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1:50 AM
@GarethMcCaughan Christian here, so yeah, more straightforward for me. Also, it was Easter Sunday where I posted it.
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5:36 AM
Q: Who got some sun on the voyage?

MetaZenWe meek internationalists go on a little afternoon voyage Who got some sun on the voyage?

6 hours later…
11:06 AM
Q: Reflections in a Square

Gilad MAn ideal billiards table (no friction, ideal reflections off of the walls, no pockets) is shaped like a square. From the bottom-left corner, shoot a point-sized cue ball at some angle. What is the shortest path that hits all 4 edges of the table at least once each and ends in the top-right corne...

2 hours later…
12:43 PM
Q: Minimum number of clues for Sudoku to have an unique solution?

Petar GrgićI already know that 17 clues are a minimum for a Sudoku to have a solution, but I don't consider a Sudoku to be a real Sudoku while having more than one solution.

1:03 PM
Q: Trying to enter the Fox's den

CStafford-14You're trying to get into the fox's den, but the sneaky fox has devised a puzzle that deters drowsy dogs. Can you get in? You find a panel with this writing: B9 Q4 F14 C7 There is no void What could the fox possibly mean?

1:42 PM
Q: Like totally amazing interchangeable sister outfit accessory swapping or whatever

SlowMagicOMG, me and my sister are like total BFFs and we share clothes like all the time! We soooo have the same sense of style and we borrow stuff from each other like every single second! We don't even care, like, who was the last to borrow what from who or whatever. We can work anything into our ou...

2:40 PM
Q: Sequence made of symbols

adeThat's the original sequence: ⬅↕➡,⬅↕,➡,⬅,?,?,↕➡ I'm going to use other symbols to make it readable: (/), (/,), (/, ?, ?, /) I've noticed that the comma initally moves to the left,in fact we have a full symbol ⬅↕➡ that gets cut by the comma and becomes ⬅↕, and then the other part, goes after t...

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5:15 PM
Q: Coin Game with infinite paradox

SpqrTiangHere’s the puzzle/problem: Let’s presume we are best friends. I own the house next to you. I make a gaming proposition along the following lines: You throw a coin over and over again. So long as it comes up heads, you keep throwing. When it comes up tails you stop and I pay you $$$ — depending on...

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9:48 PM
Q: What is her name?

noClueI stand before her, with calm nervosity No sweat, but still hot "Is it me or just the weather?" I think I keep asking myself if I should I definitely can, so I ask "What's your name, young lady?"

10:46 PM
Q: A journey... into the MIND

jafe Across 1. Drench 6. Garland 7. Senior executive 8. Jack's fellow grumpy old man 9. Willy Wonka or the Mad Hatter 10. Chose between two pills 11. Iconic Dracula 12. Dissuade 13. West African nation Down 1. Sushi wrapping 2. Turned into violence-promising film ...


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