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12:02 AM
@PiIsNot3 I see how it is shakes head time to start making a CCross
Good luck! Hope it turns out well for you :)
Speaking of making puzzles, I gotta start writing some for my upcoming series as well
are on/over/covering valid indicators for containment?
What tools are used to create the crossword itself?
@Avi "Covering" - yes, "on/over" - probably not
Since "on/over" have the connotation of something being on top of something, while covering can mean wrapping something up
For tools, good old Excel or Google Sheets does the job well
time to look at some already written crossword
If you want specialized software, then you'd have to shell out quite a bit
12:12 AM
think i've seen "over" as a containment indicator
ok. wasn't there a CCross that was posted earlier today?
maybe it's still on HNQ
how do you decide where to connect your words?
try out different things until it works in all directions
sounds painful
time to check out HNQ and become a god
Hmm, according to this, standard British-style cryptic crosswords are 15x15 with rotational symmetry
@PiIsNot3 What did you think about "Triangle for a triangle" as a title? I thought it was much less obvious than "triangle in a triangle"
12:18 AM
However, the grid is more like a criss cross puzzle than a standard American-style crossword
holy crap 15x15?
that's a ton of words
and it's so densely packed, too
Not as much as a typical crossword though :)
@Avi I think the title is fine, it's really up to you what you want the title to be, so long as it's descriptive
"Title is fine" is what I was going for :)
didn't want to give it away right as soon as you saw the title
Oh wow, I'm on HNQ
D: 15x15
I can't even think of that many words off the top of my head, let alone words that fit crossword constraints
12:28 AM
I haven't written a CC personally yet, but I have tried my hand at making regular crosswords, so some principles apply in this case
The first thing you should do is define your grid
After the grid is set, you can start filling in the words, starting from the longest and working your way down in length
If there's a certain theme you want to stick to, then put those words in first
When filling in the words, I recommend using crossword tools like Qat to help you find interesting words and fill in gaps that you're having trouble filling
If that seems like too much of a hassle, you can go for a variety cryptic style, where the words are separated by solid lines and not black squares. This gives you more flexibility in the words you can use but, as the descriptor "variety" suggests, you usually have to pair the crossword with another mechanism, such as letter extractions
1:10 AM
May returns a death god (4)
look forward to it
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11:21 AM
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2:24 PM
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8:59 PM
oh I should probably give a CCCC hint now, whoops
any preference for type of hint? (single letter? part of the clue's intended parsing?)
Joe MCCARTHY was a supporter of ending to capitalism obstructs, if an obstruct is something that obstructs… which it's not. But anyway, his name has CART in it, which is a means of gathering resources. So if "by" clues MCHY, we're done. :-)
@msh210 #BadC4Solutions?
@ThePuzzlingPlatypus Well, #BadC4PartialSolutions, until I find a way for "by" to clue MCHY.
we're playing codenames if anyone wants in
@ThePuzzlingPlatypus Can you link, please? That room never shows on my list of rooms, for some reason
9:11 PM


For playing the game Codenames. New players, see puzzling.meta...
no problem
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10:15 PM
okay, hint for CCCC: The sixth letter is T.

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