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12:05 AM
sorry @Deusovi I'd missed you editing your answer! Nicely done on getting it :)
12:19 AM
also, what did you think of the format? I tried to cram as many layers of puzzles into a single image as I could (hence terming it "Density") - constructive feedback is more than welcomed before I start drafting the sequel
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1:52 AM
Q: A Cyclic Riley [dup∣icate]

Omega Krypton This question already has an answer here: The Cyclic Riley #1 1 answer Here we go, a classic Riley with a twist! My firsts are the firsts of the days; My middle is the middle, not lacking; My lasts is the last of an $n^{th}$ term series; And my whole is the whole of a cycle. marked as...

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6:55 AM
Q: Double feature: Unpopular

jafeThis puzzle is part 9 of the Double feature series (first part here). The series will continue in "Double feature: Health shakes". Across 2. A victory is found in path leading to hardship (7) 6. Biblical figure among Israelites (3) 7. Limits to wearing prisoner restraints (7) ...

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8:05 AM
i'm looking at an answer on another SE site and this is the most torn i've ever been about whether to upvote
on the other hand, i don't particularly agree with the answer
on the other hand, it currently has 99 upvotes
8:22 AM
which one is it?
8:36 AM
i didn't do it
don't have the link anymore
oh i see
8:56 AM
Q: How can I find the least number of candies in a box when they cannot be seen?

Chris Steinbeck BellI've been going in circles with this question which belongs to certainty about something. The problem is as follows: A porcelain jar is filled with a set of sphere candies. The baker made them in a peculiar condition, so that one half of the ball shaped candy has a color different from ...

Q: Is there a way in which all the members csn be seated?

HisenbergHere's a puzzle where it is very difficult to find a possible seating arrangement of all the members. I have been struggling to solve it. I have devoted so much of my time trying to figure out solution. Can anyone help?

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11:37 AM
Q: Basically Binary but Boldly Baffling

Omega KryptonAnother image sequence puzzle inspired by @Conifers, enjoy ;D Colorblind-friendly version Clarification: one or more tag(s) has been deliberately omitted to enhance the difficulty.

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3:58 PM
Q: What does these thing have in common?

bryan The song All Around The World (La La La) R3HAB, ATC. A plasma ball on a table. Kamasutra positions The world moves on. What do these 4 clues have in common? I can see how 1,2,4 are something about the world or globe but i cant put my finger on the kamasutra position clue.

4:30 PM
My guess for the CCCC so far is one of the following words:
{'s', 'n', 't', 'd', 'o', 'e'}dedo, deed, dene, dent, dess, dodd, dodo, does, done, dont
doon, dose, doss, dote, eddo, eden, ense, esne, need, neetneon, nese, ness, nest, nete, nett, node, none, noon, nose
note, odds, odso, onto, oons, oont, osse, otoe, otto, seedseen, send, sene, sens, sent, sess, sett, sned, snee, snod
snot, sond, sone, sons, soon, soot, soso, soss, sots, sten
stet, stod, stot, teen, teet, tend, tent, test, tete, todd
tode, toed, tone, tons, toon, toot, toss, tost, tote, toto
4:59 PM
Q: Iceberg Cryptography

SlowMagicSee if you can decipher the following encrypted text: I F Y O U R E H A P P Y A N D Y O U K N O W I T C L A P Y O U R H A N D S I F Y O U R E H A P P Y A N D Y O U K N O W I T C L A P Y O U R H A N D S I F Y O U R E H A P P Y A N D Y O U K N O W I T A N D Y O U R E A L L Y W A N T T O S H O W I ...

2 hours later…
6:49 PM
and, it's probably not one of those words... none of the meanings really seem to map?
@Avi No comment on any of those guesses
In the future, I would recommend you have an explanation of the wordplay as well
Well, I was just going through all the letters within the words you gave
rearranged them with max length 4, and checked if they were in the dictionary
finally, I checked the definitions if any matched "not end", "not", "ends end", or "end", but none seemed to fit the criteria
@Avi It’s not enough to just guess the solution, you’d need a full explanation on how it fits both the definition and wordplay parts
Therefore it's more likely that the wordplay causes other letters beyond s, n, t, d, o, e to appear in the solution
That attempt was intended to find a definition from which I could deduce the wordplay, but unfortunately it didn't seem to work
I know you’re trying your best :)
7:01 PM
2 more hours till hint? O.o
Maybe, we’ll see if anyone makes significant progress toward finding the solution
@Avi also, since you seem to be really interested in CCs, here’s a shameless plug for Omega Krypton’s chatroom, where we also have a CCCC but significantly easier/more straightforward
waiting for access to his room, but in the meantime I have a comment on his latest color puzzle
I think it was intentional for him to use cyan, red, and yellow for the three colors, because the first letters spell CRY, which is exactly how i feel right now :(
@Avi Aww, are you ok? Do you need a hug?
No, I need someone to solve my riddle D:
Then I can actually post a thorough explanation of everything, since there are not going to be any more hints
@Avi Maybe try setting a bounty on it? That would at least encourage more participation with it, and hopefully someone will come along with the correct answer
7:10 PM
Will do
can you do italics in the bounty message?
what do you call PSE members?
is there a specific term or do you just say PSE members
"bunch of weirdos" works. ;)
I usually just go with PSE members, or Puzzlers.
“Fellow puzzlers” works pretty well imo, but it’s totally up to you what you want to include in your message
That should get someone's attention - 500 points bounty posted
7:16 PM
@Avi Wow, going all in huh? Bold move, hope it pays off :)
500? O_o
otherwise I'll look down on y'all
7:40 PM
Q: The sad story of a former model

JS1A long time ago, I used to be a model, Even though I was a bit thick boned, I'd dress in casual clothes like everyone else, I could have been a thousand different things, I was way ahead of my time, It pains me to think I should have been a singer instead, Nowadays, I'm not as mobile as I used...

Q: The Question to the Answer

DraakhondInspired by a recent puzzle that was solved by nobody, I came up with this one that can really be solved by someone. No, that is not the solution. It can be found by anyone. No, no, that is not the solution either. This is not helping. Just read the question carefully and let me know what you thi...

Hopefully the answer to the last one isn't "the answer to the question.", because that would be sooooo cliche
8:40 PM
Not suitable for PSE, but here's a puzzle I just posted to Facebook (where most or all of you can't see it, so I'm posting it here rather than linking to it):
9:08 PM
(Not suitable for PSE because it requires knowledge that the vast majority of people on PSE don't have.)
I'm sensing a theme...
9:21 PM
problem solving?
or is the answer PSE
9:44 PM
@msh210 Is the puzzle about finding a common word?
10:10 PM
@msh210 Whereas the people here will have that knowledge?
(I see a couple of things that might be country-specific, though not to the same country.)
@Wolff not exactly. But the various pictures have something in common
@GarethMcCaughan not more than the people on PSE will. I posted it here nonetheless because of the looser requirements of chat
10:40 PM
Save Wolff the heartache and solve this puzzle!
He doesn't want to wait 7 days for an answer
It's more of a headache.
I still can't believe it's not about Charon who sells transport to Hell.
that transport one is a bit funky
Q: Logic Grid Puzzle Car Wash

Erin Help! I've been looking at this puzzle for some time now and I'm stuck!

10:43 PM
It's more about a mode of transport that could potentially send you to Hell if you're unlucky
than a direct transport to hell
in any case, the "spectres" hint should've been straightforward
Anything that smashes into you can send you to Hell. :-)
correct, and if you're riding in something and it crashes, it can also send you to Hell
the key of that hint is more about "transport sells"
there are not that many modes of transportation which require money
in any case, I'm going home
as long as I don't get sent to Hell on the way, hopefully somebody will answer by the end of the week and I can verify
Didn't know you weren't home
Well, safe trip!

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