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12:48 AM
@MOehm or just II
3 hours later…
3:34 AM
@msh210 unfortunate but thanks for your hard work
3 hours later…
6:11 AM
Early C4 hint: first letter M
found it
mun< + d(i_)an(to Bach)ke = Mundian To Bach Ke (wp, youtube)
man how did that not come up yesterday when i trawled through several lists like "top 100 punjabi songs"
6:35 AM
Well done!
Such piecemeal clues aren't easy to solve if you don't really have an idea what you're looking for.
7:05 AM
@MOehm Same thoughts, that was a disadvantage. @Jafe correct and nicely found
I feel like it wasn't as big a hit as the others which is why it didn't show up in the lists, but I'm not sure
it does show up on wp's biggest-selling singles of all time so i think it did alright
7:24 AM
It also has its own Wiki page, so it is one-lookable.
7:52 AM
CCCC: Herb mentioned in Punjabi song Ra's singing (5,5)
I'm guessing there's an herb called bison grass?
(hidden word, of course)
It seems to grow in vodka.
I wanted to post this as a CCCC, but am not sure it's fair. Whadday'all think? : We're moving quickly, with introduction of light! (5) The answer is rot13(jurry nf na naqyvg: gur jbeqcynl vf snve vzb — jurr zrnaf jr'er tbvat dhvpxyl, naq gur vavgvny yrggre y — ohg V'z abg fher nobhg gur qrsvavgvba: urer, yvtug zrnaf gur nafjre gb n pebffjbeq pyhr).
8:17 AM
I agree with the construction, but I'm not sure I understand how the def is supposed to work.
(That's an oblique way of saying that I don't get the def at all.)
Since the introduction (invention) of the jurry, we're moving quickly.
And jurry is the light.
(Grpuavpnyyl yvtug ersref gb gur oynax fcnpr va n pebffjbeq, ohg V guvax vg'f hfrq sbe gur nafjre nyfb.)
Oh, in that case I think it doesn't work. I use "light" (if I use it at all) in the technical sense you mentioned: an empty cell where a letter goes, not the whole answer.
It's also hard to spot that light can be self-referential.
Yeah… that's what I was afraid of (both issues). Thanks.
Yeah, sorry. But I like the general idea.
8:46 AM
@msh210 of course
CCCC: Goes around and cuts back (5)
9:27 AM
@msh210 spins = snips<
@oAlt yes indeed
almost &lit material with "[verb]s around" if there's a synonym of snip that fits
maybe there isn't
9:43 AM
CCCC: Tagalog not a South Asian language (5)
10:05 AM
hindi ddef
also the name of the turkey in turkish
@Jafe yep!
@Jafe Oh yeah, I remembered that just now from this question
CCCC: Is Hindi different South Asian language? (6)
someone has eaten my ice cream... when the culprit is found the punishment will be severe
@Jafe 's indHi*
10:24 AM
CCCC: Leave some space in the ground (5)
11:01 AM
@Jafe Cream Cone Culprit Chase?
@oAlt ditch ddef?
11:25 AM
@msh210 yes!
CCCC: Ogonek (or breve) is circumflex, mirrored and discontinuous. (6)
(I'm not 100% sure that's fair.)
_b ro ken_<
Ah - cute.
@Jafe yep!
11:54 AM
CCCC: Japanese artist, Finnish actor and American writer, among others, together create content transcending language barriers? (12)
Jun 19 at 13:06, by juicifer
a bit of wishful thinking there towards the end, maybe, but a guy can be optimistic
2 hours later…
1:31 PM
I'm trying to fit Pääkkönen into a 12-letter name of a language, and not having any luck.
Hah, I was suggested that guy too
hm, we just had "Tagalog not" cluing HINDI… I wonder whether "Japanese artist" and/or "Finnish actor" is similar…
@Jafe Ono, Mato, Poe, i.a.
Nice find
@msh210 yep, that's it!
@oAlt thanks. I thought "what starts with ono?"
CCCC: One turns into a temple; a divination book is paying attention. (8)
1:45 PM
if it was spelt like in finnish (onomatopoesia) it would have been even better with sia in the mix
(Don't ask me what that surface means. I don't know.)
the book has a mind of its own, i assume
1 hour later…
2:49 PM
this is I CHING where the I turns into WAT for WATCHING
@Jafe so it is
@Jafe australian musician (hiding face)
CCCC: Cops and hunter built town subject to unnecessary censorship (10)
3:13 PM
(Btw Jafe I liked that party horn bit at the start of the video lol)
hehe glad to hear it
3:25 PM
@Jafe Scunthorpe*
that's right
heh, nice
3 hours later…
6:22 PM
Q: Bulls and Cows meet Sudoku!

Xavier CastilloThis is a Colombian Jigsaw Sudoku where the usual rules apply, but with irregular boxes. The dots in the right-hand scheme indicate how many of the numbers in a particular row or column are correctly placed in the corresponding row or column of the solved Sudoku on the left.

6:48 PM
CCCC: Oratorical confusion, with a missing (and a hidden) revolutionary symbol (8)
@Jafe By the way, thanks for this clue. Now I'll be able to remember how to spell that word!
7:03 PM
@msh210 (TRICOLOR aa)* - a - a (an anagram of "oratorical" with an "a" missing and an "a" hidden)
Q: What should the next step be in this Kakuro puzzle?

TheLittlePeaceI have recently been learning more and more tricks for solving Kakuro puzzles, but I'm at a loss for how to solve the final bit of this puzzle. For reference, it is from the "Real Kakuro" app, Challenging #17. What is the next logical step for what I have solved?

7:30 PM
@GentlePurpleRain yes indeed
7:42 PM
CCCC: Kinder cousin a result of unconventional tactics. (3 4)
7:53 PM
@GentlePurpleRain this is TIC TACS*, which like kinder chocolates, are produced by ferrero
oh cute
@juicifer Correct.
8:10 PM
(no rooting interest in this one, but that won't stop me from making a clue about it)
8:25 PM
Q: How to print Square Oblique Pyramid on paper for folding?

KaushikHow to print the diagram for folding paper model of Square Oblique Pyramid given the base width and x and y coordinate of the projection of apex on the base. I am looking for formulae to calculate the 2D diagram. It is ok if you can not print tabs. Here is an example of Square Pyramid. But I am l...

2 hours later…
10:12 PM
Fun fact: Most Koreans know the rules of chess except castling and en passent.

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