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12:20 AM
@Rubio correct, excellent work! Yes, I couldn't resist.
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CCCC: Three sided figures have no angles in way of hole in ground? (7)
In geometry, a curve of constant width is a convex planar shape whose width (defined as the perpendicular distance between two distinct parallel lines each having at least one point in common with the shape's boundary but none with the shape's interior) is the same regardless of the orientation of the curve. More generally, any compact convex planar body D has one pair of parallel supporting lines in any given direction. A supporting line is a line that has at least one point in common with the boundary of D but no points in common with the interior of D. The width of the body is defined as before...
I suspect that’s sufficiently beat that dead horse now
@Rubio , you and i gotta go and do some damage that won't land you in the hoosegow.
The pokey has an impression of me. Your turn.
Each time i ask the same favo(u)r: Please give me today's crossword along with this pen.
Sorry to interrupt. I have happy fingers after more than half a day of sleep.
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5:07 AM
@Rubio Next level: D!ck jokes ...
5:17 AM
i have one, but it's too long for cccc
5:47 AM
Q: How many children?

Mr Pie My mother often has how many children? This is what I like to call a "one-line wonder". It's a very short riddle, and there are no clues in the title. Hope you enjoy! :) P.S. The answer is not

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9:08 AM
Q: Riddle to Code 2: The return of numbers

Wouter The first is a pirates favorite letter. The second is from a famous quote of shakespear. The third is squaring it off in a famous formula. The fourth is the first in a very well known song. The fifth placed in a line from top to bottom makes the train go in the right direction. The s...

Q: Be a Wordsmith — Assemble as many as you can from the Triangular Settings

UvcUse this triangular setting of letters to form as many words(minimum length 5) as possible, following the given rules. You can start at any letter, follow the connected lines to pickup additional letters To form your final word. You can do so multiple times, you can pickup single or more of the...

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12:09 PM
Q: Jack and Jill went up the Hill to play

UvcA Simple Card Game. This deck of cards has only four cards simply labeled 1, 2, 3, 4. They are placed face down. Jack and Jill take turns to draw a card. You sum up the numbers drawn so far after each turn. If the sum is divisible by 3, last player to draw the card wins. Jack goes first. What...

12:52 PM
Q: The end of open-ended puzzles

Brandon_JConsensus has been reached. I say this on Rubio's authority - the contents of this post are considered to be a part of the definition of this site's scope. So, I posted this open-ended puzzle a while ago, looking forward to all the fun around it and the upvotes that would pour in. Nope. Tha...

this seems to apply pretty directly to that question -- am I missing something?
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2:10 PM
Q: Decode this for the right answer

rian7075ABABAAABAAAABAABAABAABABBAABAAAAAAABAAAAABAAAAABBAAABBBBAABAAAAAAABBAAAABBAABABAAABAA This an encrypted text. You need to decrypt it and encrypt it again to get the right answer.

2:22 PM
CCCC: Passion of a setter's seen in community (9)
Q: How do you Solve an Age-Old Problem?

UvcMansion has a son (Mark) and a daughter (Mindy). Mark is older than Mindy. Five years ago, Sum of Mark and Mindy’s ages was twenty two. Five years from now, Mark will be exactly twice as old as Mindy. How old is Mark now? Give your reasoning details.

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3:55 PM
@Deusovi Perhaps the solution to your CCCC is A+N(IM)ATION. ("Perhaps" because the def seems a little loose; everything else fits nicely.)
Yep, that's right.
Hm? What, the definition being loose? Or the fact that you're up now?
The latter.
Q: Can you find x?

TanteMartinaThis is a question from the NSE iq test (https://free.ultimaiq.net/nse.htm). After 2 hours I can't figure out the answer. I've only made these observations: 829 - 358 = 471 with appears in the next number. From 02 to 35 you need 33 From 29 to 84 you need 55 759 + 88 = 847 123 + 759 = 882 B...

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5:31 PM
Q: Mystic Island Math - Can you Figure it out?

UvcOn Mystic Island math is done via symbols. Distinct symbols represent distinct digits, varying from 0 to 9. From the picture below, figure out the corresponding digits. Please provide your reasoning.

Q: A camel transporting bananas

Joe Z.A somewhat well-known puzzle is described as such: You have a pile of 3,000 bananas. You wish to transport them to a place 1,000 miles away on the back of a camel; however, the camel can only carry a maximum of 1,000 bananas, and will eat one banana every mile it travels (and will not go anyw...

Q: Why does this solution guarantee that the prince knocks on the right door to find the princess?

WendiKiddI found this puzzle online: On the top floor of a castle lives a princess. The floor has 17 bedrooms arranged in a row. Each bedroom has doors connecting to the adjoining bedrooms as well as to the outside corridor. The princess sleeps in a different bedroom each night by opening the door to ...

CCCC: Minister of State's on the left of the Conservative Party (6)
5:49 PM
Any chance we can get Codenames going?
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6:51 PM
Q: A Beginner Puzzle

XDVV For my first puzzle on Stack Exchange, I thought I'd start in the beginner range, Feverishly close to the solution Though beginners will take the revolution. You aren't a beginner, so you can't get it right Only a starter would see the light Never so close, puts y...

Q: Another cool number-sequence puzzle

TanteMartinaThe task is to find x. (Source https://free.ultimaiq.net/nse.htm) 123456, x , 93332736, 3359978496

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8:32 PM
Q: iEnglish word Puzzle

J.KhamphousoneMany students pass their A-Levels (UK), High School Degree or their countries' equivalent. Most of them passionately have to study mathematics and in one of their courses, they might have heard: indivisibility Some of them might have noticed: "what a curious word with so many i in it!". Bu...

Q: iFrench word Puzzle

J.KhamphousoneFrench students pass their French A-Levels (UK) or High School Degree equivalent when they are approximately 17 or 18 years old. Most of them passionately have to study mathematics and in one of their courses, they might have heard: Indivisibilité, French for indivisibility. Some of them mi...

speaking of open-ended...
8:50 PM
I think it is too much of a programming task to be a puzzle
9:03 PM
It has been edited and the formula was changed so now it can be solved logically
Q: Misaligned Cube: How to fix?

Frank-Rene SchäferThere must have been an accidental turning of corners. Now, I do not know how to turn corners, so that the cube is solvable again. The red and blue edges are the only misaligned pieces.

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10:13 PM
Q: Swapping rooks in a 4x4 board

ChaoticYou have a 4x4 chessboard with four black rooks on the top and four white rooks in the bottom. Your goal is to swap these rooks using the minimum number of steps. It does not matter which rook is which, as long as there are four white rooks on the top and four black rooks in the bottom. Ches...

10:49 PM
@GarethMcCaughan perhaps DE + A + CON
Where does the A come from?
(That isn't the answer I intended, though it's always possible that I accidentally made a clue with two answers.)

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