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12:06 AM
@Rubio The options are available to me and I've known about them the whole time but I have to admit that it feels a bit rude if I act like an attribution vigilante that goes around flagging everything and leaving comments. I don't know how the process behind the scenes works but what I have done up to this point is leave a comment then wait for a while. Normally I get a response or I flag after some time has passed. I'm guessing you say this because I've forgotten to flag several times
I guess I should just flag immediately then?
You can always leave a friendly comment if you like, but flagging gets eyes on it to get the problem addressed - ideally before people start answering it. something we don't want is for people to farm rep off someone else's content, which we see occasionally; but even beyond that, SE in general and we in particular dislike it when people post content they didn't create without properly acknowledging its source. And most of the creative effort here is in the question.
So yeah, it's best to flag it when you see it. That'll put it into the queue for reviewers to agree (or not) - so don't worry that you're single-handedly (-footedly?) stomping on people :)
12:32 AM
I just think it is a tedious process for something that may be resolved in 30 seconds. Anyway, I'll do that from now on :D
Unfortunately, a significant part of the time, the asker never supplies the origin. Sometimes they self-delete the question rather than just tell us where it came from. Other times they ignore the request and the whole thing, including whatever effort people put into answering, gets discarded when the question is deleted.
cough typical codechef question cough
I should also mention that part of why we ask is that many times, just knowing where something comes from gives would-be solvers some useful context on the puzzle that they wouldn't have otherwise
heh. yeah. exactly.
1:02 AM
Q: A progressive Riley

Cloudy7Okay. This is the first Riley I've written, and it gets progressively harder as you go along, so here goes. I wrote this, and then realized that I used a mispronunciation of the target, so I had to sloppily improvise. I apologize. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it! My prefix is just shy of white, Yet...

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3:02 AM

athinIBaNTsJTtStPMP means "I'm Bad at Naming Things, so Just Try to Solve this Patterned Masyu Puzzle!". The original Masyu rules apply. Make a single loop with lines passing through the centers of cells, horizontally or vertically. The loop never crosses itself, branches off, or goe...

3:43 AM
@Rubio yes!
why does uptight = anal? @msh210
@Rubio :-)
@OmegaKrypton en.wiktionary.org/wiki/anal "of a person, compulsive and stubborn, obsessed with neatness and accuracy"
this is why you need to understand multiple meanings of the same word
@OmegaKrypton yep :-) There was some polysemy of party there, too.
thanks @msh210
3:47 AM
sure, np
@msh210 hmmm ;)
4:26 AM
Q: What is an Etienne Word™?

ParseltongueThis puzzle is based off the What is a Word™ and What is a Phrase™ series started by JLee and their spin-off What is a Number™ series. If a word conforms to a certain rule, I call it an Etienne Word™. Use the following examples to find the rule: These are not the only examples of Etienne Wo...

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9:27 AM
Q: What is an Eternal Word™?

BassThis puzzle is based off the What is a Word™ and What is a Phrase™ series started by JLee and their spin-off What is a Number™ series. If a word conforms to a certain rule, I call it an Eternal Word™. Use the following examples to find the rule: $$ % set Title text. (spaces around the text ARE ...

10:07 AM
Q: You could help me, can't you?

Omega KryptonIntroduction I am an enthusiastic geometry student, preparing for my first quiz. Yet while revising I accidentally spilt my coffee onto my notes. Can you rescue me and draw me a diagram so that I can revise it for tomorrow’s test? Thank you very much! My Notes

10:28 AM
Q: Sometimes you are this word with three vowels

DEEMSometimes you are this word Remove the first letter, does not change the meaning Remove the first two letters, still feels the same Remove the first three letters and you find a way Remove the first four letters and you get a number The letters rearranged is a surname Wh...

11:08 AM
Q: Luncheon in the dungeon

jafe – "Sssslither..." Brigitte jumped. The voice had whispered almost directly into her ear, yet there was nobody to be seen. She looked at the ground beneath her feet. Was something moving? She was probably imagining things again. – Did you hear something? she asked her guide, Skaylee. ...

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12:39 PM
CCCC: Grade and time period of plaster (7)
BAND + AGE , def=plaster @Rubio
Hm. I didn’t intend grade as BAND but I guess that works too.
Grade was just B (and the “and” literally present)
You’re up
12:52 PM
CCCC: Half gas and simpleton causes contradiction (8)
@Rubio done
1:05 PM
Once again it’s time for ... Today’s Bad C4 “Solution”™️!
When something’s out of gas it’s dead. and any man interested in getting married is clearly a fool (in love, if not in fact). So half DE(ad) + FIANCÉ is defiance, or contradiction. #BadC4Solutions
Q: Lazy puzzler's masyu

jafeThe creator of this masyu forgot to add the final stone, so the puzzle remains incomplete. Finish his job for him by placing one additional stone (either black or white) on the board so that the result is a uniquely solvable masyu. Normal masyu rules apply.

The actual solution is of course OXY(gen) + MORON
gotcha @Rubio
CCCC: Backwards dad and mom are visible (8)
1:20 PM
>AP + PARENT, def=visible @Rubio
CCCC: Combined quarrel heartlessly made feature in daily newspaper(9)
beware of new type of wordplay, not sure if this is allowed but trying it out
oops the clue is wrong
Quibble, doesn't it have to be "mom, perhaps"?
CCCC: Nonstop quarrel, when combined, heartlessly made feature in daily newspaper(9)
@JohnDvorak I guess ... hehe
2:09 PM
Q: A Sincere Nurikabe Puzzle

athinSo here's a standard Nurikabe puzzle. I'll be using the final (solved) grid for my upcoming local puzzle competition logo as it will spell the abbreviation of the competition name. So, what does it spell? Rules (adapted from Nikoli): Fill in the cells under the following rules. ...

2:24 PM
3:09 PM
Q: Wednesday's Blocking Donimoes Problem

Don KirkbyI've designed a set of dominoes puzzles that I call Donimoes. You slide the dominoes like the cars in Nob Yoshigahara's Rush Hour puzzle, always along their long axis. The goal of Blocking Donimoes is to slide all the dominoes into a rectangle, without sliding any matching numbers next to each ot...

3:49 PM
Q: Some complicated clues

I N T E R E S T I N GI am mud that will trap you. I am a colloid hydrogel. What am I? Take the first half of me and add me to this: I am dangerous to wolves and werewolves alike. Some people even say that I am dangerous to unholy things. Use the creator of Poirot to find out: What am I? Now, take another word for ...

4:09 PM
Q: Rubio, please help Clark!

Ak19Clark who is consecutive in nature, lives in California near the 100th street. Today he decided to take his palindromic boat and visit France. He booked a room which has a number of thrice a prime. Then he ordered Taco and Cola for his breakfast. The online food delivery site asked him to enter t...

4:29 PM
Q: Navigating the multiverse of bifurcated parallel realities

SlowMagicSuppose you are sitting comfortably in your universe admiring the word SING. Just then, Q enters your universe and insists that you insert the string "IMMER" into your precious word to create a new word for his amusement. Okay, you can make the word IMMERSING... But then you realize, you can a...

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7:30 PM
Q: Don't tell me you forgot!

Cubemaster You! I see you walking there Nary a worry or a care Come, listen to me speak My mind is strong, though my body is weak. I've got a riddle for you to ponder Something to think about whilst you wander It's a classic Riley, a word split in three For a prefix, an...

7:48 PM
@OmegaKrypton rather a poor solution, I think, but I'll try it anyway: Quarrel= cross words. When combined heartlessly: put them together by removing the middle space. Thus, crosswords. Nonstop: remove the final letter. We've made crossword = feature in daily newspaper
yeah... you're right @msh210
Q: Is this a mathematical puzzle?

JKHAI saw this photo on LinkedIn: Is this a puzzle? If so, what does it mean and what is a solution? What I've found so far: $a = \pi r^2$ is clearly the area of a disk of radius $r$ $2\pi r$ is clearly its diameter $\displaystyle \int\dfrac{dx}{sin\ x} = ln\left(\left| tan \dfrac{x}{2}\right|\...

oh okay. I was worried it was wrong because people don't usually mention the removal of a space
no sorry
quarrel was supposed to be cross swords
7:51 PM
combined and remove heart: s
yeah, got it
that's better than my solution
8:04 PM
CCCC: A beheaded European (by mistake) (10)
8:58 PM
@msh210 Solution to your CCCC is ACCIDENTAL: A + (o)CCIDENTAL.
I'm somewhat AFK at the moment so a successor may be slower coming than usual; sorry about that.
9:08 PM
@GarethMcCaughan It is indeed.
3 hours later…
11:52 PM
CCCC: Scuttle after police -- that's the way (6)

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