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12:00 AM
i find myself spamming the sphinx... XD
hi @Alconja
please, mercifully postpone your posting your masterpiece if you're posting it now... thanks a lot
12:19 AM
1:14 AM
@OmegaKrypton Your puzzles are a bit ... elementary.
1:43 AM
for you, senpai... @GarethMcCaughan
2:09 AM
For the avoidance of doubt, the whole point of that comment was in the pun; I wasn't actually saying that they're too easy.
2:29 AM
@OmegaKrypton Can you confirm that either the "not just black and white" one isn't intended to be solved as an ordinary (black and white) nonogram or you've checked very carefully (or generated it automatically so that errors are impossible) and it definitely doesn't have any errors? I am not asking you to say which of those is the case, of course.
1 hour later…
3:43 AM
im checking the nonogram :) @GarethMcCaughan
3:59 AM
done... sorry @GarethMcCaughan
3 hours later…
7:05 AM
Q: The Slaughterhouse

Rewan DemontayYeah, I'm currently obsessed with selfmates. Here's one where it's just three Black pieces against the entire White army. I named this puzzle "The Slaughterhouse" for a reason. It's Black to move and selfmate themselves in 18 moves. Naturally, White chooses to the delay the selfmate for as lo...

Q: Here is my description. Now, tell me, what am I?

user3303504This is not a location, but if you specifically spelt me with an 's' you would spot me in several bedrooms. I could go on, but I feel that's enough of me for now. What am I?

2 hours later…
9:27 AM
Q: I make billions (#3)

JS1 I make billions (#3) My products are quite edgy, But most have been a bust, I'm only one of many, Lord knows who we can trust, I'm not a politician, Yet I work with presidents, And like a mathematician, I seek proofs of excellence, I resemble a detective, Who f...

1 hour later…
10:28 AM
Q: Listen to my Story...Let us find the Unique Invisible Pan Digital Pair

UvcI was an avid reader of Popular Science magazine. In the last page or so, they usually had visual clues without words to make useful stuff. I always wanted to create a mathematical puzzle like that with no expressions. Let us see whether I succeeded. Sometimes, I do not wear puzzle solvers hat...

11:09 AM
Q: The alcoholic village festival

MattiThe villages Arriba and Abajo together have 2019 inhabitants. At the annual festival are more than 2000 villagers this year. When they form a huge circle for dancing, everyone calls happy: "I'm dancing between one from Arriba and one from Abajo!" The people from Arriba ar...

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12:10 PM
Q: Tricolour nonogram

jafeDon't mind me, just dropping this nonogram here.

3 hours later…
3:13 PM
Q: What is my number in circle?

user61165N > 1 people sit in a circle clearly seeing all others. They are going to be blindfolded and, while in this state, hats are put on their heads - one per person, naturally. On each hat there is written a number from 0 to N-1. The numbers may be different or some may be equal. Nothing is known abou...

1 hour later…
4:35 PM
Q: Everybody Loves my Sweet Son...Forgotten Dad

UvcThis simple series is based on my initial (less than 30 ) digits of my signature. Please remember me too and find the missing digits marked X.

1 hour later…
5:36 PM
Q: Let's do some CAP (Cosmology, Astronomy and Physics)

Ak19 ACROSS 5 God of agriculture 8 Time travel 14 Not in Australia... 16 A friend of mine and 800 suns 17 Still growing... 18 Proposed capital Lambda 19 56 + 36 + 3(0) DOWN 1 Nearest to our G-dwarf 2 This is really a powerful pit ! 3 Prefix of an element and a ship. ...

Can you ask for puzzle solutions in here? Or is that verboten?
You mean for solutions of the puzzles on the main site?
No, in general.
I suspect not, but wanted to be sure.
5:54 PM
Well, you can always discuss puzzles and their solution here, I guess, PSE or otherwise.
(Unless these puzzles are from ongoing contests. But you can discuss those whenthe contest is over.)
Not a contest, it's from the new Pokemon Go morph, Wizards Unite. There is a ceaser cipher that was easy, but after a certain time it changed, and I can't make sense of the new text.
Bring it on. I'll have a look. (But I will be here rather sporadically tonight.)
The original text is BPM GZM EIB KPQ VOM DMZ GBP QVO QVM MLB WJM UWZ MKI ZMN CT with a note at the bottom "Dinner at 8". Easily solved ceaser cipher. After a while it changed to this:
53,14,6 - xxxiii, 18,5 - 13,22,9 -xxx,16,1 - 48, 12, 2 - 7, 12, 6 - 36, 9, 2 - xxv, 12, 8 29, 6, 9 - 77, 9, 6!
No idea. If you take the "-" character as a separator instead of a mathematical operator, and translate the roman numerals you get this:
53 14 6 / 33 18 5 / 13 22 9 / 33 16 1 / 48 12 2 / 7 12 6 / 36 9 2 / 25 12 8 / 29 6 9 / 77 9 6
Can't be a book cipher because there are only 7 books in the series.
2 hours later…
8:31 PM
no clue about the cipher but xxx is 30, not 33 :)
9:19 PM
Q: Intelligence iq test pattern

MaxthematixAny ideas on how to solve this matrix?

Q: he and she - er und sie

ThomasLThe formula $HE=\sqrt(SHE)$ translates in German to $ER=\sqrt(SIE)$. Find the solution for both, where each letter represents a digit.

2 hours later…
11:03 PM
@jafe agh. You are correct I missed that.

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