REM (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rapid_eye_movement_sleep).
@GarethMcCaughan Ah, I didn't spot that one as I searched for the whole word, which obviously doesn't appear in this. Never mind.
8:36 PM
@Mithical Well, Riley hasn't really died, per se
Though rebuses were really popular for a while when I first joined
2 hours later…
10:17 PM
Q: What number is July?

DrDWhat logic is followed below to get the numbers for the months? MARCH = 3142 APRIL = 1232 MAY = 1121 JUNE = 1220 JULY = ?

11:07 PM
Q: Hexagonal Nurikabe

Matthew JensenNurikabe is a popular grid puzzle, usually played on a square grid. Here is my attempt to adapt it to a hexagonal grid. To solve it, you must shade cells in the grid such that these conditions are met: Like regular Nurikabe, each number indicates the size of a region of unshaded cells containing...

11:18 PM
Drat. I had quite a nice clue for the C4 but when I checked it turned out someone has clued the same word quite recently. In case anyone wants an extra clue while I think about a proper one: Stop playing lute CD (6)
11:33 PM
So I said before I was going to help put up the Christmas tree. Turns out that no one else had time, so I set up the entire tree and decorated it myself. Took me about 2 and a half hours.
CCCC: American conceptual artist eaten by fish (8)
@bobble You seem to have forgotten to post a picture of the tree.
My mom is currently paying me by making me hot chocolate. And any picture would probably have my or my sister's name if you zoomed in enough, since we have a bunch of personalized ornaments.
Ah, that would be problematic. I hope the hot chocolate is good.
11:50 PM
user image
tree picture with (hopefully) all identifying information blurred out
because you asked
That's a good-looking tree.
it's a fake tree, most of the time was me fluffing out the branches
also, that bookshelf in the background is where my dad keeps all of his college math/computer science textbooks, so your kind of bookshelf
@bobble That's a good lookin' fake tree
I did of course look at the bookcase but was unsurprised to find that I couldn't tell what any of the books are. I can see that someone is a Harry Potter fan, because I recognize the 3D jigsaw.

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