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2:28 AM
CAT scans are lasting images, and panthers are cats... maybe oiler is a term for an oil can?
mw says one definition of oiler is "a receptacle or device for applying oil"
2 hours later…
4:14 AM
@Jafe this is exactly what I was going for
congrats btw to the florida panthers for avoiding the reverse sweep and keeping the stanley cup in the united states for the 30th time in a row 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
4:41 AM
welcome to miami, known for its winter sports!
4:58 AM
30 years is pretty crazy, the previous canadian win was before the panthers even existed
(the team i mean, i'm sure Puma concolor evolved a little earlier)
@DannyuNDos also a fun fact: most Americans don't know the rules of chess
CCCC: Can rat cross Costa Rican desert? (10)
Try saying that ten times fast.
it knows what you really wanted to know
5:23 AM
I remember Wikipedia says another term for a Costa Rican is a Tico. That may be useful
Well, "might". "Can rat cross" seems a bit too long to clue 6 letters
@Jafe Antarctica (desert) = canrat* (where cross = annoyed) + Tica (Costa Rican, though there's no Wiktionary page attesting to the usage of Tica, but there is one other)
i was thinking cross = hybrid but i guess either works
I mean, it's logical to think that Tica would be used for females, but whether it's actually used is another thing. So just made sure
@Jafe Ah yeah I guess that works too
the Tica page on wp mentions it
I should have looked more oops
6:11 AM
I'm glad I considered editing this one, the previous surface was worse
CCCC: Representation of sound of fruit (or was it a vegetable?) being peeled at a side in an unfinished poem I developed (12)
… How exactly was that sound represented?
Uhhh... I don't know, and I don't know if it even makes a sound 🤡
- Author
6:28 AM
o' + _omato in (an poe_ i)* = onomatopoeia again :)
@Jafe yep :)
CCCC: Collection with native peoples of Mesoamerica, not Arizona (7)
@Jafe mix (-AZ)tecs &lit
that's it
nice clue
6:41 AM
CCCC: Something smells in Jennifer Jansen's property (6)
5 hours later…
11:32 AM
Q: A puzzle from YOU to ME ;)

Prim3numbahYour task is to place each of the seven lines, in correct order, next to the numbers below. You don't have to listen to the whole song, just listen to the first part of it.. you know, the - - - - -. (2) I can't find my towel, my hair is all - - - ...

11:56 AM
There's no celebrity/icon named Jennifer Jansen it seems
12:44 PM
jennifer could be just JEN or something... with something like EW or YUCK or UGH inside to make Jansen's property, whatever that might be
thinking of making a yin-yang puzzle for the gladys series but first i have to learn all the logic tricks, haven't really solved all that many of them
JLO for jennifer also a possibility btw
1:03 PM
@Jafe yeah, or PU
BO for something smells, maybe?
actually don't like that, now that i think of it
1:30 PM
@Jafe most people don't… hence, showering and deodorant
most people aren't like me
wait, no
i'm learning about jansenism just in case this is a religion reference
1:44 PM
Q: Are challenges that have objective criteria but may not have a best answer allowed?

alices_and_bobsI have a chess variant-related question in mind, that I'm not sure if it's on topic because it has too many potential answers and it's not really a practical question about puzzle making (but arguably can be useful for chess puzzle making), more of a challenge in itself. I'm looking for the "best"...

Bumping this for people who know chess better
2:13 PM
Early C4 hint: oAlt was unable to find a "celebrity/icon" named Jennifer Jansen. Maybe there's another kind of person named Jennifer Jansen that you should be looking for.
well there go my theories
2:25 PM
wow, that's a throwback I wasn't expecting today
@msh210 this is PU in CAM'S to get CAMPUS
nice find
@juicifer :-)
@juicifer yes indeed
nicely found
(I used to love those books.)
@msh210 thanks! probably never would've found it but I was trawling through the jansen wikipedia page and found her at the bottom. I thought cam might be useful for the wordplay but didn't remember her real name was jennifer until I clicked through haha
I was a big fan of that series too
jeez how many books did that guy write in a year
i count 57 books in 34 years for just the cam jansen stuff and there's like 4 screenfuls more of other stuff he was writing during the same time
CCCC: He wrote about Leroy Brown & co. getting involved with crime after meeting judge (3 5)
2:40 PM
@juicifer nice followup. I used to love those, too.
shoutout to series of children's detective novels featuring main characters who have nicknames based on traits relating to their unusual memory
this is JIM CROCE, writer of "bad bad leroy brown", anagram of CO CRIME J
@Jafe right you are :)
@juicifer Ahh, campus = property. I don't know why that didn't click immediately for me
surface suggests encyclopedia brown, of course... nicely done
2:47 PM
Man it's time to improve my search game - searching ""jennifer jansen" wikipedia" does give Jennifer "Cam" Jensen in the 6th and 8th results
CCCC: Hustler's hustling, look sharp! (9)
@Jafe poolshark*
nice one
3:02 PM
CCCC: Part of Trek lingo, naturally (7)
_k lingo n_
oh and &lit
3:16 PM
CCCC: Record playing near festival attendees' accommodation perhaps results in unhappiness (10)
Q: Alternate solutions to the 'Quant salary' problem from 'A Practical Guide to Quantitative Finance Interviews' by Xinfeng Zhou

kaddyHere is a problem from section 2.3 (Thinking Out of the Box) section of the popular book by Xinfeg Zhou titled 'Quant salary': Quant Salary Eight quants from different banks are getting together for drinks. They are all interested in knowing the average salary of the group. Nevertheless, being ca...

3:29 PM
that is some well attributed attribution
4:07 PM
@Jafe disc on tent
CCCC: Record playing near borders of inner city earns bit of bread, bearing fruit (10)
4:30 PM
(or was it a vegetable?)
4:44 PM
@juicifer Thanks. I couldn't get my mind out of disco for some reason
@juicifer LOGANBERRY (fruit) = LOG (Record) + NEAR* + _R _Y containing B_
5:07 PM
@Stiv that's the one
Pretty sure that was Jean Grey's nickname for Wolverine...
psa if you're trying to use edit summaries:
Q: "Comment reserved for system use" when trying to edit with an edit summary

bobbleTrying to leave an edit summary gives me this error message: Comment reserved for system use. Please use an appropriate comment. This occurs both for anonymous and logged-in edits, for answers and for questions, using my phone (Chrome, Android) and computer (Chrome, Windows 11 Home). However, ...

CCCC: Put up paintings, possibly by Vermeer, injecting original content back into rundown area and creating tourist attraction (7,6)
Something about this clue will offend the purists, but I shall wave my hands around dismissively rather than make a grovelling apology...
@Stiv art< Jan (Vermeer) + s(OC<)lum + 'n' = Trajan's Column, a tourist attraction
5:48 PM
@oAlt That's the one :)
CCCC: Former governor of Massachusetts holds something in front of queen, behind jack (8 6)
6:25 PM
@oAlt do you follow me on twitter by any chance
because I just tweeted about INCREASE SUM'N ER the other day
@juicifer correct hehe. And no, I don't follow you but I do check your Twitter once in a while. (I have an account already but I keep it separate from my puzzle/Puzzling persona)
lmao fair enough
how much of the ramble-story in this answer is actual answer?
A: Prove that all 101 balls have the same weight

dan_fuleaHere is a try to sell the same cited solution to a lower level. The idea is kept, since the structure of the problem depends highly on odd-even (parity) arguments, but some new clothes come in, that are arguably better suited to provide interest and intuition. To start with, i remember those days...

CCCC: Former governor of Massachusetts ruins gig with elderberry (8 5)
(most people throw tomatoes, but I guess this person wanted to be a little more creative)
6:57 PM
@juicifer gotta be Elbridge Gerry * (whom I'd never heard of, but who appears on a list of Mass. governors)
@msh210 that's right, and you've definitely heard of him - that's gerry as in -mander
(fun fact: the town I currently live in is part of the original gerrymander)
@juicifer ah, yes, then I probably have
CCCC: Chief among glorious ornamental laurels distributed! (4)
Not gonna bother pinning this one....
@msh210 g_ o_ l_ d_ &lit
@juicifer aye
Oct 23, 2023 at 3:09, by oAlt
Jan 2, 2021 at 13:48, by oAlt
Oh no, now I have to make another one
CCCC: Principally, shade that is worn by Las Vegas Raider on the bottom! (6)
7:11 PM
@juicifer nice. It's silver (color the Raiders wear on the bottom half of their body, mostly) = s_ + i.e. worn by L.V. + _r
@msh210 correct!
CCCC: Physical examination of flower kid conceived while on LSD? (9)
bronze &lit
7:28 PM
@juicifer yeah, sorry, I couldn't continue the pattern

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