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12:00 AM
Heh, maybe.
Ok gotta run for a while. Have a Day :)
Later @Rubio!
I'm imagining @Deusovi still frantically poring over that list of countries and trying to solve it ...
Sorta got distracted.
@Randal'Thor: Got it. DO NOT RES...
12:15 AM
@Deusovi Nice work!
Thanks! Pretty simple, but I liked it
It took much less time to solve than it took to make :-P
It's surprisingly hard to find a meaningful message that can be encoded by this method.
I'm still quite new to making visual puzzles - they tend to take a lot more time to compose than riddles or maths/logic puzzles.
And still no upvotes :-(
12:49 AM
@Randal'Thor Take mine
I think there's not much people on PSE right now, hence no upvotes for you
Anyway, thanks for the kind word on my calendar puzzle :-)! I hope you figured out the anagram behind the name of Carl Dane
@IAmInPLS Merci beaucoup :-) Yeah, apparently I chose the wrong time of day/week to post a puzzle.
@IAmInPLS Of course! I'm always on the lookout for anagrams.
Q: Who are my three friends?

rand al'thorI'm just a regular guy, but I have three best friends. When I meet the first, he usually sends me two letters. When I meet the second, she tends to leave me just as I am, sometimes having passed me a letter. When I meet the third, he presents me with his final testament. Who am I, and who are...

@Randal'Thor Ha, good :-). Let's see your riddle
Well maybe tomorrow, it's 2 A.M. here. Ha! See you tomorrow lads.
3 hours later…
3:34 AM
Q: What is this code?

TreastI found this code (here), but I couldn't find any information on it. Is there someone that has some infos on it ? Thanks !

4:29 AM
not quite 2048/2048, oh well
Q: I am chaotic and erratic

stack reader I am chaotic and erratic. You sometime need me, yet stay wary of me. My first sibling is calm, soothing, adaptable and pure. My second sibling is sturdy and reliable. My third sibling is fleeting and free as can be. The origin of my cousin is forever evolving, working hard ...

3 hours later…
7:38 AM
@Randal'Thor ???
Or should I say @randal'thor :P
7:53 AM
Q: Tricky Song Rebuses

Richard RoeThe following rebuses are all clues to well known songs. See if you can get them all! 1) + 2) 3) 4) + 5)

8:22 AM
So I guess the template "add entries in the form [...]" in the topic challenge answers is superfluous as soon as one entry is submitted?
9:22 AM
Q: Possible Structure for Annual Puzzle Awards?

AlconjaI like the quarterly "best of" threads, it's a great way to surface and celebrate awesome content... However, I'm not convinced the equivalent "puzzle of year" threads (2014, 2015) have been as successful. As ghosts_in_the_code's top rated "answer" suggests, a single "best" puzzle is not particul...

Anyone here knows how to add an imgur image inside an imgur image as a link?
Okay got it
@PuzzlingMeta I'm working on a good answer to this question @Alconja.
2 hours later…
11:43 AM
Q: Which encryption/decryption algorithm is used in Synology Cloud Sync format 3.0 session key and data encryption?

Marnix Klooster(This is a puzzle for me as well as you. So I won't be able to provide any hints. :-) Crossposted here from Reverse Engineering based on advice from Crypto Meta.) Background: Based on general information in a whitepaper from Synology, I have reverse engineered the specifics of their Cloud Sync ...

12:39 PM
@BeastlyGerbil I discovered that there's another chat user named Rand al'Thor and couldn't resist setting up a room and inviting him there. He never turned up though ... maybe I should try again now that I have the power of the superping :-P
@BeastlyGerbil I capitalised myself on SFF a couple of months after taking the blue, but stayed lower-case here (and other sites) because I wanted to stay recognisable when I was less active.
I'll probably capitalise myself here too (maybe everywhere) at some point.
12:53 PM
Everyone should upvote this answer to put it at the top:
A: Who are my three friends?

Peregrine RookI believe that demonofthemist is very close.  Building on and branching out from his answer, you are: Your three friends are: When I meet the first, he usually sends me two letters. When I meet the second, she tends to leave me just as I am, sometimes having passed me a letter. When...

I'll probably hold off on accepting it until he gets the little wordplay clues.
1:11 PM
@Randal'Thor 'Right!
1:50 PM
@Rubio Any chance the CCCC is MISSED PERIOD? MI(SSE)D, and PER+I+OD as others said, and secretary's problem=def.
2:07 PM
We have a winner!
I get some of the wordplay, but not all
Where's the I coming from?
@dcfyj I was trapped
Never mind, just saw it
Not sure how you're supposed to know it's sse though
I need to post the next
wait a minute
CCCC: Endlessly investigate some lemma as an exercise(7)
2:14 PM
@Randal'Thor Clever riddle, with a clever answer
Directions (plural) for S + SE - the guide to cryptic abbreviations on Wikipedia says "direction" can clue N S E W and other compass points so I stuck two together. I assumed it would be easier to get the first word after getting the second with the def part. I think it was harder than expected. Good job tho
SSE is a direction too :P, but I wouldn't have thought of that particular direction offhand
huh, never seen that word before, nifty
@Ankoganit not WORKOUT i assume, hehe
And "DIRECTIONS" for some unindicated directions is valid I think. I remember seeing this somewhere: "What you need is a set of directions, right?"(6) for ANSWER (A+N,S,W,E+R)
@Rubio Nah, not that
@Ankoganit Wasn't saying it's invalid, just makes it much harder in my opinion
2:22 PM
@dcfyj I know you weren't; I was just taking the opportunity to recall a related nice clue
At least I finally got a valid one that wasn't trivial. :)
I kinda liked the double meaning def too
One maybe a little sexist, but the other not, so I'm covered. hehe
@Rubio :P
Now I see it
That reminds me, I haven't posted a puzzle in a while
man. There's not much in that cryptic. seems like it should be easy, and I can't even get a start on it :)
It's not PROBLEM is it?
2:37 PM
@dcfyj It is!
WOO! I solve something!
double duty Endlessly? nice
I don't think you're supposed to clue something with itself, but in fairness, nobody's gonna come up with LEMMA otherwise ;)
I was initially thinking exercise as in working out, thankfully Thesaurus.com reminded me that an excersie can be a math problem too
He did said SOME lemma :P
@Rubio Actually no, LEM is clued by "SOME LEMMA"
Now to see if I can actually come up with something decent
2:40 PM
Ah, ok :) I didn't think SOME was an indicator. I'm still new at these
I've never solved or written one, this'll be interesting
onward to a writing guide!
3:06 PM
I am going to try another puzzle today. :D Hope it serves good.
@Techidiot Still trying to get your last one :)
Lol. The riddle?
Oh, I think that will remain if I don't post an answer.
There are no more hints to give and nothing to clarify.
Not sure why is that so tough?
Do you know how to link 2 different images into 1 image?
Any else knows how to do that? Say I have one image, and clicking a part of it should open image A and clicking another part should open image B
Oh. You can't do that.
3:12 PM
I saw something like that here
You have to put 2 images side by side
There's no way to embed a link in the image itself. When you see that, they've used different images with different links on each
If you look at the edit, you'll see that it's multiple images
Yeah saw that, but how when I click the door, it opens up the image related to door?
Image mapping is a thing that can be done, but not on SE
3:13 PM
There should be some trick involved I guess
you just make the image into a link
The door is its own image, and clicking on it follows to a door-specific link
the other parts of the overall picture are similarly their own images each with its own link
Let me try
@Techidiot I was wondering if the answer to your riddle is "vowels"... But I don't have a concrete explanation as of now..
(And that link is using the fact that in HTML you can have an IMG link which shows a picture and allows it to be clickable to follow to a link; it's not a function of the image itself, obviously)
Someone answered "vowels" and was told no
3:15 PM
Yes @Sid its not. :(
19 hours ago, by Rubio
@Techidiot Your riddle, I'm just gonna ask - when it says "One of us reside in each line", is that literally so - exactly one occurrence of the "us" of the riddle can be found in each line of the riddle? Someone in a comment sort of asked that and didn't get a meaningful answer.
dunno if you saw or answered that
@Rubio That's probably important, considering he never answered that...
No. Sorry I missed it. Well, there are no lies in the riddle. It's a fact. Can be literally or can be metaphorically.
There is a little bit of wordplay as well
But again, so little that you can ignore
That's not an answer. :)
Heh :D
Sorry, can't go beyond that.
3:18 PM
"I have two coins. They total 26¢. One of them is not a quarter. What are they?"
For now
Your riddle might be that sort of wordplay. We don't know.
I believe this is a valid clue:
CCCC: The endless steeple with headless acumen of backwards Germany is sneakily procured post-haste (8)
@Techidiot Don't get me wrong but I have a weird feeling that this might just end up like the "Riddle of the Century"
No @Sid. I can't get you wrong :) No problem. But I can be sure that its better than that.
I am open to advises once its solved.
3:21 PM
@Sid agreed. I think there's nothing anyone can grab hold of, and even a minor thread like what I'm trying to ask about, without clarity is useless as a clue.
It's not going to be solved. what, 12? 13? people have tried, plus countless others who haven't posted. Obviously nobody's found any useful inroads.
Yeah, a hint is required.. which is really a hint...
Let me just make sure my question is clear. I'm not asking if it's really true that each line has the "us" in it
What I'm asking is, does it have ONE, or does it have AT LEAST ONE
if you don't want to answer, that's fine, but I don't see any other avenue to get started with here, so hoping you will.
@Rubio- It is true literally
Ok, thanks. So the riddle's wording is trustworthy on that point. Had to make sure.
But again, there is nothing hidden. It's a normal riddle.
A little of something might be hidden with the wordplay tag being used, but without that the riddle could be solved.
3:28 PM
@Rubio What about three coins totalling 6 pence, all of which have value?
(I think there are at least three answers)
My grasp of non-US currency is limited, but I believe there's a 5-pence coin and a ½-pence coin, making it simple. Depending on how silly you want to be, three solutions could thus be ½ ½ 5; ½ 5 ½ ; 5 ½ ½. :)
Who's to say all the coins are pences (if that's the right term)? Maybe there's foreign coinage in there :P
Heh. true!
I just wanted to say threpenny bit
so I'd probably do one of those, a tuppence, and a pence
although there was apparently also a groat, which is four pence
Or the pedestrian but valid: three tuppence
3:41 PM
holy crap old British coins are weird
Yeah they are
US isn't all that different though. No longer used but once were include: ½¢, 2¢, 3¢, and 20¢ coins. You could have a lot of fun with those.
Request returned an error: [error] while uploading image. Any ideas?
Try again maybe
I think I got that when an image I was trying to upload was too large, or was the wrong type
3:50 PM
@ArbitraryKangaroo Stop it
How did you know ?
Wow, that was annoying.
@LukasRotter ?
Hullo Maria
@ArbitraryKangaroo You just joined the chatroom and out of nowhere someone starts starring and unstarring messages. Who else would it be? :P
3:52 PM
Ah, I hadn't even noticed lol. I was looking up stuff for work hehe
'lo Maria
Hi all.
yay for puzzles that last more than a few second!
4:12 PM
Posted the puzzle! :-S Hope I didn't leave any mistakes
Have fun y'all!
:34015063 Why bother posting a question if you're just going to delete it?
Maybe it was too easy.
@Techidiot is maby intentional?
4:16 PM
Who cares how "easy" it is, if you ask it, just leave it up
Q: Grandfather of Steganography!

TechidiotChildhood! The best days one can ever have. I had a childhood with full of surprises and excitement with a little bit of adventure. The adventure part was brought by my dear Grandpa. He was a legend of cryptography and a master of steganography or I should say "Grandfather of Steganography". Why?...

@Techidiot In your puzzle? :P
Which part?
Typo :( Ignore
no idea, I did control+f on your puzzle and it didn't find "maby"
4:18 PM
Let me update it on puzzle -> Ignore my typos :D
Its inside the box
ah, box 1
You have a few typos
Gradpa? Lol..
Your grandpa loves smileys apparently...
@Rubio- Updated. You can skip those. :)
May be I was a child and he made it look fun :D
You might see blood as well :P
Some mod should un-mod-star Rubio's now-solved CCCC clue.
4:27 PM
and star mine?
I hope it adheres to the rules properly
looks like someone did it
I blame GPR :P
He's admitted to creeping in chat :P
@Techidiot Ok, does that 1st box have anything significant apart from weird smileys?
4:32 PM
I think it has a decent surface reading too
You may want to find that out @Sid
It's steganography
I will accept the answer which finds out every hidden clues and not just the answer :)
:34015474 Honestly, I wonder why you bother...
@ArbitraryKangaroo- You can post your own findings :) Btw, I saw what you deleted :p
@Techidiot I think there's an error
in box one's notes, unless I'm way off and I don't think I am
Yes @Rubio tell me
4:34 PM
Can you verify the 8th line of smileys is correct? I think there's an extra one in there.
Oh yes. :(
Let me correct that
Also there's a whole smiley missing
May as well fix the typoes while you're at it :P
and I don't see anything it could map to anyway
4:40 PM
typos? Or typoes?
yeahhh so Tech, either I have this wrong or right now the box 1 note and smileys are not correct
@GentlePurpleRain Good points on the meta post. I had the same thought about your second point. Here's a 'fun' fact: in the 2014 best puzzles post, the quarterlies was not mentioned. Result: almost all the puzzles posted as answers are from the end of the year.
But, in the 2015 best puzzles post, quarterlies were mentioned. Result: there were more puzzles from the beginning of the year
Working on that
@GentlePurpleRain Also, ready to volunteer! And I don't think there's a way to lock a question from votes, indeed.
A chatroom could be created to 'store' puzzles liked by the community...
How about different people write up the meta posts? You seriously can't expect a single person to write all by themselves..
4:48 PM
Nobody has told that only one person should do it.
@IAmInPLS maybe that's because low-grossing but critically acclaimed puzzles are released late in the year, just like films?
@Sconibulus Haha. Christmas time, everything seems better!
Q: Buddy or Adversary?

Zachstein I’m a buddy to some, but a wary adversary to others. Yet I can also be a protector to the weak. You can even sometimes see me with my friend, Jack. Crazy guys take my name and spout it about. Some would take it as an insult but, I don’t. Who am I?

@Sid I expect that they would mostly be identical, just with a different paragraph describing the particular award. And most of the legwork would probably be done ahead of time by the people defining the categories in meta.
@dcfyj Guilty as charged.
do we need to spend millions of dollars in totally-not-bribes for our puzzles to be nominated?
5:00 PM
@Sconibulus Well, 5 or 10 bucks won't hurt, eh?
Soon on PSE: bounty to sell!
And then, even PSE gets infected by the slimy insect called corruption. Sad.. :-(
If anyone is willing to spend real money for imaginary internet points, all the power to them! :P
Oh, I'm sure there are some. You see that kind all the time on online games and whatnot (MMO's mostly)
Wow @Sconibulus you were wrong. I'd have put a lot on that answer being right
5:09 PM
I wasn't entirely confident, the fit for the last line left a little to be desired, but I thought the chances were pretty good
Now I'm pretty curious what fits better
@Rubio- Done. Corrected
That was one hilarious mistake
Thanks, I'll look again in a sec
Q: What is the most possible candidates that could tie for the US President in the Electoral College

ChadAn interesting question on Politics SE spawned a mini discussion about the number of candidates that could potentially tie for US President based in the Electoral College. The break down of the college is: 3 - Alaska, Delaware, District of Columbia*, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Verm...

Oh the sphinx was started up again
candies and blood?
5:21 PM
What were the other smileys for?
I stopped once I got to 5 letters..
@Sid Just to maintain the pattern
5:38 PM
What to do now? Blood is bad and candy is good?
Now the puzzle is most likely to be either solved or remain wide open :p
Blood spells: "Of is key tt"- 3/4 of which makes sense..
The candies are: Igusngtfd:
I tried vigenere decoding both with "I am Legend"- Nothing worthwhile..
I will let people try to get something out of it for a while
Its just been an hour
Ok, am I in the right direction or not?
5:55 PM
sid, you're just mirroring my answer at this point :)
@Techidiot Am I done, or is there something more to be done with the blood?
Not sure if my answer at this point is complete.
shitttt.... I am a complete idiot...
I tried the candies as the plain text and I am legend as key..
I did too at first. :)
Still not sure if the blood is significant. It seems ominous. But it also seems to have no intelligible meaning
@Rubio - You got the answer right :)
Ok thanks, will update
Seems surprising though... Your grandpa seems to have gone to Australia so suddenly...
Without you getting a hint..
6:03 PM
You are missing one last hidden piece.. Which is not important but if you can
What'd I miss hehe
The last hidden piece :P
Check if you can find something with the blood stains
But you got the answer. :)
Maybe the blood stains tell which is the key...
6:07 PM
...you came home from school one day and your grandfather had wandered off to Australia? How are you supposed to go after him? You're a child with no money and your guardian just scarpered.
And it's like 10 years ago, so you can't just set up a GoFundMe... also Australia is a very big place
'endless steeple'... is that a steeee...eeeeeeeeple?
@Sconibulus lol :)
that's a very endless steeple.
Lol. *So, you are the one
who needs to do the job and let others know where I am.*
So someone will take me ;)
oh nvm i got it
And 10yrs back I was 15 and could have went anyway :D
@Sconibulus Lol, I misread that and I thought you meant I'd misspelled it. I was confused.
6:14 PM
@Techidiot Ok that should be complete now.
Half the puzzle was unnecessary as it turns out, but still interesting. You should have swapped the boxes though :)
Not yet @Rubio are you missing something. Of the key letters doesnt say anything
@Rubio - Made it to make it easy :P I was going to use binary in note 1.
It would have been a better idea
"Letters of the key" ?
That's not what it meant?
Not yet.
I left out "is"? Key is of the letters?
Actually, am I just off base here? Or am I trying to guess the right sifting of those 5 words?
What else did you leave?
You are on track
6:23 PM
damnit i'm blind
I had them with the letters, I lost them when I went to words lol
Ok how about that now
Sequence of letters is the key
6:28 PM
Either way works right
Can you make it Sequence of letters is the key? I will put a green tick then :)
Oh already did. Good.
Here goes the tick!
6:45 PM
Q: Add a language to a polyglot

ais523This is an answer-chaining challenge in which each answer builds on the previous answer. I recommend sorting the thread by "oldest" in order to be sure about the order in which the posts are made. The task The nth program to be submitted must run in n different languages; specifically, all the ...

Just... wow
7:08 PM
@dcfyj SPIRITED?
@Sconibulus What would be the definition?
sneakily procured post-haste
@Sconibulus Correct
which kinda follows
@Sconibulus AKA spirited (away)
7:09 PM
Oh, as in, "spirited away"
Makes sense to me.
I'm glad I came up with a (valid) good one ^^
CCCC: Ten dangerous paratroop maneuvers in reverse, an equilibrium gravitic, religious satire (2,9,6)
You've had that prepared lol
I actually was working on making a puzzle out of it a few hours ago, but then I realized I didn't actually like it
@Sconibulus Ping me when you've put yours up, and I'll pin it for you (unless someone else is around to do it at that point).
7:11 PM
@GentlePurpleRain ping :)
I'm slow on the draw today...
@GentlePurpleRain Clearly wasn't looking at the screen when he typed that :P
@dcfyj I was when I started typing it; just didn't type fast enough...
@Sconibulus How much physics do we have to know to solve this? Not even sure what an "equilibrium gravitic" is... (is there such a thing?)
for the surface reading, it's meant to mean something like a comparison scale in balance
it's at equilibrium, with the forces acting on it being gravity
I don't know if there's a better physics term for that exactly
but the level of physics required should be low
7:20 PM
woah 2,9 6? Tricky
commas are what you used to seperate words, right?
7:37 PM
Q: Christmas Cracker

KarmFound this riddle in a Christmas cracker and after a few drinks it took me far too long to complete than it should have: What goes on and on and has 'I' in the middle?

7:48 PM
Q: Crazy internet threat - but from who?

whrrgarblI was talking to this guy online, and he was telling me a lot of increasingly improbable stories about his past. You know how people write fanfics like "imagine a vampire who lived through the Victorian Era and the Industrial Revolution, all the way to space shuttles and computers"? It was entert...

8:06 PM
Yeah, this incarnation of Sphinx is definitely better
1 hour later…
9:33 PM
yay(ish), I capped!
Grats :)
I didn't manage to do that for all of November apparently
is there a way to see what days you've capped?
or did you just scan through manually
The reputation page gives a breakdown of points by day
if it was less than 200, I assumed I didn't cap
It doesn't technically say capped or not, but it's a good approximation
9:51 PM
yeah ok makes sense
It seems that the problem with pinning Cryptic Clues is that people see them and star them, and then when they're unpinned, they're still sitting on the star list, and it's confusing as to which clue is current.
I could clear the stars from non-current cryptic clues. Does that make sense? Should I do that?
I don't think it's confusing, it's just annoying that so many outdated CCCC are in the sidebar :D
Since the pinned one is most likely the current
Okay, I went ahead and removed the stars for old Cryptic Clues to make things cleaner. Hopefully didn't offend anyone. If you feel really strongly, feel free to add back your star.
why I never. I'm deeply, deeply offended.
I can tell.
9:59 PM
863 rep I got 863 rep from one question, with no bounty. That's over 14% of my total rep, for one answer. Insane.
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