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12:32 AM
@juicifer That's what I was going for
12:46 AM
CCCC: The Sabine River makes up a large portion of this border, and it can protect against the transmission of certain diseases (5)
2 hours later…
2:51 AM
well the Sabine River makes up a part of the TX-LA border but that's probably not it
3:06 AM
Oh maybe this is LATEX, which could protect against diseases as gloves or prophylactics
Wordplay being what oalt suggested
Oh wow
1 hour later…
4:07 AM
@Ankoganit that's correct
2 hours later…
6:17 AM
CCCC: A federal agency is after Jimmy; apprehensions get ignored (4,2,4,4)
Gonna sleep soon, if someone gets it feel free to continue the chain
3 hours later…
9:35 AM
IRS strikes again I guess
3 hours later…
12:07 PM
4,2,4,4 for a federal agency feels too short. "of" would be the 2 part but the shortest word I know that can be used at the start is "court" which is 5... I'm probably forgetting other words...
12:21 PM
Jimmy is the way in here ...
@Ankoganit (Jimmy) FALL ON + DEA + F EARS
12:43 PM
Nice find
And I thought "ignored" was the def... it was "get ignored" after all
1:01 PM
@MOehm indeed
1:26 PM
CCCC: Hairy dilemma essentially after federal agency intrudes into cabin (7)
h(IRS)ut + _e_
Ah I just got there too
@Jafe Yep.
CCCC: Prisoner in custody of federal agency (3)
2:09 PM
@Jafe That's federa(L AG)ency. (That's also a new meaning of "lag" to me.)
2:26 PM
Q: What number completes the sequence? 2, 1, 7.5, ...,

Cristof012What number completes the sequence? $2 \: , \:1 \:,\: 7.5\: ,\: 6.5 \:,\: 5 \:,\: 6.5 \:, \:7.5 \:,\: 5 \:,\: 6.5\: , \:7.5\: ,\: 1 \:,\: 6.5 \:,\: 7.5 \:,\: 6.5 \:,\: 5\: ,\: 4.5 \:, \cdots$

2:54 PM
CCCC: That's not on - federal agency in Illinois having authory (8)
3:11 PM
Hmm that's weird, I was thinking maybe "authory" was a real word but apparently it's not. Could that be a typo?
Er, sure. It must be "authority", of course, so:
CCCC, redux: That's not on - federal agency in Illinois having authority (8)
Sorry, sometimes I'm losing "it". :)
It begins. (to disappear from random words)
i was already in bed but then i remembered i have ice cream so i got back up
being an adult is great
7 clues left to do for the crossword so it likely won't be out before monday
3:29 PM
You have to get out of bed to get to the fridge?
there's clearly room for improvement
That depends on how you weigh your craving for ice cream against the humming noise.
i bet zuckerberg and bezos have this figured out... no way those guys walk downstairs every time they want a snack
Automatic dumb waiter?
3:47 PM
or perhaps a robot butler
Q: Keep your ----- ◯ and find the answer!

Prim3numbahWhich option, A-G, must replace the question mark for this grid of names to be complete? Explain why. ◯ __________________________________________________ | |Isaac Raphael Cain Paolo Austen | ...

nasa is a federal agency so i'm thinking this could be an adjective that's like in-something-al
although that would require a two-letter word for authority
maybe a three-letter agency is more likely... cia would make a nice -cial ending
As to ^^ this, an old question comes to mind ...
(That question is very Gladys-like, but the "friend" doesn't have a name.)
yeah i consider that one to be gladys part 0
maybe i should mention it in some future puzzle to make it canon
(My quip above was quite a spoiler, by the way. Perhaps I should have waited until someone had answered it.)
3:59 PM
why not answer yourself? doesn't seem like it'd be a long write-up
based on three seconds of thought
I haven't found out what the title means. I also like to wait a bit so that others get a chance. (Well, sometimes.) I've seen the question ten minutes after it was posted.
wuan needs to be kazuo, clearly
Ha, didn't spot that.
(Or may be just You for extra misdirection.)
4:14 PM
Okay, that doesn't work, of course. My reading is on par with my typing.
4:27 PM
'twas answered
1 hour later…
5:48 PM
@Stiv Yes.
6:06 PM
CCCC: Author of Green Eggs & Ham rewrite, substituting God for good Sam's lead part (6,6)
@Stiv That's GRAHAM GREENE, an anagram of (GREEN EG(gs) HAM + RA), where G (good) + S(am) have been removed
(The + RA can probably be moved out of the fodder and inserted later.)
Perhaps there's even more to it: GREENE, G(gs > RA)HAM, where rewrite just indicated swapping the words.
That's basically it, yeah. I envisaged just an anagram with RA in for GS, but it is really satisfyingly close to just a simple substitution!
Sorry about this stream-of-consciousness solving.
Ha, always interesting to watch a process!
Quick question: Greene is pronounced like green the colour, isn't it?
6:17 PM
Exactly right
I thought so, but heard a friend pronounce the last -e, too, so I wasn't certainn. Thanks.
6:36 PM
CCCC: "The Third Man" ‒ rubbish about one playing the bully (6)
(I apologize in advance. You know what for whan you see it.)
6:55 PM
Q: Find a more elegant explanation for the sequence

Will.Octagon.GibsonSome sequences like 1, 2, 4, 5, 10, 11, 22, ... can be explained by a two-part rule: Consider the following sequence: S = 1, 10, 13, 20, 25, 30, 37, 40, ... It is fairly easy to find a two-part rule for this sequence S: The above two-part rule isn’t very elegant (the constants in the rule seem ...

7:15 PM
Q: Finding a mystery number - with three logicians

Cristof012Three perfect logicians named A, B and C each select a positive integer and report their number to Mufti. Mufti writes the sum of the three numbers on one card and the product of the three numbers on another card. Mufti hides one of the cards and shows them the other card. They do not know which ...

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