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12:07 AM
Reading the new Code of Conduct - interesting. I thought saying "you could google this in 5 seconds" was standard and people who don't take the time to do that are unappreciated on stackexchange (obviously this doesn't apply to puzzling)
anyone up for Codenames?
@thecoder16 historically, yes, but it doesn't give carte blanche to be rude to those people
which many people on StackOverflow tend to be
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3:03 AM
Q: I was inspired to create another anagram puzzle

user477343Another anagram puzzle! Just like my previous anagram puzzle, this one has $20$ lines. Some are easy, some are hard, but some can also be a little funny. Once again, credit to @QuantumTwinkie's anagram puzzles, as they have served a heavy inspiration. Make sure to check them out, too! His ...

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5:53 AM
@GentlePurpleRain Yes, your answer to my C4 is correct.
7:02 AM
I've just looked at the latest C4, and ... what.
7:16 AM
Q: In Angular js 5 Validation pattern of Website Url

Nikita gargI am using the Reactive form in which I want to validation on website url with https or http eg. https://www.google.com thats according i need a pattern

@Sphinx VTC: Off topic.
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9:07 AM
Q: My teacher gave me a puzzle one day

user477343I told my teacher that I liked riddles and puzzles. As a matter of fact, I introduced him to the Puzzling Stack Exchange! Then, he got a sheet of paper, asked for a pen, and when he found one (I didn't have a pen on me, as usual) he wrote something on it. I was on my computer, writing my anagram...

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10:38 AM
I must say, Puzzling.SE refined my skills to the point of getting published, for the fourth time in four decades. (No direct reference, per etiquette). Took some effort.
(Also wore out a computer.)
Thank you!
11:13 AM
Q: Removing 100 digits from the first 100 numbers

Rand al'ThorWrite the first 100 positive integers next to each other to form one big number: $$123456789101112131415161718192021\dots90919293949596979899100.$$ If we remove 100 digits (not necessarily consecutive) from this big number, what is the largest possible number that could remain? And the smallest? ...

Now, from /conduct, wouldn't any reasonable user assume that this on top of the SO logo is Morse Code? Alas, it decodes to DXD ZXOBZXO ZDXDB, which doesn't Caesar shift into anything legible (closest is ROT3, which reveals GAG CARECAR CGAGE). Also no Vignere into anything (tried keys related to CODE OF CONDUCT, and STACK EXCHANGE, etc). I'm disappointed :(
Unless someone like @MOehm can find something I missed...
It's not likely that there is anything.
(Also, welcome back, humn! That's great!)
11:30 AM
@Deusovi Yeah, that's why I'm disappointed.
@Deusovi , hello D*! I have 10++ half-finished puzzles that need further attention. Hopefully now that i can recover my sense of humo(u)r.
Publishing can get partially grim.
[Retreating into the background until i have some idea of what's really going on here.]
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1:50 PM
Q: My prefix is the beginning

Sensoray My prefix is the beginning, My suffix is too, My infix is telling, What magic makes you do. What am I?

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3:42 PM

Joe-You-Know So often forgotten, unless accidentally used, How am I so rotten; why am I so often abused? I'm loud and obnoxious, it's obvious when I'm there, For I'm not for the cautious, you might use me when you swear. Take away all restraint, and I'm what you're left with. What am I?

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4:45 PM
Q: solve this riddle from gpuzzles

Suhaanaa ShahSource: I like orange and at the same time I hate orange, how is this possible? Note : I rephrased the puzzle from Gpuzzles so that no one can search the riddle. So dont waste your time :p

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5:48 PM
Q: Word in the grid

DuckA word has been hidden in this grid. The word will reveal where Bob's will is. M O P B V P B Y T K O Z R M V K Z F J F A Y S J H

6:04 PM
Q: Trust me, I'm not stealing

QuantumTwinkie Don't look on your face for ME! For, you will only find my cousin. Don't watch out for me in the city! For you will find my other cousin. Instead, maybe look in front of you, Just fill me up and empty me continuously for the most satisfaction. Freeze me and I may...

6:19 PM

Olivia Boag I really don’t get this whatsoever

Q: The Ultra-Cute Pandas

CGreenIt was the late 90’s. I was leaving the theatre having seen my first 3-D film. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a girl appeared from the nearby bushes, demanding I take her money for my 3-D glasses. Slightly stunned, I refused, but she continued to advance, even offering the gemstones around her fingers...

6:48 PM
Anyone up for Contact?
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8:41 PM
Q: This audio file contains a message, what does it say? [steganography]

Mansour MoufidDownload the file puzzle3.wav here: https://github.com/eliteraspberries/staticbit/releases/tag/puzzle3 Use the script staticbyte.py to decode the hidden message, like so: python staticbyte.py -d puzzle3.wav You will need Python, Numpy, and a terminal. Have fun!

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9:44 PM
Q: Falcon Circus, Prologue: The Twins

iiiidkYou get home from work, grab the mail, take off your coat, and sit down on the couch with the TV on the news. "Bills, bills, junk..." you sift through your mail, and stop to look at a very colorful looking flyer. The flyer is bright red and purple- two colors that don't seem to sit well togeth...

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