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12:06 AM
@Sp3000 they aren't supposed to be instantly accessible, it's sort of an imgur maze
Oh, right. nvm then
Would anyone even be interested in a website that 1) offers all the basic classical cryptography/cryptanalysis tools you already know from sites like rumkin 2) adds new custom cipher tools and articles concerning P.SE questions once they are solved (ofc only if the cipher isn't complete crap or just a series of known ciphers)
3) Do you have some other suggestions? The main purpose of it would be to make it an interesting resource for P.SE cipher enthusiasts and to make it able for people to try out every custom cipher they find on P.SE. I still think the idea is lacking something to make it actually interesting, so I'd appreciate some feedback.
I suggest for the meanwhile we can vote with stars on the post
@LukasRotter Do you have an answer for that weird slot machine?
@TheGreatEscaper I think you can stick images (pngs) to the back of each other, so long as you download the image
@boboquack Yes, and I hope it will never be discovered :P
@LukasRotter Now that's just mean. (I like it. Muahahaaa)
12:17 AM
Can we at least have a hint?
(Also, I'm really sad that you deleted your main account on Puzzling. :c )
@boboquack It's not weird, it's bizarre. Tut tut, get it right :-P
So Rotter is "weird" and Rotter's Slave is "bizarre"? — rand al'thor Dec 14 '16 at 17:43
@Deusovi Yes :-(
@Randal'Thor Sorry :P
The solution is pretty embarassing, especially because that puzzle was my last question on P.SE :D
I only posted that question because I desperately wanted to boost my slave's rep
@boboquack Good idea, but I guess "downvoters" have to separately post a "-1" message to me :P
(or a RO having a bad day just removes all stars)
12:37 AM
By the way, for anyone wanting some bizarre analysis, I've got the differences between letters, backwards then forwards, and the actual letter values here:
11	15	21
24	2	10
12	14	12
23	3	26
12	14	3
5	21	17
9	17	12
20	6	3
7	19	9
5	21	2
14	12	23
4	22	9
19	7	5
9	17	12
17	9	3
11	15	12
20	6	1
5	21	7
10	16	2
25	1	18
14	12	19
4	22	5
8	18	1
8	18	19
8	18	11
4	22	3


6	20	15
6	20	9
0	0	3
12	14	3
12	14	17
25	1	5
24	2	6
24	2	8
23	3	10
22	4	13
22	4	17
19	7	21
18	8	2
18	8	10
11	15	18
10	16	7
10	16	23
21	5	13
20	6	18
20	6	24
15	11	4
14	12	15
14	12	1
3	23	13
2	24	10
2	24	8


21	5	5
9	17	10
1	25	1
18	8	26
14	12	8
4	22	20
11	15	16
With this python 3 code:
def letter(x):return ord(x)-96
def diff(a,b):return (ord(a)-ord(b))%26


for i in range(len(s)-1):



for i in range(len(s)-1):



for i in range(len(s)-1):
Note that it trims the letter value of the last letter
1:31 AM
Ahhh, @Rubio? Your template doesn't seem to be working.
1:50 AM
Try reloading. I tested it on multiple devices and browsers and it worked on all of them.
It didn't even do the array lines so the mathjax didn't render correctly
@Rubio : I see the same thing as boboquack.
Did it a few times
And the MathJax box goes above the top of the page too
Well poo. Ok thanks. What browser?
It shows the same thing for me, but after a couple of seconds the correct formatting shows
Google chrome
2:02 AM
Actually, yeah, when going back to that tab after a few minutes I now see it displaying properly, same as Volatility.
Maybe MathJax is just slow to render properly?
Bizarre - mine stays the same
Shouldn't take more than a couple seconds. And I use Firefox and chrome to test, plus safari on iPhone and Chrome on an android device. Renders correctly on all, though it does take some seconds on the slower devices.
2:24 AM
I see that only for a second
2:37 AM
It's resolved to the correct image now.
Maybe the CPU was being a bit slow? Don't know much about internal processing...
I do know sometimes if it's loading a resource from elsewhere to finish rendering it can halt painting the page with the MJ not properly run - but I don't see that often
Though the box still goes above the page
Thanks for the bug reports though :)
If the box is mis-located, you may have something local messed up - I've never seen it do that
2:44 AM
The blue box is what happens when I click on it
oh. huh. actually i see that in Chrome
This is what it usually looks like
I've clicked on the 46=1+1+...
Yah - I'll look into that. Shouldn't be happening that way at all
MathJax is squirrelly.
so the weird display you saw earlier is what is rendered by "Preview HTML", which is what you get before MathJax finishes loading and running all its code
Chrome's HTML-CSS gets the bounding box wrong for some reason
Firefox gets it right
rightclick->Math Settings->Math Renderer->SVG should make everything sane, but then it's being rendered "the hard way". Shouldn't have to do that. :(
3:37 AM
yay. found a fix.
1 hour later…
4:45 AM
huzzah. template fixed, Chrome issue resolved, and even tightened the template macros code up a bit. Learning is fun!
5:06 AM
Now it looks like this pre-load (thought it loads quickly now)
5:20 AM
@humn Since it would be too chatty to keep commenting on the semiïnfinite autobinomonorownonomicrogram post, I just want to say I'm still working on the semiminibinononohohohologram, but can't seem to make progress one way or another
@boboquack , more power to you! You got me to simplify my test solution and feel more confident about it. But, as the puzzle's poser says: "What could look like an infinitely satisfactory solution can easily hide mistakes in plain view or around an infinite corner. "
I trust you saw the latest puzzle too. Thanks once again for getting that tag going.
I tried to disguise it like crazy, but the answer is spelled out quite clearly in Step 1. Everything else is basically adornment.
In any case, i'm looking forward to someone solving it so i can provide an illustration of the solution, which took more effort than the other pictures combined.
Also, in any case, let's hear it for specialized-interest puzzles, which almost every puzzle is in some sense.
5:39 AM
@humn Did Gareth get it?
Gareth definitely described part of the path toward solution, which will be a specific circuit after all.
His observation applies to the lemma, in a secret way, and to step 3, patently.
I got how that works (doesn't it also apply to number 4)...
Yes, though not as essentially. Step 4 can be seen merely as ignoring the top branch of step 3.
To realize just how the lemma is more than step 4 might be the key.
I don't get the proportions of Henries to Ls
Other than "L = 4 Hs"? Maybe my intended cognitive interference is working, having to look at Hs and Ls with different meanings.
5:48 AM
And why Henries are henries...
Or maybe there's a mistake in the diagrams. I changed all the numbers late in the design.
(Henries is used here for inductance the same as Ohms for resistance.)
The title was going to be something like "Join the resistance!" but then i couldn't resist the pun with induction.
oh you mean "henries" uncapitalized? seemed to be the in way to do it.
(they were capitalized at first)
Unfortunately my circuit electronics is a bit rusty
I only do logic gates often enough to be familiar
with them
It looks like the resistor tetrahedron problem
more similar than you might mean, in this case that is.
my martian mentor manshu told me that analog circuit components are passe', so they had to be gone to for maximum puzzlement
my martian mentor manshu holds the secret of, but has not yet taught me, how to make an unspecialized puzzle
6:04 AM
Since the feed's late
Q: Computer programming in calculation puzzles

boboquackIn a recent puzzle, 2 of the submissions were computer programs. Now while I don't have a problem with computer programming, the two submissions used the programs to get around an obvious hurdle in the question. What then, is stopping this submission: Python 3.6.0 code! Try print(ord('X'))#...

Definitely, boboquack, it's too easy to break the spirit of a puzzle
Post an answer then!
Anything i would post quickly would truly come off as puling.
I do like to emphasize that two very important puzzles to solve before even beginning to solve a puzzle are:
1. What is the real puzzle being presented? (often the poser doesn't even know, or how good it could be with a minor change)
2. What is the spirit of the puzzle? (too often solvers don't bother to recognize this)
πŸ–‰ Both of these pre-puzzles are generally toughies.
By the way, boboquack, I really appreciate your specialty puzzle, in the original spirit of this site!:
Q: Making a grid deduction puzzle

boboquack When making a grid-deduction puzzle, what are the strategies in making it? For most grid-deduction puzzles, simply putting numbers/dots/whatever in the grid simply doesn't cut it. However, sometimes you need to fit a certain constraint, such as the answer looking like a certain letter. How ...

Maybe it would get more attention with a tag (sigh)
I'd like to recruit Volatility to add an answer describing how programs were used to create Number slope and A "letter" slope puzzle
7:02 AM
Q: Opposite block control sliding game

Wen1nowHere's a fun maze/grid puzzle inspired by this. Rules of play: Firstly, no two coins may occupy the same space at a time Suppose we label the blue coins B1, B2 Then if B1 is on an arrow then we are allowed to move B2 in that direction (and vice versa) If B1 is on a number we can move B2 tha...

2 hours later…
8:40 AM
@Sp3000 nice puzzle!
Thanks :) I'm hoping the clues are sufficiently fair (some bits could probably be better)
Nice to see you here though :P
The third image was a forehead slapper
it made perfect sense afterwards
I'm not sure actually what the final 4 letter answer is
I have the 10 letter cluephrase
Have you found anything thematic relating to the clue phrase?
Well yes
Is it the first word of the 3?
It's actually just all four words (rather than letters)
8:47 AM
Should have probably made it a bit more obvious, but I figured some people could tell what the answer is pretty easily if I had the third ? verbatim
It is a bit weird that the 3rd word is written as punctuation
Yeah... I was thinking in terms of the clue phrase you'd have to enter, which is typically alphabetic oops :P
I won't have time to write up a solution for a while unfortunately
Feel free to post a stub and update it later, or if you'd prefer feel free to wait and do it later :)
(But yeah re: third/fourth ones - you can probably tell why I had to do that. Not many "nice" options for constructing :P)
2 hours later…
10:56 AM
@boboquack Yeah that's what it should look like preload now. in the last couple of versions I was relying on a dodgy bit of behavior to get them stacked vertically before forcing them to overlap, and that dodgy bit is what it turns out Chrome didn't like. so I found a better way which preloads more cleanly and doesn't blow up the mathjax box size. It seems to render faster this way too, so all good.
Q: My Grandma's secret msg

MelkorMy Grandma sent me a text recently: $\hskip2in$ She used to be a code-breaker back in the war, so she's always enciphering things, I suspect she may be sending me a code of some kind to crack... What should I send back to her? Transcription: Hi Melkor! Just got my new mobile & it's gr8! Coul...

11:44 AM
Q: Computer programming in calculation puzzles

boboquackIn a recent puzzle, 2 of the submissions were computer programs. Now while I don't have a problem with computer programming, the two submissions used the programs to get around an obvious hurdle in the question. What then, is stopping this submission: Python 3.6.0 code! Try print(ord('X'))#...

2 hours later…
2:08 PM
Q: Need help deciphering... possibly a polybius square

Jake Hale"Find the coordinates, get out of the square. Then take one step back and see the answer." 44 – 45 – 51 – 15 – 55 – 22 – 35 – 43 – 55 – 35 – 51 – 43 – 32 – 35 – 34 – 23 – 45 – 21 – 44 – 45 – 13 – 55 – 33 – 12 – 12 – 33 – 25 – 24 – 21 – 34 Using the polybius square, I got this: TUVEZGPSZPVSMPOHUF...

2 hours later…
4:33 PM
Q: A Puzzle With a Missing Tag

Hugh MeyersI almost tripped over him. My thoughts were elsewhere, mostly pondering how it was possible for my niece Stephanie to be so excited by her new job as editor of the obituary section of our local newspaper, so I didn't see the man lying in the street until he was practically underfoot! I was so sh...

1 hour later…
5:38 PM
Q: In a given magic square sum of number in each row and each column and both of main diegnols are equal then the value of x is

SasiOptions 1)10. 2)12 3)8 4)15. ![enter image description here]. (https://i.stack.imgur.com/nhTmk.jpg)

6:15 PM
Q: Puzzle Of the months

Shubham RaiSolve this puzzle : Here is a list showing the month and a number for each month . ☝January 713 ☝February 823 ☝March 531 ☝ April 542 ☝May 351 ☝June 462 ☝July 471 ☝ August 683 ⚑Decipher the logic and find the number for September = ? Challenge is ON  Please support yâür answer by logic.

Q: 5x5 Eulerian path

MCCCS What you have to do? Starting from the purple box, you have step on every box. Whats's the route you can go? (This question has 5 answers) Rules: You cant step on a box more than once. You cant go diagonally.

6:30 PM
How do you find your drafts?
1 hour later…
7:57 PM
@BeastlyGerbil There's only one draft.
Q: Puzzle gallery via comments

humnThis question is meant to serve as a trouble-free gallery of puzzles deemed noteworthy by anyone. Whoever wants to contribute, feel free to post a minimalistic answer, something like the following, and add comments that link to any puzzles for whatever reasons. Puzzle gallery comments from [...

@Deusovi yeah just found that out. It's weird cause on mobile you get multiple drafts
Bah. Had to write everything up again
Huh, weird.
There is a whole section called 'drafts'
I've got saved drafts from July in there...
You could copy-paste them into your mobile browser.
8:06 PM
They're unwanted ones, and the one I wanted I'd written up on site but then my computer updated and I lost it
Doesn't matter I've re-writen it and copied it into word.
Now I won't lose it
9:04 PM
Drafts? What is this thing of which you speak
If you stop halfway through typing a question, next time you click "Ask a Question" your previous work will pop up.
Same thing for an answer (except it's question-specific).
In addition, the app lets you save multiple drafts (apparently).
2 hours later…
10:54 PM
@humn you're right, I missed part of the point of your inductance induction question -- wasn't reading carefully enough.
@GarethMcCaughan , you seem to be the only solver on the trail. A peachy (our official spoiler color is peach puff) diagram is ready to be inserted into your complete solution. (The diagram is pretty peachy, as in pretty, as well.)
I suspect that analog circuit components are like MathJax puzzles around here - aimed at a limited audience.
(And you already have a MathJax pelt)
The question currently before me is: Why 1/4?
(I mean, the obvious scaling law would suggest 1/2. But I may have entirely the wrong sort of picture in my head at present.)
Good. You're pondering a major clue and are just on the verge of getting it.
The former may well be true. The latter, I cannot guarantee :-).
Thank you for making it exciting in any case. I tried to disguise what is going on while leaving fair clues.
11:10 PM
actually, the other question currently before me is: why inductance rather than, say, resistance? Maybe just for the inductance/induction pun, but I suspect not.
(for the avoidance of doubt, none of this is fishing for clues)
Well, sometimes a pun is just a pun.
Long story shorter, it began as resistance (Join the Resitance!), then went to conductance to be more difficult, then to imaginary for real fun (hence inductance), then back to impedance to have mercy, and then the pun was just begging.
When you discover the true complexity, you might even agree that it practically is an inductive proof as well.
(I just love playing, again and again, with the freedom from full mathematical rigor that this site allows.)
@humn (Oh, trust me - we can tell.)
oh * blush * it shows? There really are no secrets on SE.
Q: 3x3 magic square with positives and negatives, but no sum?

tyggers bbygrl3x3 magic square with positives and negatives, but no sum? My integers are -13,-10,-7,-4,2,5,8,11, with 2 and 8 in top corners and -1 in center square. I do not understand how to fill in the others squares.

true complexity, eh?
11:20 PM
^ purely colloquial meaning this time
... @boboquack, ahoy, I almost have a picture ready for your very own semi...gram, just have to get Procrustean and make it a little narrower
(the reason why resistance would make me happier is that I'm currently envisaging this as some sort of physical thing made out of stuff, which is a kind of construction that works for resistances -- you can take a resistor and chop it up and have smaller resistors, etc. -- but not so well for inductances. So in the inductance case it seems like it has to be an actual fancy construction, and now I'm envisaging infinitely many teeny-tiny inductors in a Sierpinski gasket sort of [...continues
... construction, and it's a bit hard to swallow. But, again, I may well have the wrong sort of picture in mind.
I would run with that picture, Gareth.
I think if I try to run with it I may trip up and hurt myself.
Those inductor coils can look like razor barbed-wire
(I'm also thinking that the picture seems kinda cube-like and wondering whether that 1/4 is really a factor of 1/2 from some kind of physical scaling together with another factor of 1/2 from putting things in parallel or something.)
11:26 PM
1/2 of what you just said is right on target, the other 1/2 is mostly coincidental (not necessarily in that order)
oh, wait, maybe the other 1/2 just comes from the equivalence at top right
(sorry, my brain is full of fog and I'm still trying to figure out whether the vague thing I have in mind can actually be made to make sense)
11:34 PM
You have certainly touched all the pieces in that fog. I'll gladly ease off for now and find out what emerges when the time is right.
I fear I have touched all the pieces only because I am stumbling around blindly and don't know what I'm doing :-).
You're completely right, though, the resistor equivalent could (almost?) be made without wires from a resistive material.
I just hope I didn't blunder along the way. The closest thing on the internet has a kludge that I don't think is necessary with this configuration.
good morn everyone
good *!
Wow, my CCCC still stands
11:49 PM
OK @humn, how does my answer look now?
(I realise I should clarify where the factor of 1/2 for physical scaling comes from. I'll do that now.)
I'm pretty much 100% confident that I've described a problem that your diagrams sketch a solution to; but only, say, 90% confident that it's the problem you had in mind and that there isn't some more elegant scenario that has the same structure :-).
@GarethMcCaughan writes: " I have some reason to believe that humn already has one."
@humn sez: "One will be in your comment box shortly."
Jolly good.
Whee! (off to make sure it's as ready as I think)
Should i give the alphanumeric sum of my CCCC?
That seems unlikely to help anyone solve it (unless by making a computer search a dictionary, which would be kinda boring) so the only point I can see would be if you're about to be away and you think it might otherwise be too hard to tell whether a putative solution is correct.
Oh, I see you did it anyway :-).
11:56 PM
I'm not going to be around a lot today
Fair enough.
Off in about 5, and then back in the evening
"evening" has no meaning here in the lair of the Sphinx.
Hmm. The value only gives like 6 dictionary words if you reverse search it?
Probably makes it easy to reverse solve the cryptic :\
evening = 10-12 hours from now
Should I still leave it up?
If it's a good clue, it should be clear when we've got the right answer :-).
11:58 PM
Hehehe alright.
Anyway, I'm off
FWIW I can remember the number you posted and then removed, but have no intention of doing the computer-search thing. So if I happen to be around when it's solved, I can confirm
(including in particular if I happen to solve it)

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