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4:18 AM
Q: Snake word puzzles

DuckFind the nine letter word that "snakes" through the grid. Every letter is only used once. If you are stuck on one then write it down and it will easier (in my opinion). R A L S M A U P I Try another one: L E L A S E I T C And the last one: N E L O T G S I N

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6:23 AM
Q: I'm one of many brothers

Peter SI'm in the air and I'm in the ocean, To the ones like Shakespeare goes my devotion. I get confused by my seeing, yet compleatly different my meaning. Sometimes big and sometimes small, when I protect, you won't see me at all. What am I? Hint in the title.

6:38 AM
Q: You see me every day

Peter SMy solem wish is to break free, If you double up, I shall not flee. To the ground I tie you with my yarn, in prisons the keep me, so I don't harm. Thick and thin and I come in various colours, sometimes I'm unseen in the summers. Children fear me for my riddle, usually I lay in the middle. What ...

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7:40 AM
Q: Find the hidden dialogue

Shahriar Mahmud Sajid26535-34825-69399-78164-50288 59230-26433 70679-41971-14159-78164-06286-34211 Hint 1: Hint 2:

Q: Number of Students in the class?

OrayEach student writes down his/her name, surname, age and birthplace on a card in a class. After that, these cards (each containing four entries) are collected and examined. The following observations are made: No matter which four cards are picked, at least two of them contains an identical entr...

7:56 AM
Q: 20-Questions on a grid

fletcher-reedePosted this on /r/puzzles too, none have given the right strategy as of now :) There is a square grid of width and height $m$. Three facts about the grid: Each cell has a value, and no two cells have the same value. Each row and column is either ascending or descending. $1 \le m \le 1000$ Y...

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10:32 AM
Q: Question: 4/11((DEADEND)^9)

krapnaqhints: 1)think tech(ans is related to tech) 2)abc^3 = abc abc abc 3)pink(from another hint: poop is not kool) & toto (do not connect this hint with deadend as there are 2 ways to derive the answer and this is one of them)

11:19 AM
Q: I Have No Lungs

user477343 Riddle me this: I have no lungs, but I can breathe, Where you, yourself, cannot. Via me, the greenwoods seethe, Where my cheeks will flush when hot. I have no lungs, but I can drown, Where you will suffocate. Find me on the reddest crown, With the scratch of a duplicate. ...

11:50 AM
Q: How many people of this village drink alcohol?

philipIn a small village $90$% of the people drink Tea, $80$% Coffee, $70$% Whiskey and $60$% Gin. Nobody drinks all four beverages. How many people of this village drink alcohol? I first thought it can be solved with the inclusion-, exclusion principle. By now I think there is too little information ...

12:06 PM
Q: 100% legal briefcase crack

jafeI have recently obtained a locked briefcase by, uhm, completely legal means. The combination lock has six numbers and I can't seem to figure out the correct combination. There was a small note attached. Maybe it's the owner's favourite poem or something? Seems like near-gibberish to me, though...

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1:20 PM
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2:42 PM
Q: This is an OLD game that I still enjoy

mrdeadsvenHy This will be my first question ever on this forum. It's a small riddle I thought of myself about my still favorite game to play. Let me know what you think about it (did you liked it, was it to simple). Not to sure about the tags so hope riddle and video-game is fine. I've slain dragons n...

2:57 PM
Q: Find a specific permutation of { 0,...,9 }

EvargaloPlease arrange the ten digits 0,...,9 in a sequence abcdefghij, such that: Each digit appears once and only once. The number 'a' is a multiple of 1 The number 'ab' is a multiple of 2 The number 'abc' is a multiple of 3 ...etc... The number 'abcdefghij' is a multiple of 10.

3:13 PM
Q: That entropic Humboldt!

krapnaqIt's not sustainable! It's all because these large water bodies caused Led Zeppelin, The Who, Black Sabbath, and others to become highly organized, wow.

3:54 PM
@Mithrandir The reason why we've been letting them build up is that Rubio specifically asked the rest of us to leave them alone so he can record all the info he wants about each one.
@GarethMcCaughan Indeed - but I think Rubio has been having computer trouble and I was focused on other things recently, so they just... stayed around.
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5:03 PM
Q: Nothing is Eternal

kevin_ten11What slowly dies when its alive, but lives longest when kept dead? Hint 1:

5:50 PM
Q: Goodbye and hello

krapnaq...misplaced and rediscovered..the internet can never let go can it? only if they let me hang these kids by the ankles...is this it? Decipher or deduce something from this.

6:22 PM
Q: Find the word in the grid

DuckFind a ten letter word that can be formed by using the center letter twice and every other letter only once (it can be in any order, it doesn't have to snake around the grid). F N H D E A O R B Try another one: T Y L M A E R N I And the last one: S M O H C L P A I

Q: The Trials of Sir PacMan

DqwertyCWhile this is too late for the Rare and Endangered topic challenge, it was inspired by it. I had to take a break from Puzzling for a bit, so I missed some really fun looking challenges, but now I'm back and ready to keep making and solving puzzles. Enjoy! As a reward for all of his contributio...

6:53 PM
Q: D, 1995, 1998, 2001, 2005

iiiidk Red Prysock. 1955, 2002. The Beach Boys, Heart. 1967, 1970, 1972. Walter Egan. 1970, 1978, 2008. Dead Milkmen. 1967, 2010. For all you dads out there, here's a puzzle for you! They all share something in common (other than the literal text you see), but each line is exclusive and thu...

7:09 PM
Q: A humble riddle

jafeI am a triumph, a thundering wall; a goddess, a ruler the grandest of all. I loom over towers that can touch the skies; few of world's waters can rival my size. A landmass colossal, a forebear of kings; on seven continents my name still rings. Who am I?

7:57 PM
Q: Find the operators

DuckAssume you are using a basic calculator and press these numbers in order. Replace each question mark with plus, minus, multiply and divide may be used, but no sign should be used more than once. In which order must they be used? 3?2?1?4?3=1

8:20 PM
can we make fun of @MOehm for his bad surface?
i mean, he's never done anything wrong to me, so i like him, but it's still objectively bad
...actually it's strangely appropriate seeing as the new Code of Conduct just went live
well, if we're... nice
8:34 PM
Ah, you Americans will never solve this C4... :P
@MOehm: EH (What) in BAAL (God's name) has V (Victor) I (one) OUR (of us) = B(EH)A(V I OUR)AL (to do with conduct)
who are you calling American?
@EriktheOutgolfer uh... all the people who are American, and frequent this chat room? (It wasn't directed at any particular individual.)
ah, were you referring to that U in there?
I was just pointing out that since they spell the word as BEHAVIORAL, they might not consider it as a candidate for an 11-letter answer.
(I take ^ as a yes...ninja)
I guess my chat "about me" should also say "posts failing jokes" :P
8:44 PM
Q: How many questions in the exam?

OrayA group of students have taken an exam. We have the following information: Every student answered at most 15 questions. Every question is answered by at least 1 and at most 3 students. Every three students answered at least 1 common question. At most how many questions could be there in th...

1 hour later…
10:13 PM
I'm going to assume that my answer to the last C4 was correct, and post the next one.
A little ancient church history for you:
CCCC: Unusual question: Is this the cause of Rome, after Leo IX, spurning and formally excommunicating Cerularius, and laxer men oft shying from the East's position? (8)
Q: Tourist logic destination

DuckThere is logic to the numbers of tourists who visited these places one day. How many tourists went to Denver that day and how are the numbers worked out? Dallas-600 Chicago-201 Orlando-550 Denver-?


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