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12:21 AM
I'm going to be somewhat AFK for about the next week (just how AFK remains to be seen) so here is a replacement C4 in case I'm not around when GPR next comes along.
CCCC: Western state provides what the Greeks never had (7)
(Of course if it turns out that my solution to GPR's clue is wrong then you should disregard that.)
12:40 AM
@Gareth Yes, that's correct.
1 hour later…
1:46 AM
@GarethMcCaughan Possibly CA+LENDS (def: what the Greek (calendar) never had)
@Alconja Correct!
Must admit there was a bit of "let's make obvious constructions that sound like words and google them" going on.
1:58 AM
Bit of a quick one because i'm pressed for time:
CCCC: A small measure of money takes time, energy, guts (10)
2:46 AM
Got it. CEN(TIME)T+_ER_
@SKOG That's it. Well done.
Thanks. My turn then:
CCCC: Tim Tang's rewoven tatami, for instance (7)
Did the obvious research. My eyes hurt now.
Lol. @GarethMcCaughan you just skimmed through everything and put the final answer.
1 hour later…
4:08 AM
@SKOG MATTING* (def: tatami, for instance)
4:28 AM
CCCC: Popular opinion, for example (8)
4:58 AM
Q: Four coins on my desk

Cloudy7I have four coins, all of which are United States currency, on my desk. Some of these coins are face up, and the rest are face down. I know the following facts about the four coins: 1) Each of the four coins is just less than 2 centimeters in diameter. 2) The oldest coin of the four is from 198...

2 hours later…
6:45 AM
Perhaps not a good idea to flag your own feed for spam, even if it happens to post a recent question that is spam.
7:29 AM
@SQB I was of the impression that was the right thing to do and that the feed bots were immune from banning (and thus, just the message gets cleaned up). Sounds like I'm mistaken... Got any definitive source for the correct approach for handling inadvertent feed bot spam?
"ping me"
The feed is immune to flag bans, but still not something you want to do.
7:46 AM
Yeah, what @Mith says.
It would be a nice feature to remove a fed post from chat when it's deleted as spam on main, but we don't have that feature.
Although I'm sure there has to be a request for that on meta.meta somewhere.
Well, I'll be. [chat] [feed] [spam] comes up empty.
Q: What happens if the Feeds guy gets flagged for spam/offensive messages?

sbiGiven the many recent discussions about the problems with flagging in the chat, I just wondered what actually would happen if enough people flagged a message of that Feeds guy as spam/offensive. Would he then be banned for half an hour, too? And would that only impede his ability to post abou...

Confirms that feeds are immune.
(Not that I would doubt @Mith).
(You should always doubt me. Keep me on my toes.)
(Not literally, though, my pointe isn't exactly.... en pointe.)
8:07 AM
Happy to just ping mods, but (and I'm not trying to be confrontational, just want to understand), why not flag it? Seems like using the built in system to let whoever is available in that moment would be better/faster than annoying specific individuals who may not be around (plus it leaves a second message in addition to the first to further clutter chat)...
No need to bother everyone with 10k around the network about it.
8:27 AM
@Alconja majority? It's ≈popular as an adj., and is an example of a court opinion as a n.
What does "for example" mean in CCs? Is it like "maybe"?
@Mithrandir generally it means one type of something, like a majority is an example of an opinion. Or reversed, so STATEMENT could be a good answer here, since opinion is an example of a statement. (Except that it's 9 letters and doesn't fit the rest of the clue)
...so basically, it works like "maybe". If I understand "maybe" correctly.
@Mithrandir yeah I guess so. Or maybe 'maybe' is more general, including examples like those and also other types? But I can't think offhand of any such other types.
Could sorta be a ddef of INSTANCE
8:38 AM
@Mithrandir in+stance
in (popular)+ stance(opinion)= instance(example)
^ @Alconja
I was looking at popular opinion = instance like, at the instance of (not insistence), but that works better I think
(I confirmed with a dictionary that the word is used like that)
@Mithrandir oh interesting, I don't know that usage
@msh210 that's it. (was unaware of the def mith mentioned, was just trying to do a bit of a red herring follow on from the last one)
8:57 AM
CCCC: Party is uptight after communist leader interrupts composer (9)
9:18 AM
Q: Chemistry Riddle

William PennantiHere is a riddle for all you science nerds out there! Each clue will give you a word or chemical. Tell me how these link together. Clue 1: Work out the chemical and take its atomic symbol part 1: strong metal, to do with wolves part 2: electrons are equal to sqrt(7225) part 3: named in the sam...

Hmm... I was thinking "Lenin" inserted into a 4-letter name of a composer, but I can't think of anything that makes that work with the rest of the clue.
@Sid Skimmed?
9:38 AM
PSA: Please never bring a fussy baby to an escape room. It's a very bad idea. >.<
The staff doesn't want to put up with it...
Unless it fits with the theme, of course.
(In other words, this baby is getting on my nerves. Grrrr.)
1 hour later…
11:01 AM
@GarethMcCaughan well, what else? The first one is incorrectly solved but has the correct answer. The second one is a guess(and a pretty accurate one), you didn't solve the third fully either.
All of that is probably my fault for setting a rather shoddy puzzle, but hey. I will complain. :P
Sid, I hope you didn't use this one in your PD clues. (But it nicely fits #5.)
what's PD?
printer's devilry
oh thanks
See here, part 3.
11:15 AM
@MOehm Why do you hope not?
Just because of the rarity of the word?
Because it's a really old word: people hope to find example uses in Spenser's work.
I suspect the dress one may be The dress's d???? collars
Well, The dress's d??t? collars
but it'd need to end in a vowel
That's what Gareth also suspected. (Dirty would work, but -yc isn't a good suffix.)
I guess the place of the gap is about right, but maybe it's do ... llars or even dol ... lars.
(Well, that last one won't work for collars, obviously, when the middle letter is a T)
@MOehm Nutco, makers of fine mixed nut blends :-)
@MOehm sorry, didn't see that
Donuts to dollars. :)
11:23 AM
11:53 AM
@MOehm No. I had no idea such a word existed
12:08 PM
Also, fwiw, your ideas about that dress clue is wrong.
12:59 PM
Q: Masyu turned vanilla

jafeTried to make something clever, but it didn't work out so you're getting a vanilla masyu instead. Normal masyu rules apply.

1:19 PM
Q: A little bit of encryption

A guest who's called ReddA little selfmade encryption riddle: Whenever I'm searching for a solution, I have this feeling, like standing on a single point. While I take a step forward, I have the feeling I'm falling two steps behind. It never matters how far I go, in the end I always stand where I started. Can you solv...

1:39 PM
Q: Dedicated to our #1 Fan

hexomino People tend to think of me as being small. However I can be confused with an imaginary large being. It has been said a saint got me right between the eyes, perhaps, next to America. I persistently worry when I move about the snake's head. In the West, I am a wealthy and influential bus...

2 hours later…
3:19 PM
Q: Tuesday's Blocking Donimoes Problem

Don KirkbyI've designed a set of dominoes puzzles that I call Donimoes. You slide the dominoes like the cars in Nob Yoshigahara's Rush Hour puzzle, always along their long axis. The goal of Blocking Donimoes is to slide all the dominoes into a rectangle, without sliding any matching numbers next to each ot...

Q: The conclusion of the test

CStafford-14 If I'm real, you want me. If I'm not, I'm a lie. If I'm real, you'll eat me. If I'm not, I'm batter. You might eat me raw, though not healthy. You might eat me baked, still not healthy. You might want me now, but it's not the time. You might want to celebrate, it's finally tim...

2 hours later…
5:40 PM
Q: Rhombicosidodecahedron Slitherlink

Dark ThunderThis is a Slitherlink puzzle, being played on the surface of a 3D object, a Rhombicosidodecahedron. If you are not familiar with Slitherlink puzzles, I don't suggest starting on this one. The solution is unique. I am able to solve this puzzle on a single sheet of paper, which is to say there i...

6:00 PM
Q: What's the answer to this?

herosub12I've been sent this yesterday with no info and I'm so confused. Can anyone tell me what the message is? Seh gdyla wdhjh, seh qhun alts bhn hqhunxyh plt axxbdyf gxu plt yhqhu gxryi lyi tx seh wrmmah khjlzh rytxaqlkah. Pdsedy sexth pex jelaahyfhi ds, sexth ghp gduts, plt yx axyfhu l yhhi gxu jdweh...

6:20 PM
Q: Determined the missing items

CharlieKKThe two distinct sets of numbers below exhibit a pattern from the same kind, similar,but at the same time somewhat contrasting and a bit different to each other,one set is complete, the task is to recognize the pattern and logic, and complete the incomplete set

7:00 PM
Q: A cryptic list of words

I N T E R E S T I N GYou find yourself trapped in a dark room. You say, "hello" and bright lights turn on, flooding the area. You see a piece of paper on the ground: VIG: e(d(innby, eauuu), innby) You also see a keyboard on the ground with wires heading towards the only door in the room. With no luck, you try to pu...

8:00 PM
Q: Grid puzzle solutions

Jakub GabčoI have a simple grid puzzle: Example: | X | Y | X | | Y | X | Y | | Y | X | Y | The move is defined as a row or a column move. So when you move one cell, whole column/row moves. Example top row right 2 steps: 1 step | X | X | Y | | Y | X | Y | | Y | X | Y | 2 step | Y | X | X |...

1 hour later…
9:25 PM
Here's a puzzle I wrote back in 2005. It was posted at the time to Usenet and is Googlable, so I'm not posting it on the site, but it's one that I like so I'm posting it here for your pleasure:
Whose lines?
"Oh, wow, you're all sweaty and out of breath. Suck me. Suck me!"
"And you vibrate me until I explode!"
9:47 PM
(Another reason not to post it on the site is that I'm not sure it's the kind of puzzle PSE likes.)
10:01 PM
Q: A pile of chips involving primes

ThomasLAnn and Bob play alternately on a pile of chips. On each play, either 1, 2 or 3 chips can be removed except if the number of chips is a prime number. In that case either 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 chips can be removed.The person, who removes the last chip is the winner. There are 100 chips on the pile. Ann ...

10:43 PM
@msh210 what did I just come back to
10:55 PM
@Rubio I guess you're not old enough to understand... since you're a dog and all
Legends say that if you stop drinking diet coke for a week, you'll finally understand
@Mithrandir “maybe” is a possible anagrind where “for instance” isn’t. Either can also be an indicator for definition by example, the usage probably most seen in cryptics
@Adam apparently I’m doomed to a life of ignorance here, then.
(I’m actually hard pressed to think how long it’s been since I went a week without a Diet Coke)
11:15 PM
@msh210 BAC(C)H+ANAL
11:57 PM
@Adam I see you commenting on questions that look to have come from elsewhere to remind the poster to cite the source. Excellent, thank you! But please don't stop there - I believe you can flag a post as "should be closed" and from there, choose "off-topic because ...", and from THERE, choose the "This looks like a puzzle you found elsewhere." option. (Without actually doing this, can you try it out and see if you have those options available to you?)

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